What Happens When My Cell C Contract Expires?

Cell C, a mobile communications company is popular for its monthly contracts that are designed to give customers services according to their specified needs. Generally, there are two types of contracts offered by the company: Smart Data, and Pinnacle contracts. These contracts give you data, and a balanced package of all services respectively.

What happens when My Cell C contracts expire? 

When you join Cell C as a Contract subscriber, and you are on a 6,12,18, or 24-month contract, depending on your choice of contract duration. When your contract expires, it becomes due for renewal. In the time being you will not be given the services as before, and your card will not be charged for the period during which your contract has expired.

This means that you can now sign up for another long-term contract, or sign up for a short-term contract if you wish. Sometimes, it may be necessary to upgrade your device and enter into a new contract.

So How Do You Check if You Need an Upgrade?

Cell C customers can check if they are due for an upgrade through one of the following 5 ways:

Go to the Cell C Website, on your device, login to Self-Service, and check the details on your dashboard.

You can use the Cell C Mobile App: If you have downloaded it and installed it, open the app, login, and click on “Profile” and you will see your upgrade date.

You can also use the Self-Service IVR: From your Cell C phone, Call 135; choose option 1 for “Manage”; then choose option 4 for “Upgrade Eligibility”

 You can find out If you are due for an upgrade through USSD: Just dial *147*9# and then press send from the Cell C phone.

You can find out if you are due for an upgrade by talking to a customer care representative. Call 135 > Dial 135 & option 9 to speak to an agent

What else is Important to Know about Upgrading?

While preparing to upgrade, please make sure that you inquire about any of the Cell C Value Added Services such as Data bundles, C Surance or SMS bundles, Itemised Billing, receiving your cellular bill statements via e-mail, and so on. 

Please make sure that the Cell C contracts you are about to upgrade will give you the services that you need. Furthermore, please read the Terms and Conditions that apply to your contract before you upgrade. You can get a copy of the Terms and Conditions from the company website (www.cellc.co.za) or you can even walk into any of the Cell C stores or approved upgrade outlets and ask for the terms and conditions applicable to the new contract. 



When your Cell C contract expires, you have the option to continue with the same contract that you have used and possibly adjusted your spending to. However, the company encourages you to upgrade your device, and contract. Please ensure that the new device and contract you are being encouraged to take will not result in a strain on your finances and that you will easily be able to pay for it.