Top 10 Cinemas In Sandton (2022)

South Africans visits cinemas to catch up with the latest movies and for general relaxation, usually with other loved ones. In Sandton, there are several places to unwind and enjoy nice movies. However, these are some of the top cinemas in Sandton.

Top 10 Cinemas In Sandton

1. Ster Kinekor

Ster Kinekor is a very popular movie theatre that is located in Rivonia Rd and Sandton Dr. It is one of the very top cinemas in Sandton, where you can enjoy the latest movies as they are being released to the public.

Ster Kinekor has evolved into a prominent brand in South Africa which is loved by many, and the management keeps working hard to make things even more better. With a good online presence, movie lovers in Sandton can comfortably browse the latest movies, trailers, & showtimes from the comfort of their homes. They can also book their movie tickets online immediately.

Ster Kinekor is a mainstream chain cinema where you can see even international films. A well organised cinema, there are multiple screens that will help enhance your experience. In addition to the thrilling experiences from the movies, you will also enjoy great food. This cinema has a loyalty club as well as a restaurant.

2. LK Theatres

LK Theatres is another prominent cinema in Sandton that can be recommended (although it is not as big and famous as some other brands in the country). Nevertheless, you can always see amazing movies at LK Theatres, with your loved ones.

3. Ster Kinekor Fourways

Ster Kinekor Fourways prides itself to be South Africa’s biggest movie exhibitor. These guys are always committed to quality and excellence, and are always working hard to give movie lovers a superb experience that will make you come back for more.

Right from the comfort of your home (or wherever you are), you can always easily browse the latest movies, trailers and showtimes. When you see what you love, you can easily proceed to book your movie tickets online with ease.

Ster Kinekor Fourways has several good reviews attached to its superb services and provisions. If you are considering an appropriate movie house for kids, you can consider this one. They have workers that will serve snacks and do all it takes for you to love the place. The aim is to give you a superb experience!

Therefore, aside the cinema being comfortable and with seats that are soft, their staff are friendly, and will ensure good service. Additionally, the theatre is clean and lovely.

4. Ster Kinekor Cedar Square

If you stay around Sandton, you can experience the services of one of the best cinemas around here at Ster Kinekor Cedar Square. While not without its own limitations, you can always get a great experience for movies at this theatre.

There are lovely workers at the cinema that will grant you fast and excellent service. In fact, there is an array of food and drinks to choose from at Ster Kinekor Cedar Square. Their facilities are clean and sparkling, and the staff are always ready to help.

Aside the fact that there are large and comfortable seats here, you will also like the cashless environment. Both adults and kids will enjoy this theatre beyond the movies.

5. Theatre On The Square

Theatre On The Square is a prominent theatre company in Sandton that is located in corner Sandton drive and Rivonia Road.

While it’s not as big as certain others in the country, you can still enjoy a wide variety of shows irrespective of what your preference is. Theatre On The Square can boast of a great location (located on the square in Sandton city), with good benefits.

The location factor means you can easily patronise any of the various restaurants around you. You are even permitted to take drinks into the show, and the workers are reasonably friendly too.

6. ACF Merchandise

ACF Merchandise is another cinema in Sandton where you can see nice movies. If you have kids, you can go with them for a lovely experience and a time for family bonding.

7. Ster Kinekor Randburg

You can visit Randburg to experience what the Ster Kinekor branch there feels like. This is a clean theater which is very comfortable too. To avoid wasting your time, you should book online and also buy food online. This is because of some of the complaints against this company, as self service kiosks can be slow.

8. Cine Prestige

Cine Prestige will grant you a superb theater experience that is worth the money. Enjoy your movies in a great atmosphere and environment with your loved ones. The seats are great and comfortable, and everything around you have been designed to offer you the very best experience.

9. Nu Metro

Nu Metro is a superb cinema, and is indeed one of the leading brands in the country. It has several branches in different parts of the country, and you can experience same at Sandton.

The cinema is always eager and ready to provide superb facilities to all movie lovers that visit its cineplexes. Aside the great movies you will see at Nu Metro, there are structures in place to ensure people with disabilities can access the facilities. For information, they have wheelchair-friendly cinemas.

Nu Metro is prominent beyond the movies and snacks. Its commitment to ensuring lot of people can experience the delights of a standard cinema, is encouraging. No one is left behind at Nu Metro.

10. Ster Kinekor Midrand

If you don’t mind, then you can also visit the Ster Kinekor at Midrand. This movie theater is an amazing one where you can see latest movies. They offer fresh popcorn as well as cold drinks that are nicely mixed and made.

If you want to avoid long lines, you should try to come early to get your stuff. But generally, the quality of pictures and sound here is amazing.

In Conclusion

These are some of the prominent and top cinemas in Sandton and its immediate surroundings, where you can see the latest movies with your loved ones at anytime.