Top 10 Non-profit Organisations In Cape Town (2022)

The roles of Non-profit organisations can never be overemphasised for several obvious reasons, and there are a handful of them in Cape Town. However, we must admit that there are certain prominent non profit organisations in Cape Town that are way ahead of several others for various reasons.

Top 10 Non-profit Organisations In Cape Town

These are prominent not-for-profit organisations in Cape Town:

1. Inyathelo | The South African Institute for Advancement

This NGO has been doing a lot of work in strengthening civil society organisations in the country. Hence, it is one of the very best of its kind in Cape Town, with different activities that are pretty impacting (including capacity building programmes).

2. Amy Foundation Trust South Africa (Formerly Amy Biehl Foundation Trust)

Located in Sybrandpark, Cape Town, this Non-profit organisation has been running its operations for some time now in this region, touching a lot of lives within its jurisdiction. These guys indulge in initiatives that develop and empower youngsters (from age 5 to 35) emanating from challenged and vulnerable places.

Amy Foundation Trust operates after school programmes in different parts of the country, and they work hard to help school-going kids to overcome shortcomings in their education. These guys have put in place techniques to ensure the possibility of achieving its aims. For instance, they focus more on creativity.

Also, its Youth Skills Development programme is beneficial to young adults to get set for the world of work, employment, as well as entrepreneurship.

3. HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust

This is one of the best of its kind in Cape Town due to the nature of its job and the essence of its services. It serves children, youth as well as peoples in the Western Province that are either infected or affected by unpleasant stuff like HIV, poverty and similar things.

4. Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow of Hope is in Goodwood, Cape Town and has made it here due to very good reasons. Here is an abode of safety for vulnerable kids in the whole region, and it is pretty astonishing. Despite starting back then in 2007, it has grown impressively well, not merely in structure, but in impact too.

This is a Public Benefit Organisation that has been assisting children who are vulnerable and neglected for whatever reason. They embrace them into their sanctuary, guarantee them safety, and offer appropriate physical, emotional as well as educational support and care in Cape Town, South Africa.

5. Call 2 Care

Call 2 Care is located in Century City, Cape Town. This Non-Profit Organisation is another significant one that is in the business of improving lives via educational outreach initiatives and events.

With a good aim and purpose, Call 2 Care is busy going around achieving its goals as it offers a sustainable end to end service to different types of people – corporates, government, as well the general public. These guys have been offering professional corporate outreach projects and events for a long while now, achieving the delivery of sustainable results.

Call 2 Care has built good structure around core services like corporate volunteering, CSR projects & team build events, and so on. In all, all they do is to improve lives via education.

6. Common Good

Common Good is located in Observatory in Cape Town, with a goal to impact lives for the better. The organisation provides opportunities for folks around here that are marginalised by nasty stuff like poverty as well as injustice.

Common Good is doing all it takes to help these people realise their full potential, which is very important. In fact, they a structure in place that mobilizes the church to engage and act justly.

Common Good is busy doing a lot of things, although it seems to be under these three major stuff: Early Life, Education, as well as Employment. Simply by checking out these things, it becomes obvious that this nonprofit organisation is doing a whole lot of impact in the society.

7. Roots Interns – Internships that matter

Here is another influential one that is committed to social change while engaging valuable learning experiences. The organisation is committed to working with sustainability focused non-profits and start-ups in the region to help achieve its objectives.

At Roots Interns, there are various types of internships available that are personally tailored to one’s skill set as well as their career ambitions. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional, a student, or you just want to aquire real life work experience, then you have something here.

8. Development Action Group

Also in Observatory, Cape Town, Development Action Group has been flourishing as a voice for the voiceless in the society. Hence, it is one of the most prominent organisations around here, particularly as we consider the extent of its impact.

9. help2read

Indeed, help2read is doing a very great job, as we consider the importance of the job it is doing since inception. The organisation is aware that the ability to read have numerous benefits that will ever be beneficial to the reader, and even transform a whole community and society.

While the community is bedeviled with so many problems and issues, it is necessary to place emphasis on the fact that the activities of organisations as this one can go a long way to put a whole lot of things to rest.

10. Hope Africa Collective

Finally, let’s see Hope Africa Collective. This is another Non-profit organisation in Cape Town that is very passionate about bringing transformative solutions to poverty in the country via different types of activities that are well structured.

Hope Africa Collective equips people to build better lives and become all that is good. Hence, its works in Cape Town is very crucial.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top Non-profit organisations in Cape Town that have been touching lives through different approaches and initiatives.

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