Top 10 Cheapest Data Bundles In South Africa (2023)

Determining the cheapest data bundles and providers in South Africa is a compilation headache. This is because of the marketing tactics of the network providers who like to occasionally drop prices so low, so as to send ripples through the markets, and attract all the new customers they can, before they reset the prices right back up to where they were before.

However, by looking at the bigger, more stable data bundles especially by examining the prices over a longer period of time, you can find that it is possible to determine the cheapest data bundles in South Africa with relative accuracy.

The following paragraphs contain information about the cheapest data bundles on offer in the South African market, and also some information about the providers.

Top 10 Cheapest Data Bundles in South Africa (10GB Comparison)

1. Vodacom

Vodacom is one of the favorites in data in South Africa. They charge R605 for 10GB of data. This price amounts to R0.06 per MB. The data lasts for 30 Days, and the quality is super. This data deal is favored among people who like to know what they are getting beforehand, instead of relying on marketing gimmicks.

2. Telkom

Telkom is one of the most popular mobile network providers with the cheapest data bundles in South Africa; they provide a robust package indeed. For just R505 you can get 10GB of data, and the bundle has a validity of 30-60 days. Furthermore, you also get Night Data worth 10GB for you to do your extra-curricula internet surfing. This network is dependable and offers very good value for money. No wonder the bundle is so popular. Per MB, the rate is R0.05.

3. Rain

Rain is often considered to be the most affordable internet bundle in South Africa. Not just because you get to pay R500 for 10GB of data, but also because there is no expiry time on the bundle. Therefore, it could be said that Rain is not just the cheapest internet bundle, but also the most convenient in South Africa. Per MB you are actually paying R0.06, and the data connection is strong and dependable.

4. MTN

MTN is the most recognized South African brand outside the country. This mobile network has the bigger chunk of its business outside the county, rather than within. For just R499 you can get 10GB of mobile data which is a rather cheap deal. The data is pegged with a 30 day validity period, after which you would need to renew the subscription. Per MB, this data costs R0.05, and is dependable- suitable for business.

5. Cell C

Cell C is another cheap internet provider in South Africa. For just R499 you get 10GB of data for your business or personal needs. This data has a 90 day validity period attached to it, which is quite good enough, and most interestingly you get 15GB of night data for your late-night use. This is one of the more popular deals among the young crowd who are attracted to both the long validity period and the free night data. As per cost per MB, you would be paying the equivalent of R0.05 per MB.


Another way to find out the top 10 cheapest internet bundles in South Africa would be to examine another popular kind of data bundle in the South African market: the uncapped wifi Bundles. These cannot be ignored in compiling any lists because these bundles are the future of the market, and more customers are opting to go with unlimited data connections, even forgoing speed. Below is a compilation of some of the cheapest wifi networks available in South Africa.

Unlimited internet Bundles 1MB per second

As explained above, these wifi deals are categorized by speed rather than quantity. Therefore, the cheapest unlimited wifi deals in South Africa are 1Mb per second deals. One MB per second is enough to carry out the most basic of our internet needs: social media, downloading and uploading of videos, and such information. However, since you are only using it on your phones and other devices at home, there is not much need for speed.

You can find such cheap deals below:

1. Afrihost 

Afrihost is a well-established name in the data business in South Africa. The company offers you uncapped internet access for the following cheap prices.  R54 per month if you are subscribing for personal use, R205 if you are subscribing for premium use, and R316 if you are subscribing for business.

2. Web Africa 

Web Africa is another internet service provider that provides cheap data in South Africa. They offer unlimited 1MB per second data for the following prices. R49 if you are buying for personal use, R69 if you are buying for premium use, and R209 if you are buying for your business or office use.

3. Vox Africa              

Vox Africa is another one of the cheap internet bundle providers in South Africa. They charge just R99 for unlimited internet access at the speed of 1MB per second. This company makes no distinction between subscribers who purchase for personal, premium, or business uses.                               –                              

 Unlimited Internet 2MB per second.

The 2MBS deals are ideal for homes with basic internet connection needs. However, this internet should be cheap because it mostly appeals to simple users for entertainment purposes on their smartphones, and computers. The following are the internet data providers who provide unlimited 2MB per second internet data at a cheap rate.

1. Axess 

Axess offers you unlimited internet access for just R84 per month if you are buying for personal use, R285 if you are buying for premium use, and R416 if you are buying for business.

2. Afrihost 

Afrihost offers you unlimited internet access for the slightly higher price of R87 if you are buying for personal use, the price goes up to R317 if you are buying for premium use, and R417 if you are buying for business use.

3. Web Africa

Web Africa charges you a monthly fee of just R59 for unlimited data, R89 if you are buying for premium use, and R309 if you are buying for business.

4. Vox

Vox charges a flat rate for unlimited data at the speed of 2MB per second. The price is R149 regardless of whether you are buying for personal, home, or business use.

5. Cybersmart 

Cybersmart offers you unlimited 2MB per second data for just R195 for home use and R329 for business use.

6. Mweb

Mweb offers you unlimited internet access at the speed of 2MB per second for a monthly fee of R99                                     



When looking at the cheapest internet data bundles in South Africa, we must bear in mind that there are several categories of internet users, all of whom are looking for the cheapest deals that they can find. When you know the category of user that you are, and what kind of deal you are looking for, you then have to examine the fine print; some data bundle providers encourage you to use the data quickly by including tight validity periods, while others even allow you to use the data as long as you like. You must put such things into consideration before choosing the ideal data bundle for you.   

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