Air Hostess Salary In South Africa (2022) Average

The job of an air hostess is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard an aircraft. They are also referred to as flight attendants and are generally part of the aircrew (collectively known as cabin crew).

The average air hostess salary in South Africa is R 276 000 per annum. This is an average figure since there are air hostesses who are not earning up to this yet, while some others earn more depending on varying factors.

Air Hostess Salary In South Africa Average

Air hostess salary in South Africa ranges from R 127,200 to R 438,000 per annum.

Different factors usually determine how much you will earn as an Air hostess in South Africa, as this is not static.

First of all, the number of experience you have under your belt is heavily considered when getting into the system in an organization. It is only normal for fresh and less experienced air hostesses to earn lower than someone that has been in this for many years.

A fresh air hostess in South Africa usually starts with a salary of around R 127,200 per annum. Then, bit by bit, they will keep growing in the system till they get to a stage where their salary will keep increasing, offering them much better opportunities and salaries.

Secondly, the airline you are working for also determines what salary will be offered to you as an air hostess. For instance, it is common for an international company to pay better than a local one.

According to statistics revolving around flight attendant salary comparison by years of experience, it was made known that an Air Hostess with less than two years of experience in South Africa usually goes home with around R 144,000 per annum.

On the other hand, those with an experience level between two and five years can earn up to R 192 000 which is a clear indication that it gets better as you proceed in your career, and that you shouldn’t be discouraged by whatever it is that you are initially presented with when you started.

It gets even better with time. This is because those that have an experience level of between five and ten years can even earn a better salary – up to R 284 400 per annum. Those that have been doing this anywhere between ten and fifteen years can get up to R 346 800 per annum.

An air hostess in South Africa with an experience level that is between fifteen and twenty years earns around R 378,000 per annum. Those who seem to be at the top of this affair are folks that can boast of more than twenty years of professional experience, as they can earn up to R 409 200 per annum.

How Much Does Air Hostess Earn In South Africa Monthly

The average monthly salary of an air hostess in South Africa is R 23 000.

It should be noted that this can be lower in some cases, while it is much more in several other cases. However, you will easily come across many air hostesses in the country earning up to R 24 800 per month.

However, it should be noted that some fresh air hostesses in South Africa are earning less than R 15 900 as a monthly salary. According to statistics, however, many are earning more than R 33 100 each month.

One of the major things that determines what the flight attendant will earn each month is their education. The better your education, the better your salary will likely be. It was made known that an air hostess with a Certificate or Diploma should go home with an average salary of R 13 700 per month.

On the other hand, it was revealed that the average air hostess that is working with a Bachelor’s Degree will get an average salary of R 21 500. It gets better with a Master’s Degree since you get an average salary of R 36 000.

To talk about the experience factor, a very fresh air hostess with less than two years of experience will likely earn just R 12,000 per month for a start. However, it gets better with time. With an experience level between two and five years, you should earn up to R 16,000 per month.

Air hostesses with ten to fifteen years of experience can earn more than R 28 900 per month as a salary. There are those with five to ten years of experience that are earning R 23 700 per month. Lastly, an air hostess with an experience level that is as high as 15 to 20 years can R 31,500 per month.

Is Working As An Air Hostess In South Africa Lucrative?

Working as an air hostess may not be the most lucrative job right now in the country, but it is one of the most adventurous. The job is known to be a moderate bonus-based one as a result of some factors. However, you will still do well for yourself working as one.

What you earn working as an air hostess depends on several factors. If you are wondering what the average air hostess’s hourly wage is, it is around R 130 pay per hour. It should be noted that several well-experienced people are earning more than this, majorly due to their level of expertise as well as the organization they are working for.

So, it is exciting to work as an air hostess in South Africa, just as it is in several other parts of the world. Nevertheless, there are other professions that pay better than what is available for an air hostess in the country. If we even decide to talk about bonuses, then we should emphasize a survey that revealed that a large chunk of air hostesses are yet to get any bonuses or incentives for some time.

So, the general advice is that you should strive as much as possible to be properly positioned before you get into the system. For instance, try to have a good certificate to give you an edge in the profession. This is because, a lot of flight attendants with a Master’s Degree, for instance, are earning much more than those with lesser ones.

How To Become An Air Hostess In South Africa

You don’t just wake up on a certain day and find yourself working as an air hostess on the next. There are procedures attached to these things.

Looking beyond some limitations, you are likely dreaming about exploring the skies as an air hostess for various reasons. You however need to pass through some processes first to be fit, before anything else.

You can enroll in the SAA Cabin Crew Initial Training Course. You will be given all you need to be adequately equipped to be one. The knowledge will be useful when it comes to doing well as an air hostess when you are hired. You will need to pay around R 15 200.00 for the course.

Additionally, there are several places in South Africa you can study to become an air hostess. These flight attendant schools are some of the best you will find around the continent and are worth the money. They include Aviacom Flight Academy, Big Sky Cabin Training Academy, EPT Aviation Training, and Flitedux.

In addition to all of these, it is important that you know the subjects that are needed for air hostesses in this part of the world. The minimum eligibility criteria you must fulfill is a 10+2 diploma in any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts) with English as a subject. With this, you are good to go in your quest of becoming an air hostess in South Africa.

If you are also wondering if you can get into the system by studying without matric (because several folks don’t have this in South Africa), you may want to push yourself with Grade 12 certificate or equivalent qualification. Generally, be ready to work very hard and do well with your tests and examinations.

In Conclusion

The average air hostess salary in South Africa is R 276 000 per annum. While there are several other careers that are more lucrative than this, the fact remains that working as an air hostess is one of the most exciting jobs you will come by.

You should be ready to push yourself to see your dream of becoming an air hostess come to pass because there are several people in line. You should have an advantage if you are physically fit and good-looking, and start your career from a level, working hard to move to a higher one with a bigger salary.

Finally, airlines don’t just employ air hostesses based on their physical attractiveness alone. In addition to all of these, your medical fitness is also very crucial. For instance, you must have good eyesight (with confirmation) and should be free from any mental illness history.