Jumping Castle Prices In South Africa (2023)

Inflatable castles are a superb way to have fun all around the world. They are usually used at different places, revolving around having fun. These are great for amusements as they are easy to transport.

Jumping castle prices in south africa is from R7,000 to R70,000, depending on the size and type of product you are buying. It should be noted that the type of jumping castle quoted here is an inflatable.

Cost Of Jumping Castle In South Africa 

Jumping castle prices in south africa is from R7,000 to R70,000. The size and type you are buying will determine how much you will pay to get it.

There are various sizes of jumping castles that are available for anyone to buy. Definitely, these are not made the same way and with the same resources, hence the prices can’t be the same. It should be noted that there are bigger ones and smaller ones. The bigger ones are usually more expensive than the smaller ones.

Bigger jumping castles can be utilized by more children than smaller ones at the same time. Therefore, they are usually more expensive than just a small one, and it is also the same in different parts of the world.

Additionally, we should take note of the fact that there are different manufacturers of different types of jumping castles. Therefore, you will find different products in the market, sold by different organizations, with different prices too. Some are stronger than others for obvious reasons. Some manufacturers usually build their products to be much better than others. Therefore, prices can’t be the same.

Therefore, you should look out for the type of product you are going to buy as you look to purchase a jumping castle in South Africa. There are different sources to purchase very great ones.


Facts About Inflatable Castles 

1. There are different names these are known as. They include names like closed inflatable trampolines, bouncing castles, bouncy houses, bounce houses, jumping castles, jumpers, bouncy castles, moon bounces, and so on.

2. Jumping castles are usually known as temporary inflatable structures and buildings that are rented for functions, school, and church activities too. They are usually utilized for recreational purposes.

3. These structures are usually enjoyed by children. Of course, there are adults who love this sort of fun too. For instance, children are the greatest beneficiaries of the fun at amusement parks. However, there are adults who visit these spots also.

4. These things are great for portable amusements since they are easy to transport and store. The rise in their use has led to a rental industry that contains several other exciting things.

5. The person known to be the inventor of the modern inflatable tent design is a man from the United States of America called John Scurlock. He is an engineer who did this in 1958. It should be noted that what appears to have become a tool for amusement was championed by a plastics specialist who worked with Tulane University and NASA, and made some really serious stuff.

6. The American inventor was said to have been inspired in the late 1950s while designing inflatable tent covers for tennis courts. Eventually, they began to operate an indoor amusement park, which then began to give out heavy-duty inflatables for occasions.

7. In 1968, a man known as Bob Regehr is said to have made the bouncy house. There have been continuous improvements in all of these, to ensure maximum enjoyment as well as safety.

It should also be noted that the initial bouncy house was essentially an air pillow with a roof. Eventually, it keeps getting better.

8. In different places in the world, there are many companies that make money by renting inflatable castles, and the industry is worth a lot.

9. It should also be added that there is a very large inflatable castle that is regarded as the largest of its kind. It is known as The Big Bounce America. This carries multiple zones and was made as an inflatable theme park for all ages.

10. Since a lot of adults are coming in recent times, bouncy castle rentals have also witnessed an increase in weddings.

11. It was discovered that large outdoor toys for retail home use were also triggered to grow as a result of the pandemic some years ago. The likes of inflatable bouncy houses, slides, and so on have provided a means for parents to have fun with their kids in a healthy way. This proved helpful so much, particularly as we considered the fact that schools and daycares were closed at that point in time.

Finally, like their counterparts all around the world, there are many South African children that love these items for obvious reasons. Jumping castles can be fun-filled and adventurous too. It is however important to get the right ones that can ensure protection for children so they won’t harm and injure themselves.

In Conclusion

Jumping castle prices in south africa is from R7,000 to R70,000. The size and type you are buying will determine how much you will pay to get it.

If you want to start an amusement park, for instance, you may have to buy something big and you have to spend a lot of money. You may also have to spend money to buy different ones so you can attract many people and help your business.

It should also be added that there are smaller ones that are not as expensive as the larger ones, and can be used in the house if you so desire. In other words, these can be bought as personal items and your children can enjoy them at home.