Discovery Medical Aid Plans 2023 Prices and Contact Details

Discovery is not just an Insurance Company in South Africa; it is one of the biggest and most respected Insurance companies in the country. Discovery medical aid plans offer several value-added services, including life insurance, retirement savings schemes, car, and motor vehicle insurance, and of course Medical Insurance.

Discovery Medical Insurance has become highly developed and specialized to give the highest possible customer experience. Discovery Medical Aid, as the company tags its health management scheme, has become very popular; now one of the major sources of turnover for the company. Discovery Medical Aid comes in different plans with different prices, benefits, and payouts. 

The following paragraphs contain information about the various Discovery Medical Aid plans, how they vary from one another, the contributions, and much more.

Discovery Medical Aid Plans Prices

Executive Plan

The Executive Plan is targeted at the higher classes of persons in the South African Society. The plan costs just R7,257 per month and offers you the most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits with extended chronic medicine cover. That means you get to choose what hospital you get your treatment, and it does not matter whether or not you have any preexisting medical condition or chronic ailment.

Furthermore, with the Executive plan, you still get very good financial support to cover your day-to-day expenses during the period of your hospitalization. This may not be the cheapest option on offer, but it is certainly cheaper than travelling abroad for medical care.

Comprehensive Series

Comprehensive Series gives you serious, this discovery medical aid plan price starts from just R4,327 per month. This plan is no doubt targeted at the middle-aged working-class members of society; people who have spent more than 20 years working, and now wish to take care of their bodies. With this Comprehensive Series, you get extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day expenses while in hospital. Even if you have a preexisting chronic medical condition, you still get extensive cover, and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

Priority Series

Priority Series, as the name implies, gives priority health cover to customers for just R3,278 per month. This is targeted at comfortable working-class persons and offers them cost-effective in-hospital cover for an emergency, and very good essential chronic medicine cover if they have any preexisting medical conditions. The Priority Series also provides day-to-day benefits for your expenses while hospitalized, and has very good but limited Above Threshold Benefit.

Saver Series

Saver Series is the most well-rounded and economical Medical Aid Plan on offer. For just a modest contribution starting from R2 085 per month, you get in-hospital cover from a list of associated providers, essential chronic medicine cover regardless of whatever preexisting medical condition you may have, and day-to-day benefits to cover your daily expenses for the period of your hospitalization. Much of this is covered through a Medical Savings Account.

Core Series

Core Series is a brilliant Discovery Medical Aid Plan with low contributions starting from R1,681 per month. With this hospital plan, you get unlimited private hospital cover from a list of associated providers, and essential cover for chronic preexisting conditions. However, you do not get cover for your day-to-day expenses for the period of hospitalization. 

Smart Series

The Smart Series is targeted at young professionals, not yet at the peak of their earning potential, but who are very much aware of the need for Health Insurance Cover. With the Smart Series, you get the most cost-effective in-hospital cover, for as little as from R1 400 per month. This package also gives you essential chronic medicine cover in case of any preexisting medical condition. With this Medical Aid Plan, you also get limited day-to-day cover for your daily expenses while hospitalized, but this option is only available if you are willing to use providers from the company’s list. 

KeyCare Series

KeyCare Series is the foundation Medical Aid Program offered by Discovery. This is targeted at basic income earners and young professionals who are not yet in their full earning potential. This Discovery Medical Aid Plan starts from just R914 per month and gives you affordable medical cover provided you are willing to use providers from the company’s specified network for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment.

Why is Discovery Medical Aid so Expensive?

Many customers and potential customers have complained about the recent increase in the prices of contributions. The following are the reasons as given by the company as to why the prices have gone up.

Discovery Health Medical Services data indicates that, in the period between 2008 and 2018, medical inflation (defined as the yearly recorded increase in claims received by medical schemes) has increased by an average of 11.3% per year – which is approximately 5.3% above the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Both supply and demand elements of the calculations have increased, although the demand side increase has been much more pronounced. 

Furthermore, the company stated that the aging of the medical scheme customers, as well as the increase in the incidence of chronic diseases among customers, have played a major role in the increased demand-side utilisation levels. This means that the company has had to pay more to maintain the health of its customers.

What is the Waiting Period for Discovery Medical Aid?

There are two types of waiting periods as stipulated by law: general waiting periods and condition-specific waiting periods. Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s general waiting period is three consecutive months (during which they will not accept any claims from the customer), and the condition-specific waiting period is 12 consecutive months during which they will observe the health of the customer and his preexisting condition.

Discovery Medical Aid Contact Information:

For professional advice involving your particular circumstances, as well as your earning range, and your health status, it is important to consult with an agent of the company. It is the company policy to offer you the widest range of medical aid plans available in the market today. These plans are designed to cater to your specific healthcare and financial needs. The agents will also provide more information about the company’s extensive network of healthcare providers for you to choose from. Please remember that you can even change healthcare providers regardless of which one you choose at the beginning of your contract.

The easiest way to contact discovery is via telephone on 0860 99 88 77. The number is available from 7 am to 8 pm. However, you may also contact the company via WhatsApp with the same number. At the bottom of the Discovery Medical Aid products display page you can find a ‘Get Help Service’ link that takes you to a specialized page where you find answers to questions relating to their service. 

You can also download the discovery app. After you download and install it, you can register either as a new or existing customer. On the home page, you will find your basic information as well as your balance, and reminders of any pending payments. You will also be able to file a claim or request emergency support.



Discovery Medical Aid is a dependable and well-recognized company that offers top-quality services with customer satisfaction as its priority. The company is one of the biggest in the country, and appeals to both the younger and older generation, with Medical Aid Plans that require contributions as low as below R1,000 to around R7000, depending on your individual earning ability, health circumstances, and needs. The company is also innovative, both in the services it offers, and in the way it deals with customers.

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