Netcare Learnerships (2023)

Learnerships are an increasingly popular way of getting specialized training and certification. They help improve the manpower available in the country, and also help pull huge numbers of young people out of poverty. Learnerships also create job opportunities, while alerting companies and employers about the top talent who they can employ to add value to their establishments.

As part of our ongoing series about learnerships, we bring to your attention an incredible opportunity to receive first-grade training in the field of healthcare delivery, while getting paid at the same time. This is the Netcare Learnership Opportunity.

So what is Netcare, what does their learnership offer entail, and what benefits can you get from availing yourself of this opportunity? Let us start with a brief highlight of the company; Netcare.

Netcare Learnerships Available

Netcare offers learnerships within the medical field. These learnerships are for those seeking to become professionals such as:

Basic Nursing

This is for those that intend to work as nurses without any attachment to any particular branch of medicine. This learnership will open so many doors in the field of nursing, as General Nurse Practitioners are highly sought after.

Specialized Nursing

Specialized Nursing learnerships will train the students to become nursing professionals with specialized training to work in certain fields, and deliver care to certain patients.

Researchers (Clinical Trials)

These are those that will be in charge of research studies performed in people that are aimed at evaluating the efficacy of medical treatment, surgery, psychological intervention.

Emergency Operations Centre

Professionals working in the emergency operations center need special training. At Netcare, you get the training and motivation to be a top-level worker in the field of emergency healthcare services.


No hospital can be at its best if the Administration is poor. Netcare has an astounding management team, which is why it has become the biggest private healthcare provider in the country. If you pass through this Administration learnership programme with Netcare, you will learn from the best hospital administrators in South Africa. 


This learnership will provide training in pharmacy which will enable the trainees to administer medicines and other pharmaceutical products to patients. Pharmacy is a very important field of medicine, and this learnership will position students to become leaders in this profession eventually.

Clinical Engineering Technicians

Clinical Engineering Technicians are those that maintain the equipment. Doctors cannot work without medical equipment so these technicians are very important members of any hospital’s staff.

Netcare Learnerships Requirements

Candidates wishing to apply for learnerships with Netcare need to meet all the basic requirements as set by the company. This opportunity is restricted to South African citizens only, and the following requirements are also applicable:

Candidates must hold a valid South African ID Document. These could either be birth certificates or certified copies of Identity Documents.    

Candidates must have a valid Matric certification. The matric certification should show a pass mark of at least 70 percent; proving the applicants’ ability to cope with the technical demands of the learnership.

Candidates must be proficient in English. English is the primary language of communication and instruction. It is, therefore, necessary to have a good understanding of the English Language.

Applicants with Disabilities 

 Netcare, as a conscious company tries to create an equal opportunity working environment for people regardless of ethnic, social or other identities. Therefore, applicants with disabilities are welcome to apply, but they must state the nature of their disability clearly within their curriculum vitae.

The company will also choose applicants largely based on the qualifications and motivational letters in which applicants will provide hints about their goals and reasons for applying. These must accompany their application and curriculum vitae.

How to Apply For Netcare Learnership

Candidates interested in applying for any of the Netcare learnership programs can send their details via email to [email protected]. In the email attachments, the candidates should provide clear scanned copies of the supporting documents as stated above. 

Netcare Overview

Netcare is a well-established brand for high-quality and state-of-the-art health care, Netcare is South Africa’s foremost healthcare management and delivery. Netcare has been known to be in the frontline in ensuring optimum health and productivity among individuals and organizations in South Africa. Netcare is without a doubt one of the biggest private healthcare and emergency services operators within South Africa. 

Netcare was established in 2006, and today owns a total of 55 hospitals and a fleet of more than 180 emergency response vehicles. In those 55 hospitals, there are 338 theaters for performing operations. Netcare also has 87 pharmacies including hospital and retail ones, and also more than 9000 beds ready to care for those in need of care.

Apart from that, Netcare is a great place to work or build a career; you get to work in a company that actually cares about you just as much as it cares about customers; the company has created a great working environment for employees. This company which has been over the years a major private trainer of health care professionals and emergency care employees in South Africa has now thrown its doors open and its work environment open to young people who wish to build careers in Healthcare Delivery.

Netcare is a multinational healthcare establishment with operations in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. The company has top-of-the-line medical equipment, and also some of the best professionals manning them; doctors, dentists, nurses, and so on. A learnership with Netcare means that you get to work in a great environment, learn from the best medical professionals, and work with the best medical equipment. Netcare has campuses in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the Cape.



Netcare is the biggest private healthcare provider in South Africa and is also an international establishment with operations in the United Kingdom. With its training programs, Netcare aims to that it deepends its talent pool; making more workers available to fill positions not only within the company structure but also available to ensure a better healthcare system in South Africa.

The Netcare leadership programs have helped many students gain a foothold in the medical profession, lifting many out of poverty, and giving them a better future. You too can benefit by taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.