How does Netflix work in South Africa? (2022)

Netflix is currently the most popular online streaming service available to home television viewers. 

Before they started streaming on-demand shows via the Netflix App, the company previously mailed DVDs directly to people’s home. But in 2007, it launched its streaming service, which allows users to watch thousands of on-demand TV series and movies without ads. 

Netflix has grown into one of the biggest names in entertainment today, producing several blockbuster TV shows, movies, and original comedy specials.

Netflix currently has a diverse selection of content in every category imaginable. Netflix provides more entertainment than you could ever watch, from season movies to classic movies. 

How does Netflix work In South Africa?

Netflix’s interface is similar to that of other streaming apps, but not exactly the same. On the Netflix app, you’ll notice a small plus sign in a circle while browsing content. 

Your Netflix queue will be empty when you first start watching, but as time goes on it’ll keep adding up when watching content.

Netflix offers many rows of South African movies and television show options, grouped by category, beneath your queue. As you watch more content, Netflix will learn about your watching patterns and recommend movies for you based on the genre of movie you watch more.

What do I get on Netflix South Africa?

Netflix’s library includes a wide choice of popular South African films and television shows from major networks. You also get access to American series like; Arrow, The Flash, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Walking Dead.

Netflix is the first streaming provider to have new Marvel Studios films like Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, thanks to a contract with Disney.

Netflix still has the largest library of new and classic South African blockbuster films which you’ll only get on the cinemas. 

Popular South African Movies on Netflix

South Africa is the first African country to receive a Netflix original series, Shadow, which premiered in 2019.

Some old South African episodes and movies are also available on Netflix, in addition to the Netflix Originals. From “catching feelings” to “seriously single,” we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 old and new South African films and programs to watch on Netflix.

1. Catching Feelings (2017)

This film is a dark romantic comedy about a once-famous writer and his lovely wife, and the events that unfold after another famous author moves in.

2. Tsotsi (2005)

This film is about Tsotsi, a teenage gang boss who steals a car only to discover that there is a baby in the back seat.

In addition, the young man endures six days in a hostile and disturbed environment, which eventually leads to an emotional bond.

3. Nelson Mandela

Long Walk to Freedom (2013) is a South African biographical film about the demise of apartheid in South Africa and the development of Nelson Mandela as an international figure.

Furthermore, the film depicts Mandela’s involvement in the struggle against apartheid as a South African lawyer. Following the Sharpeville Massacre, he was sentenced to life in jail for his role in the armed resistance.

4. Ayanda (2015)

This film, sometimes known as Ayanda and the Mechanic, is one of the South African films available on Netflix. The story follows Ayanda, a twenty-one-year-old hipster designer. Ayanda is, in fact, attempting to forge her own route in life in the film.

She tries to adapt to and overcome cultural preconceptions while attempting to discover her own identity. In addition, she is attempting to preserve her father’s memories.

5. Seriously Single (2020)

Dineo is a social media guru who desires commitment in this film. She has fallen in love with her ex-boyfriend and is stalking him. Meanwhile, her free-spirited closest friend encourages her to enjoy her newfound freedom.

What is Netflix’s data usage?

  • Low Video Quality: A single hour of basic video quality consumes up to 300 MB of data.
  • Standard video quality consumes up to 700 MB of data per hour in medium mode.
  • High: The best video quality consumes up to 3 GB of data per hour in HD and 7 GB in Ultra HD.
  • Automatic: There is no specific data usage for automatic quality. This is because your internet connection changes the quality of the video automatically depending on how fast the connection is.

Is it possible to download on Netflix?

Netflix has an advantage over the competition if you watch a lot of video want to preserve data. You may quickly download videos on their smartphones and tablets, allowing you to keep the fun going even when you’re on the go.

To download video on Netflix, just search for the movie you want to download and click on the download arrow below the movie.

How much is Netflix in South Africa?

In South Africa, Netflix Basic plan cost R99 and allows you to watch on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV, but only on one device at a time. The standard package cost R159 per month, and it includes two streams.

This implies that more than one person can watch videos on one account at a time. For example, another person uses your account to stream movies on their smartphone while you watch on your smart TV. 

The Premium package costs R199 and includes HD and Ultra HD viewing as well as four simultaneous streams, allowing four individuals to enjoy Netflix on four different devices simultaneously.



South Africans have access to a variety of streaming services, but the two most popular ones are Netflix (from the United States, with a large international catalog and a growing number of local Originals) and Showmax (from South Africa, with a large local catalog, a slate of South African Originals, and a large international catalog).

While Netflix has gradually gained grounds in South Africa, shown as still remains the most popular streaming service.

However, Netflix seems not to be losing out on the competition to Showmax, as the company keeps adding more blockbuster movies in their library every day.