Top 10 Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa (2024)

All over the world, the Medical profession is a well-respected profession as well as a lucrative one. The case is not different in South Africa, as Medical jobs pay one of the highest salaries in the country. A medical professional in South Africa can earn between R46,500 and R139,000 monthly. This translates to a range between R558,000 and R1,668,000 annually.

The highest Paying Medical Jobs in South Africa are Heart Transplant Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, Invasive Cardiologist Surgeon, Neurology Surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, Trauma Surgeon, Urologist, and General Surgeon. Others high-paying Medical jobs in South Africa include Burn surgeon, Prosthodontist, and Radiologist.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

1. Heart Transplant Surgeon (R152,000)

You would agree with me that Heart surgeons are a rare and incredibly talented breed of doctors. They are one of the most sought-after and highly-paid doctors all over the world. The reason for this is not far-fetched because a diagnosis of a heart defect is almost equivalent to a death sentence for any patient.

Thankfully the miracle of medical science and this breed of incredibly gifted doctors can now fix up a new heart for a patient suffering from a heart defect such as a hole in the heart. A heart transplant is oftentimes a very tricky and delicate procedure that requires the expertise of a well-trained Heart Transplant Surgeon. Heart transplant Surgeons earn an average of R152,000 monthly in South Africa.

2. Orthopedic Surgeon (R148,000)

This breed of Surgeons is concerned with repairing damaged bones or skeletal structures. Most accidents often result in broken bones or damaged skeletal structures and Orthopedic Surgeons come to the rescue by repairing damaged tissue and rejoining broken bones. Orthopedic Surgeons also perform corrective procedures on patients with skeletal birth defects to ensure that they can function with their limbs. In South Africa, Orthopedic Surgeons earn an average of R148,000 monthly.  

3. Cardiothoracic Surgeon (R139,000)

In Medicine, the heart, lungs, windpipe, and other organs in the chest are interrelated and the Surgeon who specializes in working on them is known as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. A cardiothoracic Surgeon is an umbrella name for cardiac Surgeons, general thoracic surgeons, and cardiovascular surgeons and they function individually in their different fields. Another highest-paying medical job in South Africa is a Cardiothoracic surgeon and they earn an average salary of R139,000 each month.  

4. Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon (R138,000)

You must have heard of people, mostly celebrities, who enhance their faces or other body parts through surgery. The surgeons who carry out these procedures are usually called Plastic Surgeons. Plastic reconstructive surgeons work on the outer layers of the skin to enhance its appearance. Aside from celebrities, Plastic Surgeons also work on the skin of burns or accident victims as well as people with abnormal features to restore their self-esteem, looks, and sense of belonging. Plastic reconstructive surgeons earn an average monthly salary of R138,000.  

5. Invasive Cardiologist Surgeon (R131,000)

Invasive cardiologists perform surgical procedures on the heart. As a vital organ that sustains life, when the heart is affected, the life of the individual concerned is threatened as well. Invasive cardiologist surgeons are the medical experts that can give an individual with a heart defect another chance at life. They fix heart defects that can be corrected and in South Africa, they earn an average monthly salary of R131,000. The job of an invasive cardiologist Surgeon is one of the highest-paying medical jobs in South Africa.  

6. Neurosurgeon (R131,000)

There are several nerves all over the human body and this is because they are the wires that connect different body parts with the brain. Nerves enable the brain to control different parts of the body.  When these nerves get damaged as a result of accidents or illnesses, patients sometimes lose the ability to control these body parts. Neurosurgeons come to the rescue by rejoining these nerve endings so that patients can regain control of their body parts and healthy life. Neurosurgeons in South Africa earn an average income of R131,000 per month.  

7. Pediatric Surgeon (R119,000)

The body of infants and babies surely differs from that of adults in several ways. If and when a baby requires a surgical procedure, a general surgeon cannot deliver the expected result. The services of a pediatric surgeon are needed in such cases. Pediatric surgeons are surgeons that perform surgical procedures on babies and little children. When a little child or baby requires surgery, pediatric surgeons are the go-to professionals. A pediatric surgeon earns an average monthly income of R119,000 making it one of the highest-paying medical jobs in South Africa.  

8. Trauma Surgeon (R111,000)

When accident victims who have suffered trauma are rushed into the hospital and require a surgical procedure, Trauma surgeons are the specialist that attends to such patients. The chances of survival of trauma victims are often decided in a few minutes by a Trauma Surgeon. Trauma surgeons are one of the biggest contributors to society and they earn an average salary of R111,000 monthly in South Africa. The income of Trauma surgeons makes the job one of the highest-paying medical jobs in South Africa.  

9. Urologist (R108,000)

Urologists are medical professionals who diagnose and treat diseases of the Urinary tract in men and women alike. They work with both older and younger patients. They are generally known for treating elderly men with enlarged prostates that make urination painful and difficult. Urologists also work with younger patients by helping them regain the full function of their urinary system. In South Africa, Urologists earn an average monthly income of R108,000. 

10. General Surgeon (R105,000)

General Surgeons are medical professionals that perform surgical procedures on several conditions such as a breast tumor or an obstructed bowel. They take on surgical procedures that do not require a specialist. General surgeons are qualified to diagnose and treat a vast range of illnesses and disorders that might require a surgical procedure. General surgeons earn an average income of R105,000 monthly making it one of the highest-paying medical jobs in South Africa. 



A healthy nation is surely a productive nation. The South African government knows this truth and has invested in healthcare to ensure that South Africans are healthy people. One of the ways this is achieved is by paying medical professionals in South Africa handsome remunerations. The average monthly salary of a Medical professional in South Africa ranges between R46,500 and R139,000.

The highest-paying medical jobs in South Africa include Heart Transplant Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, and a host of other medical jobs discussed in this piece. I believe that this will be helpful to you when you want to choose a Medical course to study at University. I would love to know which Medical job you would love to go for and your reasons for your choice. You can share it with me and other readers in the comment section below. I can’t wait to hear from you. (Updated)