All Types of Nurses in South Africa and Their Salaries (2023)

Nurses are an exceptional breed of medical professionals as well as essential constituents of the healthcare system around the world as well as in South Africa. They are a blessing both to other medical professionals and patients as well. They work hand in hand with other medical professionals, such as doctors and surgeons, to provide care and assistance to patients.

There are various types of Nurses in South Africa, and this is because of their different areas of specialisation. All types of Nurses in South Africa earn different salaries from each other, usually based on their various areas of specialisation. Some nurses specialise in assisting surgeons during surgical procedures, while others specialise in caring for elderly patients, and they all earn different salaries. 

All Types of Nurses in South Africa and their Salaries

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CNRA) – R1,800,000

The highest-paid types of nurses in South Africa are certified registered Nurse anaesthetists. They are nurses that are highly skilled and innovative, and they work closely with medical professionals such as dentists, surgeons, anesthesiologists and other medical professionals during anaesthesia-related treatments. Their speciality comes with enormous demands and intricacies, so they are highly paid for it. CNRAs earn an average of R1,800,000 annually in South Africa.

2. Neonatal Nurses – R1,250,000

Neonatal nurses specialise in neonates care and are always in high demand. This speciality involves caring for newborn babies from day 1 to day 28. Neonatal nurses can administer medication, oxygen, and different Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) operations to sick or premature newborn babies. A neonatal nurse in South Africa earns an average salary of R1,250,000 yearly.

3. Cardiac Nurses – R1,140,000

Cardiac nurses carry out comprehensive cardiovascular checkups on patients with heart-related problems or illnesses. In South Africa, Cardiac nurses earn an average salary of R1,140,000 annually.

4. Orthopaedic Nurses – R1,130,000 

Orthopaedic nurses provide care to patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases or injuries. They support patients in recuperating from surgical procedures, reorienting them after a significant injury and recovering full mobility in collaboration with medical professionals. Orthopaedic nurses in South Africa earn an average salary of R1,130,000 annually.

5. Oncology Nurses – R, 1,113,000 

Oncology nurses work hand in hand with doctors and surgeons to assist cancer patients with their therapies. They also provide information, care, and support to patients and those looking after them during treatment. Oncology nurses earn an average annual salary of R1,113,000 in South Africa.

6. General Nurses – R1,112,000

General Nurses provide primary health care to patients and, in the process, build lasting relationships with their patients. They generally work in family practices; however, they can also function in various healthcare settings as their specialisation is versatile. General Nurses earn an average annual salary of R1,112,000 in South Africa.

7. Family Nurses – R1,110,000 

Family Nurses are trained to work with adults and children in family practice or clinical settings. They earn an average annual salary of R1,110,000 in South Africa.

8. Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) – R1,108,000

Clinical Nurse Specialists are also called Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses. They must be able to act fast under pressure and make sound decisions. Clinical nurse specialists make a diagnosis and treat illnesses, diseases, and injuries in patients. Clinical nurse specialists earn an average annual salary of R1,108,000 in South Africa.

9. Psychiatric Nurses – R1,107,000

Psychiatric nurses work in mental health facilities or correctional centres, caring for patients with different psychiatric and mental health illnesses. They provide mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support to their patients daily. Psychiatric nurses are not only well paid, but they are also emotionally satisfied because they deliver medical treatment as well as counselling to make their patients comfortable. In South Africa, psychiatric nurses earn an average annual salary of R1,107,000.

10. Pediatric Nurses – R1,105,000

Pediatric nurses are involved in treating children and supporting their progress and development. Pediatric Nurses can work in different healthcare settings, including schools, urgent care centres, intensive care units and so on. Pediatric nurses must have the ability to communicate well with the children and those who look after them. The average annual salary of Pediatric nurses in South Africa is R1,105,000.

11. Midwives – R1,102,000

Certified midwives create a unique bond with their patients during a life-changing period of their lives. Midwives support women through the challenges and joys of pregnancy, labour, and delivery. In South Africa presently, midwives earn an average annual salary of R1,102,000.

12. Pain Management Nurses – R1,094,000

Pain management nurses function in hospice programs, palliative care and oncology units. They support in determining the source of a patient’s pain and providing care for them. They also provide pain management and medication education to patients. Pain management nurses earn an average annual salary of R1,094,000 in South Africa. 

13. Research Nurses – R1,092,000

Research nurses explore many elements of health, illness and health care. They do this to improve health care services and patient outcomes by investigating and implementing scientific studies that make the nursing profession indispensable. Research nurses earn an average annual salary of R1,092,000 in South Africa. 

14. Nurse Administrators – R1,090,000

Nurse administrators are nurses who are members of the management team handling nursing personnel. They help in organising nurses as well as other departments, the improvement of strategies & procedures and administration of human resources and financial plans. Nurse administrators in South Africa earn an average annual salary of R1,090,000. 

15. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP) – R1,080,000

Gerontological Nurse practitioners (GNPs) specialise in the care of elderly individuals. They have postgraduate degrees in Geriatrics, and they are qualified to support the treatment of long-term or incapacitating illnesses in the elderly. GNPs approach nursing holistically with an emphasis on providing comforting bedside care to elderly patients. GNPs in South Africa earn an average annual salary of R1,080,000. 

16. Nurse Educators – R1,070,000

Nurse educators are involved in training nurses in a healthcare setting by using the training curriculum they create. They are also involved in managing and overseeing new nurses and nursing students. Nurse educators earn an average annual salary of R1,070,000. 



The nursing profession has various specialisations that help in equipping nurses with the knowledge needed to provide adequate care to patients with multiple health conditions. These specialisations help provide specific healthcare plans that help patients recover faster and get back on their feet in no time. 

All types of nurses in South Africa earn different salaries; however, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are the highest-paid nurses in South Africa owing to the complexity and demands of their job. I would love to know which of these nursing specialities interest you and if you would love to build a career in it. Please tell me about it in the comment section below, as I would love to hear from you. 





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