Jeppe College – Courses, Fees, Requirements, Online Application & More (2023)

Jeppe College is a tertiary institution in South Africa that can be recommended for anyone who is seeking to join institutions of higher learning in the country to pursue the courses of their choice. It is a private institution that has been recognized nationally by FET. And in this article, we will be exploring a lot that has to do with the College.

Jeppe College offers a wide range of courses that anyone can opt for to gather greater knowledge in your career path. It should also be added that their courses are legitimate, as they have richly invested in education. They are fully recognised by Umalusi and have been registered by the Private Further Education and Training Act; 2006 (Act 16 of 2006). They have several campuses in different parts of South Africa. This enables anyone that is qualified to have access to their courses.

Jeppe College Courses And Requirements

Faculty of Information Technology

  • Systems Development L4 
  • Technical Support L4 
  • Systems Support L5 
  • End-User Computing Systems Development L5 
  • ICT – Systems Support ICT – Systems Development 
  • Network Engineering 

Faculty of Engineering

  • Welding (N1 – N3) 
  • Carpentry (N1 – N3) 
  • Plumbing (N1 – N3) 

Water Treatment (N1- N3) 

  • Mechanical Engineering: Fitting & Training (N1 – N3) 
  • Mechanical Engineering (N1 – N6) 
  • Mechanical Engineering: Motor Trade (N1 – N3) 
  • Mechanical Engineering: Boiler Making (N1 – N3) 
  • Mechanical Engineering (N1 – N6) 
  • Electrical Engineering Level 4 
  • Electrical Engineering Level 2 
  • Electrical Engineering (N1 – N6) 
  • Electrical Engineering Level 3 
  • Civil Engineering & Building (N1 – N6) 


  • Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality 
  • Hospitality Reception L4 
  • Accommodation Services L2 
  • Professional Cookery L4 
  • Retail Travel L5 


  • Faculty of Media Studies 
  • Business Analysis: Support Practice L5 
  • Photography L4 
  • Advertising L4 
  • Journalism L5
  • Radio Production L5 
  • Music Industry: Sound Technology L5 
  • Radio Station Management L5 
  • Graphics: Design Foundation L4 


  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Small Business Financial Management L4 
  • Public Sector Accounting L4 
  • Bookkeeping L3 
  • Tourism (N4 – N6) 
  • Hospitality and Catering Services (N4 – N6) 
  • Human Resource Management (N4 – N6) 
  • Popular Music: Studio Work (N4 – N6)
  • Public Relations (N4 – N6) 
  • Educare (N4 – N6) 
  • Medical Secretary (N4 – N6) 
  • Marketing Management (N4 – N6) 
  • Legal Secretary (N4 – N6)
  • Management Assistant (N4 – N6) 
  • Public Management (N4 – N6) 
  • Business Management (N4 – N6) 
  • Financial Management (N4 – N6) 
  • Office Administration L5 
  • Human Resource & Practices Support L4 
  • Bookkeeping L4 
  • Office Administration L6 
  • Policing Academy Tactical Road Traffic Operations 
  • Policing P SETA
  • Public Administration L3 
  • Public Administration L4
  • Public Administration L5 
  • Public Administration L6 


Part-Time Courses 

  • Certified Computer End-User (CCEU) A+ 
  • Technician MS Systems Admin (MCSA Server 2012R2) 
  • S+ Security N+ Technician Photoshop 
  • CS 6 HTML 5, etc


Vocational Courses 

  • Plasma Cutting Boilermaker Welding (Metal ARC) 
  • Sheet Metal Work Mig & Tig Welding 
  • Pipe Fitting 
  • Fitting & Turning 
  • Plumbing Engineering 
  • Fabrication Processes 
  • Brick Laying 
  • Cutting Torch 
  • Carpentry 
  • Automotive 
  • Petrol Automotive Diesel 


The Institutions also offer courses like:

  • Public Administration L7
  • LG SETA Emergency Services Supervision: Fire Level 5 
  • Public Finance Management & Administration L5 
  • Local Economic Development Level 4 
  • Municipal Integrated Development Planning L5 
  • Ward Committee Governance L2 
  • Municipal Finance and Administration L4
  • Industrial Organization and Planning Supervision in Industry 
  • Industrial Orientation 
  • Mathematics 
  • Business
  • English Technical Matric N3 
  • Sake Afrikaans 

It should be noted that each of these courses has a stipulated set of requirements you must fulfill before you can be admitted into the Institution. Check out Jeppe College’s official website for more details.

 Jeppe College Application 

It is advisable that you go through Jeppe College prospectus 2021 to gain deeper insight into the Institution application process. After getting the course you are interested in, and you are certain you are qualified for it, simply proceed to the application process. 

It should be noted that Jeppe College has two application methods. You can either sort it out on any of their campuses, or you do it online. For the On-campus application, you will have to physically visiting any of their campuses in any part of the country and manually apply for your course. 

You can visit any of the following campuses: 

– Jeppe College Polokwane 

– Jeppe College Bloemfontein 

– Jeppe College Vereeniging 

– Jeppe College Nelspruit 

– Jeppe College Rustenburg 

– Jeppe College Johannesburg 

– Jeppe College Pretoria 

The Online application method is actually the easiest method of the duo. You only have to fill their application form online, which is available on their official website – 

Jeppe College Fees And Contact Details

To get an up-to-date price of the fees you are to pay for your own course, you should contact the Institution through any of these channels:

Telephone No: 012 323 5927 

Email Address: [email protected] 


In conclusion, Jeppe College is an institution in South Africa that can be recommended for learners in the country. They offer quality education that will help you become equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to excel in your career path. You can start an exciting journey towards an exciting future by applying at the Institution today