The PDP Medical Form – Medical Certificate for PDP (2024)

The Professional Driving Permit (PDP) is a mandatory permit that South African drivers that earn an income by driving on Public roads to transport passengers and any goods must have. It is a supplementary document to the driving license, and everyone who operates commercial vehicles must hold a valid professional driving permit and a driving license.

However, the PDP Medical Form is one of the requirements for an individual to get the PDP or PrDP license in South Africa. The PDP Medical form or medical certificate is an essential document because it is proof that an individual is medically fit to drive professionally. Driving professionally could mean driving heavy vehicles and spending hours behind the wheel, which requires a high level of medical fitness. 

How to get a Medical Certificate for PDP

The Medical Certificate for PDP is available at any Driving License Testing Center (DLTC) near you or download it at, which is a document bank that allows you to download and complete essential documents. 

You are not to fill out the form after downloading it as you cannot affirm yourself medically fit. Instead, you are to take the form to a hospital, if possible, a hospital you have used before, for a doctor to fill after carrying out some essential medical examination. You will then be required to take the completed Medical certificate with other necessary documents to the submission office. 

How long is the PDP Medical Certificate Valid For?

The PDP Medical Certificate is valid for two months before the submission date. Your medical certificate must not be two months old if you want to apply for a PDP license in South Africa. 

Other Requirements to Get a Professional Driving Permit (PDP)

Aside from the PDP Medical Certificate, you will be required to provide supplementary documents such as a valid driving license and a training certification by an approved training body to obtain a Professional Driving Permit (PDP). 

However, you cannot get a Professional Driving Permit if you have any criminal record in the past five years, especially for the following:

  1. A record of driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor, a narcotic or a drug with hallucinating effect. 
  2. A record of driving a vehicle while the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream or breath is beyond the legal limit. 
  3. A record of committing an offence with a violent element, especially when applying for a category P and D permit. 
  4. A record of your driving license retracted or suspended. 
  5. A record of a criminal offence or a payment of an admission of guilt fine in the last five years. 

I would love to inform you that the Professional Driving Permit (PDP) cannot be transferred as the owner or operator of the vehicle for which the PrDP is required. You are not permitted to allow another person to drive the vehicle on a public road. Except that person has a valid PrDP for the appropriate vehicle category. 

How to Get the Professional Driving Permit (PDP) License

To get the Professional Driving Permit, you must first visit the Driving License Testing Centre (DLTC) nearest to you and request the application form for the Professional Driving Permit (PDP) and complete it with the correct information. Gauteng residents are required to apply online for the Professional Driving Permit (PDP) at

Please note that you might be required to fill out the notification of change of address or particulars of a person or organisation (NCP) form. When visiting the Driving License Testing Center (DLTC), you are advised to take the following documents with you:

  1. An Identity document (ID), driving license card, or valid South African Passport. 
  2. Four preferably more identical black and white passport-sized photographs.
  3. A valid driving license with the same code of vehicle you are applying for the PDP. You cannot obtain a Professional Driving Permit without a valid driving license.
  4. A training certificate if you are applying for a category D license. 
  5. A Medical certificate that is not more than two months old. 
  6. Any other professional driving permit or public driving permit 
  7. Proof of postal and residential address, such as a recent utility bill. If the utility bill does not carry your name, ask the bill’s owner to make an affidavit for you. 
  8. If you reside in an informal settlement, obtain a letter with an official stamp from the councillor of the ward. The letter should verify your residential and postal address. 

As you visit the Driving License Testing Center (DLTC), please be prepared mentally for an eye test. Alternatively, you may provide evidence of having been examined by a qualified optometrist. After presenting all the required documents, you must make a payment. You can request the cost at the testing centre and pay the stipulated amount into the following bank account:

Account Name: Ideco AFISwitch (Pty) Ltd. 

Bank: ABSA Bank.

Branch: Business Banking Johannesburg North.

Account Type: Cheque Account.

Account number: 4074078548.

Branch Code: 630256.

Reference: Please fill in the ID number of the applicant as the reference. 

After making payment, a DLTC official will refer you to the nearest police station to request a conviction report. Sometimes, your face will be captured electronically and sent to the police station via electronic means. 



The Professional Driving Permit (PDP) Medical Form is an essential document required in the application for a Professional Driving Permit (PDP), so there is no escaping or avoiding it. People who drive vehicles must be medically fit because medically unfit drivers behind the wheel will result in fatal accidents. It will be dangerous to allow medically unfit people to drive heavy vehicles, especially any vehicle.

The Professional Driving Permit (PDP) Medical Form is available online or at a Driving License Testing Center (DLTC) nearest you. Please ensure that a medical doctor certifies you as medically fit before submitting the PDP Medical Form and the PDP application form and making the necessary payments. Other supplementary documents are required to obtain a professional Driving Permit aside from the PDP Medical Certificate; ensure that you submit them as well. 


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