Top 7 Cheapest Drones In South Africa (2023)

Drones are not the technological pieces of junk that they were once declared to be; they are functional, and very important pieces of hardware that carry out so many duties from photography to search and rescue, to retail commerce, to even security uses. As a matter of fact, drones are becoming increasingly important in the world today, and so even the person who acquires one for the sole reason of having one and learning more about it cannot be faulted.

The Cheapest Drones in South Africa is a necessary compilation therefore because so many people in the country are looking for information about the Drones they can afford, so as to kindle their interest in the technology or use it for whatever practical reasons they have in mind.

You do not want just a cheap drone, however, you want efficient and effective machines that will actually be worth your money. With that in mind, we present below a list of the most affordable drones in South Africa.

Top 7 Cheapest Drones In South Africa

1. shoX Raptor Plus

Price: R999.90

The shoX Raptor Plus is a favorite for film and photography enthusiasts; many people choose this drone to take those aerial shots that bring the appeal of a real filmmaker- not just some upstart. This is probably the cheapest drone in South Africa. On the ground, it looks quite edgy, and yet gives the impression of a solidly built machine; one that will stand the test of time. The drone comes in a black or camo body. 


The first-person view from a 480p video camera, a smartphone mount to fix your phone (your smartphone this can also overtly be an additional camera or an audio recorder) This drone has a 2.4GHz control frequency with 50 meters range, meaning it can travel quite far. This drone can also perform “acrobatic flips” mid-air, to awe your crowd, or to capture difficult images.

2. Voyager A10 Cyclone Drone 

Price: R1299

The Voyager A10 Cyclone Drone can be yours for a slightly higher price of R1299. This drone packs more in-camera power than the one directly above it on this list, and it seems that it is for this reason that the price is higher. Do you want to take aerial shots that are of a higher quality? Then this is probably what you are looking for. 


 A 2MP camera capable of 720p video (this is far ahead of the first drone we highlighted), An operational range of 50 to 80m (meaning that you can stretch your shooting even further), A flight Time of around seven minutes that’s enough for the short aerial scene.

3. DJI Tello Drone 

Price: R 1999

The DJI Tello Drone is not just one of the most affordable drones in South Africa but also a much more efficient drone, and the makers already know this, hence the price. Aside from its futuristic look and feel, this drone packs much more muscle, enabling you to achieve more, and do that which some other drones would only let you dream about.


 A 5MP camera can record 720p video, An Intel processor that guarantees quicker response time, a feature that allows you to program the flight and execute at a scheduled time, allows you to control it from your smart-phone via the Tello smart-phone app, Compatibility with Bluetooth controllers, and lastly, more muscle in its wings, hence a flight time of around 13 minutes.

4. DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 is a Drone with so much going for it, causing professional drones to have to sit up and pay attention. It is a camera drone, no doubt about; and it is for this reason that the drone is equipped with photographic features that will make it an asset even to industry professionals.  


The drone comes with a battery that lasts 31 minutes, meaning that you can run farther, with more confidence and patience, even taking and retaking shots as need be. It has a 10km range, so it’s ideal for nature lovers who want to take aerial shots of wildlife in their natural habitat, without scaring them off. The camera is quite good and free of vibrations, which means steady images which are good enough for almost any purpose. The camera can record up to 4k video.  

5. The Parrot Anafi FPV

The Parrot Anafi FPV drone is an ingenious machine indeed. One thing that strikes us about this drone is the design, which seems like it was built to withstand a few bangs and collisions, even mid-air, without necessarily crashing down. It also looks like a small, fun machine; something that you could enjoy flying for the love of it.


Professional camera with 4k camera, that zooms in neatly in video mode, producing neat, stable videos. You may want to try the First Person View goggles that give you a panoramic view like you are in a plane’s cockpit. Control can also be done via an app in your mobile phone. It has a battery capacity of 25 minutes, good for taking you further and farther.   

6. Ryze Tello

The Ryze Tello is a simple entry-level drone when you talk about the power and pace, however, this joint venture between DJI and Ryze does quite well in camera performance. The drone produces 720p video, which is beamed to your mobile phone as long as the drone is in range. The intel processor gives it good maneuverability, and other features such as battery warning, and anti-collision sensors as well.


Lightweight; just about 80g, which makes it easy to carry about. The camera resolution of 5MP, which produces good shots, even when zoomed in. Battery life of 13 minutes, perfect for quick shots that do not require too much time in the air, and a maximum range of 60 meters.

7. Holy Stone HS100 Navigator

The Holy Stone HS100 Navigator is an excellent drone for beginners, and also a great drone for the photographer or independent filmmaker who needs to take aerial shots without spending the usual costs of such a drone. The design is solid and efficient, making this a drone of choice even when there is a breeze.


The drone has a follow me feature which allows it automatically follow your mobile phone wherever you go. The video is 720p; good enough if you are making a basic film. The drone has a battery life of 15 minutes, which may be good enough if you are direct about what you need to do.



 The drone industry is still relatively new, and as such new developments are always coming up within short intervals. The drones above are not just the cheapest drones in South Africa; they are inexpensive drones that can offer you functionality and durability. We will update this page as more capable drones gain entry into the South African market, bringing fresh features and ideas.