List of Apple Store In Sandton (2022)

Apple products are all in a different class entirely, and it is understandable why many are bent on getting them from only dedicated Apple stores. Interestingly, there are several Apple stores in Sandton where you can purchase various premium products from this sophisticated brand.

List of Apple Store In Sandton

If you want to get quality and original apple products in and around Sandton, you can do so from these places:

1. iStore Sandton City

Located in Rivonia Rd, Sandton, you can patronise your stuff from this store, which is solely for Apple products and accessories. Here is a superb Apple Premium Reseller which you can always trust, and you will encounter an authentic Apple experience at iStore Sandton City.

The store is bent on maximising customer value offerings, and you can be sure of benefiting from in – store complimentary training, technical support, and so on. Buy an IPhone, and get a 2 year extended warranty option with iCare Plus.

2. iStore Sandton Drive

This is in Sandhurst, Sandton, and is one of the foremost around town. Interestingly, you won’t simply get nice apple products here, but you can also be sure of meeting friendly staff which is helpful. Coming back to the products, you will get to buy premium Apple devices with confidence.

3. iStore Fourways

Located in Fourways, this is another another apple store in Sandton that sells high quality premium apple products to folks that place value on such products. Though imperfect (due to some unpleasant reviews from unsatisfied customers), you will still feel impressed with some things.

At iStore Fourways, you can buy large ipads, charger, as well as other premium products from the apple brand. To top all of these, these guys have great staff who will go out of the way to make sure you are satisfied. There is a service centre where they will help you with repairs and other similar stuff if necessary. Here, it is excellent service and products.

4. iStore Rosebank Pre-owned

If you want, you can patronise this store, though in Rosebank. These guys are selling certified pre-owned, demo and previously used Apple devices, and you won’t be bothered about buying what is not right. So, it doesn’t matter if you are buying a new product or if you are buying one that is already used, you can be sure of high quality apple products here.

Can you get other apple accessories aside mobile phones at this store? Very well! These guys are selling different types of apple accessories, and you will even buy them at discounted prices. It should also be added that all products here carry a 1 year warranty.

5. Core Group

Located in Sandhurst, Sandton, here is a highly reputable company that has been operating in South Africa for many years now. The firm is one of the prominent distributor of Apple in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, before many others could have the chance to come into the scene, the Core Group has been representing Apple in South Africa for many years now.

6. Simply Mac

Simply Mac is a store located in Morningside in Sandton, providing a full range of Apple products and serving a lot of customers around this place. This prominent chain retailer also sell apple accessories at good prices. It should also be added that Simply Mac offers training as well as tech support.

Indeed, it is necessary to buy these premium products from only reasonable dealers with a reputation, so you won’t regret spending your money.

7. ecMac

ecMac is another prominent computer store in Sandton where you can buy certain superb Apple products. These guys too have been around for many years now and have been serving different people in this area for some time now.

Definitely, when we consider the reviews from folks who have patronised these guys before now, we can conclude that it is not a perfect place, at least when compared with those already talked about.

8. iStore Cresta

Even if you are in Sandton, you can buy apple products from this cell phone store in Randburg. This Apple Premium Reseller (APR) is only all about Apple products and accessories, without sharing space with other brands.

Of course, there are several cell phone stores that sells different brands of phones at same spot. However, this one is only dedicated to apple products. Therefore, you will enjoy an authentic Apple experience. At iStore, you will get exclusive services just for you. Talk about technical support, technical setup and certified battery and screen replacements, and so on.

9. Digicape

If you want to buy a good apple product around Sandton and environs, you can visit Digicape – Johannesburg. These guys are an Apple Authorised Reseller and Authorised Service Provider that can be trusted. The is an Apple Store that offers several types of services and products.

Digicape is known for its offerings of Business Solutions, Corporate Training, Learning Training, Remote Support And Monitoring, Education Solutions, Onsite Support, Education Support, Maintenance Contracts, Repair Centre, Finance Support, Special Education and Technical Training, and so on.

So, obviously, Digicape is a serious company that can represent a sophisticated brand like Apple in this part of the world.

10. iStore The Glen

Finally, if you want to get quality apple products in Sandton, you can still patronise iStore The Glen, which is a prominent computer store in Johannesburg. It’s another Apple Premium Reseller (APR) in South Africa that is focusing only on Apple products and accessories (which means you won’t be able to get stuff from other brands from here).

There are experts here who can help you out with several stuff – talk about technical support, technical setup and certified battery and screen replacements, and so on.

In Conclusion

This list of apple store in Sandton entails superb stores that are selling premium apple products in and around Sandton, and can be recommended to folks that place great priority on the apple brand.