10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In South Africa (2023)

These days, the prospect of getting rich is a big factor when deciding on a career path to follow. Engineering remains one of the biggest paying career choices anywhere in the world; including South Africa. Engineers are very important in society because they design and build infrastructure that makes life easier for all of us.  I listed the top highest paying jobs in South Africa and their average salary per year.

Engineers are world builders; they design and build everything from roads, buildings, planes, bridges, to computers, smartphones, and even the soft-wares that enable us to use these items. Engineers are also involved in power generation, transportation, and in medical science as well. They deserve their huge paychecks because, without them, humans would still be riding horses and camels, and living in caves. 

If you have a knack for mathematics, a strong, logical mind, and a flair for merging your imagination with existing principles to create designs; then you probably have a calling for engineering. So what branch of engineering should you choose? What branch of engineering would benefit you, and keep you smiling to the bank?

 Below are the Mostest Paying Engineering Jobs in South Africa.

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In South Africa

1. Environmental Engineer

Average salary -R714,500 per year

Environmental engineers are responsible for creating and designing buildings, roads, and so on with minimal impact on the natural world. They also work to find new ways of doing things without continuing to damage the environment. Environmental Engineers are passionate about making the world a better place for us all. 

2. Biomedical Engineer

Average salary -R685,824 per year

Biomedical Engineers help doctors combat and defeat diseases and come up with new cures for common illnesses. They are highly sought-after engineering professionals and command huge paychecks. In South Africa, you can get around R685,824 per year for this job and the satisfaction of helping advance humanity. 

3. Aerospace Engineer

Average salary -R644,653 per year

Aerospace and aeronautical engineers have careers that involve designing, building, and maintaining spaces crafts, including rockets, personnel carriers, and landing gear. With so much potential in the area of military and civilian communication, every country wants to command its own space station, and so they need space crafts. In South Africa, you can get around R644,653 a year for this job.

4. Chemical Engineer

Average salary -R606, 862 per year

Chemicals are naturally occurring compounds in our world, but Chemical Engineers are those with the training to mix them together to create compounds that can do anything from fertilizing the soil for crop production to eliminating household pests, to dying or bleaching clothes, or even preserving food items. As a chemical engineer, you can work in chemical production plants, cosmetic firms, agricultural supplies companies, and so on. You can earn about R606,862 per year, and if you are very gifted you can even develop your own products and start your own companies.

5. Nuclear Engineer

Average salary -R588,452 per year

No country admits to having Nuclear ambitions, but the potential for an almost infinite energy source is just too great for most countries to pass up on. A nuclear plant can provide electrical energy on a very large scale with very little material. However, that little material can be incredibly dangerous because if a person is exposed to nuclear radiation, he is almost certainly going to die. Nuclear Engineers earn about R588,452 per year.

6. Mechanical Engineer

Average salary -R566,574 per year

Mechanical engineers do not just repair broken car or truck engines; they design, build, and maintain all sorts of mechanical equipment and machinery including those needed in agriculture, transportation, production, and so on. Without mechanical engineers, we would probably still have to trek long distances, or ride wagons were drawn by bulls and donkeys, also most items that are mass-produced would not be available to all. 

7. Civil Engineer

Average salary -R547,665 per year

Civil Engineers are responsible for the designing and building of some of the most advanced structures built by man including roads, skyscrapers, and bridges, as well as stadiums, sports centers, and prisons.  They focus on designing physical structures that millions of people use on a daily basis. Without Civil engineers, we would all probably live in caves, or in wooden structures covered with grass. In South Africa, you can earn around R547,665 for this job.

8. Agricultural Engineer

Average salary -R531,666 per year

Whenever you meet an Agricultural Engineer, say a big thank you to him. Without people like that, there would not be enough food for us to eat. Agricultural engineers use their technical know-how, to develop ways to make agriculture better; more crop yield, more acreage, and more sustainability. They work on everything pertaining to agriculture; soil improvement, irrigation, development of machines that help in preparing the soil, planting of seeds, watering, and removal of pests, as well as harvesting.

9. Biomechanical Engineer

Average salary -R522,667 per year

Biomechanical Engineers are engineers of the future. Even though so much has been done in biomechanics, it remains clear that there is still a long way for humanity to go in this field. Biomechanical engineers design products that help humans function. Some of the wonders of biomechanics include artificial hearts, artificial limbs, dialysis machines, machines that help comatose or people with respiratory illnesses breathe, and so on. In South Africa, Biomechanical Engineers earn around R522,667 a year.

10. Software Engineer

Average salary -R531,666 per year

Software engineers are some of the most modern and futuristic breeds of engineering. They use their imagination, and problem-solving skills to create computer programs, and codes that carry out simple and complex actions on our computers and smartphones. Software engineers do not only develop computer programs and smartphone apps; they also work with nuclear engineers, space engineers, robotics, and the military. In South Africa, you can earn around R531,666 per year.

11. Electronic Engineer

Average salary -R524,115 per year

Electronic Engineers work in the field of designing and building electronic appliances and gadgets. This can be a very lucrative field because electronic appliances are part of our everyday lives, not only at home but also in manufacturing, and every other aspect of commerce and the economy. Electronic Engineers earn around R524,115 per year, which is big money in South Africa.

12. Systems Engineer

Average salary -R509,393 per year

Systems engineers are computer engineers who work to optimize the performance of computer systems. Don’t just think about the computers you use at home; think about those used in aviation, aerospace, manufacturing, security surveillance, and so on.



 Engineering is a richly rewarding field of endeavor, not only in South Africa but all over the world. a good engineer will always be sought after because he has ideas that can move humanity forward, and bring a lot of money in the process. As more and more engineers become venture capitalists, the field will become even more lucrative. Investing in Engineering education is no doubt a wise move to make.