Top 10 Cheapest Golf Courses In South Africa (2023)

Golf has long been known as the game of the noble and wealthy. This has long been a pastime of the rich class, and a place where they can meet to discuss business. As a matter of fact, many business deals, and political alliances have been sealed on golf courses instead of boardrooms. 

Despite the long-held reputation, and the near-total domination of the game by the upper class, the game is starting to find interest from ordinary citizens as well as those that want to know the cheapest golf courses in South Africa. As a result, many people want to know if they can learn to play the game of golf without sacrificing other aspects of life, or their finances suffering too greatly.

These are the cheapest golf clubs and courses in South Africa where you can delve into golf without going broke.

Top 10 Cheapest Golf Courses In South Africa

1. Hillside Golf Course

Starting Fee – ZAR 55

Hillside Golf Course in Gauteng, South Africa will let you play for a small fee starting from ZAR 55. This is one of the most affordable golf courses in SA; although the stated fee gives you access to play 9 holes. The golf course appeals to the youngest lovers of the game; although you are not likely to meet quality competition playing at this course.

2. Randpark Golf Course

Starting Fee – ZAR 350

Randpark Golf Course, located in Gauteng, South Africa, offers you the opportunity to play golf for just ZAR 350. The golf course has 36 holes and gives you lovely green scenery to enjoy while playing. At this golf club, you will always meet new people trying to learn the game, as well as seasoned players in clubs who are happy to give you a hint or two in the game.

3. Services Golf Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 185

Services Golf Club in Gauteng is one of the cheapest golf courses in South Africa, another place to play golf without going broke. The golf course offers you the chance to play for as little as ZAR 185. This fee will let you play 18 holes in a rural setting, lined with trees and flowing bushes. The golf course is truly a beautiful sight to behold. 

4. Waterkloof Golf Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 200

At Waterkloof Golf Club in Gauteng, South Africa, you can play golf from ZAR 200. This amount will allow you to play 18 holes at the golf course, and you get the chance to socialize in the green rural setting of the golf course. Gauteng is usually considered expensive, but Waterkloof Golf Club is very affordable at R200. Depending on your mode of transport you can even make many more savings.

5. Metropolitan Golf Club

Starting Fee – R430

The Metropolitan Golf Club which is situated near the Cape Town Stadium has a more academic appeal; perhaps due to the eager young people training at the stadium the effect has spilled over into the Metropolitan Golf Club as you will find that many players here are trying to train as professional golfers. At this golf course, the fee is R430 for 18 holes which you will play in a combination of urban and rural settings.

6. Pretoria Country Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 500

At the Pretoria Country Club in South Africa, you can play for just ZAR 500. This fee gives you 18 holes. The Pretoria Country Club is a place where you will find advanced level players, many of whom are accomplished business people who just have a love for the game. This course is often seen as an upgrade from the cheaper courses, some of whom we have listed above; many of the players then come to Pretoria Country Club to expand their horizons.

7. Zwartkop Country Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 240

Zwartkop Country Club, Gauteng is also one of the most affordable golf courses in South Africa that lets you play golf for a decent fee; you can play with just ZAR 240. This fee gives you 18 holes, and the opportunity to play against intermediate skill level players with whom you can sharpen your skills. The Zwartkop Country Club is one of Pretoria’s most beautiful golf courses, famous for the challenge of the classic parklands. The setting is rural- almost wild; Trees line the fairways, adding to the beauty and grace of the place.

8. Akasia Country Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 195

Akasia Country Club, Gauteng, South Africa will let you play the beautiful game for as little as ZAR 195. This amount will give you access to 18 holes at the Golf Course. This course is very popular among the people of Pretoria who see it as a place to get good value for a beautiful, serene environment, and a heartwarming golfing experience.  

9. Wingate Park Country Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 360

Wingate Park Country Club, in Gauteng, South Africa lets you play for just from ZAR 360. That fee lets you play 18 holes at the club. That money is not wasted because this is one of the most impressive golf courses. The setting is rural and lined with trees, even complete with a beautiful water obstacle. 

10. Glendower Golf Club

Starting Fee – ZAR 600

Glendower Golf Club is an 18-hole golf complex situated in Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa. One thing that is unmistakable about this golf course is the fact that there is an air of professionalism about the place. To be admitted to the golf course you must always wear collared, long-sleeved shirts. The course has been the home of the South African Open for eight years. When you come to Glendower Golf Club you meet advanced level players who will help you develop your game. At this club, you can play for just ZAR 600. 



The interest in Golf is growing every day, and this is large because golf courses are bringing down their fees, many now charging per game. South Africa has already established itself as a top golfing nation, although the country’s profile is set to rise even higher, as the renewed interest pays off.

Choosing a golf course will now depend on your personal circumstances (your ability to pay the fees, and whether you have a car), as well as the proximity of the golf clubs to where you live. Furthermore, it is important to take note that in many cases the fees you pay do not include a cart. If you do not own a golf cart you may be required to pay the additional money at the course to rent one. 

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