How To Renew PDP License In South Africa (2024)

A professional driving permit (PrDP or PDP) is needed by law to drive public transport and heavy-duty vehicles such as taxis, buses, breakdown vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and so on. This documentation has undergone some restructuring: before 1998 it was called a public drivers permit (PDP), but now it has been broadened and renamed. 

PrDP license is a way of ensuring more responsibility and closer monitoring of those who are entrusted with the lives of passengers in South Africa, and those who are entrusted with transporting hazardous materials across the country.

It is now a Professional Drivers Permit (PrDP), and more types of vehicles are captured under this law. It is important to know what vehicles fall under the preview of the PrDP, so as to know when you need a Professional Drivers Permit.  If you drive any of these vehicles, you’ll need a valid PrDP, and you need to renew it as soon as it expires.

Minibus taxis (more than 3 500 kg), carrying 12 or more people, including the driver.

Goods vehicles, (more than 3 500 kg). 

Breakdown vehicles.

Buses (any type of bus).

Motor vehicles transport 12 or more people, including the driver.

Goods vehicle used for carrying dangerous materials (more than 3 500 kg).

Heavy-duty tanks for petroleum-based flammable liquids.

Vehicles (cars or buses) are used for transporting people in exchange for payment.

How To Renew PDP License In South Africa

The renewal of the PDP license requires you to fill the application for a Professional Driving Permit (Form PD1) form, which is the same form that you would need to fill when applying for the first time. 

In order to process the renewal of a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP), the applicant has to go for a medical assessment to ensure medical fitness. Applicants must also do an eye test and have their fingerprints taken. 

What do I need to renew my PDP?

You Need to have the following to apply for a PrDP, You need your ID documents, You need 2 photographs (ID size), You need your driver’s license (in the same vehicle category as the PrDP you are applying for. You need to have a criminal record police clearance certificate. 

Can I renew my PDP online in South Africa?

Yes, it is possible to renew your PDP online, but presently that service is only available to residents of Gauteng. If you live in Gauteng and you want to renew your PDP, you can do so by going online to the designated website for this purpose. Renewal bookings can be done at the following website: Gauteng motorists can apply for a professional driving permit (PDP), or book for the renewal of a driver’s license. There is a separate page that enables customers to download the required application forms. 

What You Need to Know about PDP Licenses

If you have a motor vehicle for which a professional driving permit is required, or if you have been licensed to operate such a vehicle, you may not let another person drive that vehicle on a public road. Legally, the law does not stipulate how you behave on private grounds, but you can only let someone else drive on a public road if he also has a professional driving permit of the appropriate category.

You can only get a professional driving permit if:

You can only get the PrDP if you pass the following stipulations:

If you already have a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle you’re applying for.

If you are over the required age limit (every type of vehicle has its own age limit).

If you have been certified by a doctor to be medically fit.

If you have been certified by an approved training body (this is only required for certain types of vehicles).

 If you have not been convicted for driving under the influence, or reckless driving or, or of any crime for the past 5 years.

If your driver’s license has not been suspended or cancelled.

Please take note:

Please keep in mind that your professional driving permit may be suspended or cancelled if you become medically unfit or if you are found to be involved in any kind of criminal activity, or of been convicted of driving under the influence, or of reckless driving.



While you are applying for the renewal of your PrDP license, please keep in mind that this is a huge responsibility been entrusted to you. dangerous substances, inflammable, and people’s lives are not to be treated with levity. The authorities will not take any chances; as soon as you break the law in any way, your license will be revoked. Please go to any of the numerous registration centres across the country to start the processing, but we are aware that it could take several months before it gets to your turn to be evaluated.