How to Claim UIF When Resigned, Retrenched or Dismissed (2023)

The UIF Fund is a protection net set up by the South African Government through the ministry of labour to help workers who are out of work by no fault of theirs. This is a fund set up to help workers meet their living expenses, despite not currently being on the payroll of an employer. The fund is a collaborative effort by the employers and the government and receives contributions from workers while still employed.

In this article, we discussed eligibility to receive money from this fund, under what circumstances a person can successfully make claims to the UIF Fund, and how to claim UIF when resigned, or you have been retrenched, or been dismissed from work.

How to Claim UIF When Resigned, Retrenched, or Dismissed

Unemployment Benefits

In order to make a claim from the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), you need to go to your nearest Labour Centre. There you will be asked to sign the unemployment register. The clerk will then tell you when you need to come back and sign the register again. You will be given forms to fill, and they will guide you through the process.

However, recent developments have necessitated taking things online. You can alternatively visit, and then click on the ‘activate my ufiling account’ button. From there you can just follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.  

  1. Fill in the Captcha number displayed on your screen.
  2. Enter your UIF Reference Number – (no reference number, follow the next step).
  3. Enter your ID number.
  4. Click on Get Status

Illness Benefits

You must go back to the office and sign the register on the correct date. If you are ill, you must take a doctor’s certificate with you to the labour centre. You will be given a white card, which the UIF officer will sign each time you sign the register.

Death Benefits

In order to receive death benefits from the UIF, you have to visit the nearest labour office. You will be given forms to fill, and guided through the process. Please keep copies of the person’s payslips, and other relevant documentation handy when making the claim. 

Maternity Benefits

To receive maternity benefits, visit the nearest labour centre for guidance.

After Registering

After registering, at the labour centre or the website, you just need some patience.  If everything is in order, you should start getting money from the Fund within six weeks of filing a claim. The money will then be paid at the interval of 1 month until all the benefits are used up.

 If you have not received any payments within the period of eight weeks, you should phone the Labour Centre and ask them to find out why there is a delay. Remember that it is important to have your name and ID number ready. The UIF Fund will send you a slip every time you receive money so that you can see how much you have received, and keep track of what you can still get.

Who Can Claim From UIF Fund?

Workers or former Employees who are registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and who have been making regular contributions to the Fund can make claims.

Under What Circumstances    

A very important part of this setup is the fact that it takes into consideration the circumstances under which a person has left his work. You cannot file a claim if you have resigned from the job. You can only claim unemployment benefits if you have been dismissed or retrenched. Workers who are employed under a contract can file claims if the tenure of the contract has expired.

You cannot make a claim if you have resigned, been suspended, or absconded from work. The UIF is not empowered to pay you if you are adjudged to have left the job of your own volition- including absconding from work. 

What kind of benefits is covered by the UIF?

The UIF is made up of five kinds of benefits namely: Unemployment benefits; Illness benefits; Maternity benefits; Death benefits.

Under What Circumstances Can I claim illness benefits?

A person is qualified to make a claim for illness benefits if he is sick or injured, and unable to work for a period longer than two weeks. Please note that you are not eligible to file for illness benefit if you have become sick as a result of your own actions.  You cannot claim illness benefits if you refuse treatment or if you refuse to follow a doctor’s instruction.

How Does the Maternity Benefit work, Can I Make a Claim?

Maternity is a social safety net for workers who cannot work as a result of childbirth. These benefits can be claimed if you are pregnant and have taken maternity leave. A person can take maternity leave at any time from four weeks before the expected date of delivery. After delivery, you may also not work for a period of six weeks. 

How Can I claim if My Spouse Dies (Deceased)?

The person whose wife/ husband or parent has died can claim death benefits if the deceased contributed to the fund. 

How Much Money Can I Claim?

If you have been making contributions to the Fund for four years or more, then you are eligible to claim for up to 238 days. If you have been making contributions for a shorter period, then you are eligible to make claims 1 day for every 6 days that you worked while during the time when you were contributing to the Fund. We have a previous article on this topic.

If you take maternity leave, you can only claim up to 121 days.  The highest amount that can be paid is 58% of what you earned per day.

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We discussed how to file a claim to the UIF if you have resigned, been retrenched, or been dismissed.

Please Note: This article is not legal advice, please contact an expert before taking any actions. Please remember that it will amount to a criminal act if you are found to have cheated the fund in any way. Please remember to explain in full detail the circumstances surrounding the loss of your employment.