Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code (2023)

Every Telecommunications Network has USSD codes to help customers communicate directly with the network, and then carry out simple tasks like purchasing airtime top-ups, buying data, choosing tariff plans, and so on, without having to talk to customer care attendants, and having to wait in line for them to attend to you.

One important USSD code is the Please Call Me code which this article is about. Other similar USSD codes are those for Airtime Top-ups, Buying Data, Sending Data to family and friends. Even with the development of technology in which smartphones can do almost anything, USSD codes are still a very popular option. Find below the USSD code to send call me back messages. 

Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code

There are times when you may not have sufficient airtime to make calls or even to send SMSes. At such times it may be important to reach out to friends and family on certain things that may arise. When such situations arise, it could make sense to reach out to them with a simple ‘Please Call Me’ message. 

Telkom has USSD codes that automatically send these messages for you, so you don’t have to go through the stress of typing it yourself. You just dial in the code, and the network immediately sends an automatic message to the particular contact you want, telling them ‘please call me.’ This service is totally free! Isn’t that wonderful?

So how do you send Please Call Me Message On Telkom

 On the Telkom network, all you have to do is dial *140# and then press send. This will then give you access to the call me menu, through which you will be able to select the particular number you which to send the please call me message to.

An alternative or even better option would be to dial *140*the person’s number# and then press send, as that would send the please call me message directly to the contact.

The ‘please call me’ message will then automatically be sent to the number you have inputted. 

Now that you have sent the please call me message to your family and friends. You may want to discover more USSD codes that are both useful and practical, and which you may need to have handy so as to carry out some important functions on your phone.

USSD code to Check Balance

Checking your balance is a daily activity. Before making a call it is a good idea to check your balance so as to estimate whether you have enough airtime to make the call. You also need to know if you have enough airtime to subscribe to data bundles, and even when you are about to send airtime or buy data for family and friends. So how do you check your airtime balance on the Telkom network? 

 The USSD code for checking your account balance on the Telkom network is *118#. You just dial that on your Telkom phone and press send. Your account balance will then be displayed on your screen, and then you can decide if you have enough airtime to make the call or to do whatever you wish. But what happens if you don’t have enough airtime? 

USSD Code for Loading Airtime

Topping up airtime on Telkom is easy and convenient. The USSD code for loading airtime is one of the network’s most used USSD codes. The code is *188*voucher pin# and then send. You will then be credited with the exact airtime value of the voucher you have purchased.

There are several other ways to top up airtime on your Telkom line: you can do so via the Telkom app. If you do not already have the app the first thing you have to do is download the app from Google Playstore or from the Apple IOS store. 

After installing the app the next thing you have to do is register on the app. Please make sure that your internet connection is switched on. After registering, the next thing is to log in with the details you have registered with. 

There you will be given several options including buying airtime, buying data, choosing tariff plans and data bundles, as well as sharing data, and sending airtime with family and friends.

Since what you want is airtime you just select that option, and then input the amount of airtime you wish to buy. Then you can confirm the transaction and the airtime value will be credited to your account.



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