How Do I Know that my PDP is Ready for Collection?

Collecting your PDP (which is the same as the PrDP) is the easiest part of the whole process. You must have already heard that you need this documentation to legally earn money as a driver in South Africa. So you naturally have a few questions as to how to go about getting this PrDP or PDP license. We will tell you how to know that your PDP is ready for collection, as well as furnish you with some other vital information regarding the PDP.

 So what is a PDP license? PDP stands for Public Drivers Permit. Actually, it is the old name for this documentation. These days it is called the PrDP which stands for the Professional Driving Permit. It is a license that enables you to drive certain types of vehicles, and to work as a driver, carrying passengers or driving certain heavy-duty vehicles in South Africa.

With this license, you can operate a cab by yourself, or work for a transport company, or a haulage company, or to operate heavy machinery, or transport certain materials using heavy-duty trucks. The PDP license is an important document; without it one cannot operate these vehicles, and to get them one must pass through certain important procedures.

We will answer any questions in this post, but let’s start by answering the all-important question: how do I know that my PDP license is ready for collection.

How To Know That My PDP is ready for collection:

The form you fill at the Driving License Testing Centre (DLTC) contains sections for you to provide your contact details such as your mobile phone number. With this information, you will be informed once the PrDP card is ready for collection. Please remember to take some identification such as an ID with you when you go the Driving License Testing Centre (DLTC) to collect the card. Any cards not collected within 120 days will be destroyed.

What is the difference between PDP and PrDP?

As we mentioned at the start of this post, the PDP and PrDP are the same things. PDP means Public Drivers Permit and that was the old name of this license until 1998.  Since then it has been known as the PrDP license and it means Professional Driving Permit. 

How long does it take?

The PrDP license takes about 12 weeks to process. However, the truth is that it takes much longer than that because there is a huge backlog of licenses waiting to be processed. Some applicants have been forced to bribe their way out of the situation because they urgently need the license for their jobs. 

How much does it cost?

Every city may have a different price for the processing of the PDP license, but the real problem could be being forced to pay bribes to officials. Some have paid as high as R2000  for this license.



The PDP license is very important documentation, without which you cannot operate certain vehicles, or work as a driver. Please note that even as an ehail driver (Bolt/Uber et all) you need to have this license. Be very careful; if you are found to contravene the law in any way you could lose this license.