How to Cancel Cell C Contract

Cell C has made it easy for customers to change between contracts as their circumstances change, and also to cancel contracts as the need may arise. That means users can cancel any contract at any time. There are several ways through which a customer could cancel a contract on Cell C.

How to Cancel Cell C Contract

Option 1 Via Website;

  • Goto Cell C website
  • Login your details
  • On the dashboard, go to Current Contracts, and Subscriptions
  • Click On Contract
  • Select Cancel

Option 2 Via App

  • Download Cell C mobile App from App Store
  • Install
  • Login
  • Select Cancel Contract

Option 3 Via Phone Call

  • Dial 084 143
  • Select option 2
  • Call goes to the cancellation department
  • Cancel a contract

How to Cancel Cell C Contract In Details

You can do so by either going to the website, on your browser, and log in with your details. Thereafter you come to the dashboard, where you will see your current contracts and subscriptions. Then you click on the contract and select cancel.  

You can also cancel a contract on the Cell C app in a similar way as you would do it on the website. If you have already downloaded the app from play store, and install it on your mobile smartphone, then log in as usual, (make sure your data is turned on). After you log in you can then cancel the contract from your dashboard.

You can also cancel your Cell C contract via a phone call to their customer care office. Dial 084 143 and select option 2, which goes to the cancellation department; explain to them that you wish to cancel a contract. They should take it from there.

You can also walk into any Cell C store, and ask the attendants to help with your cell c contract cancellation. 

If there are no funds on your card at the time of the charge cycle the contract will also be cancelled, although that may be inconvenient to you in other ways. Cell C is committed to making communication easy and affordable for everyone. 

Yes, that is just how to cancel a contract on the Cell C network. However, on the Cell C official website, it states that customers who wish to cancel their contracts should just let them know 5 days before the card debit date which is on the 25th of every month. That way the company does not create a bill for you for the incoming month, and so your bank card will not be charged. That means that the bill will not be created for future months as well because the cell c contract cancellation is then cancelled. So you see, there are no cancellation fees attached to the contracts, but there is a bit of a waiting period.

You may then sign up for another contract if you wish. Let us tell you how to choose a contract on Cell C network. 

How To Choose another Cell C Contract

The first place to start is to go online with your phone or computer and visit the Cell C website which we have stated above. You can also do this with the app if you have downloaded it already. If not just go to the play store and download it, and then install it on your smartphone.

Once you get to the Cell C website or app you will be met with the different contracts, as well as promotional offers. When you have decided on what contract you want, you can click on it. The system will then require you to log in.

There are two main types of contracts: Smart Data is for those that use a heavy amount of data, while Pinnacle contracts are for the more balanced users- people who need voice calls, data, and even SMS equally. The contracts are different and suitable for almost every pocket. We have talk more about Cell C contracts in the previous article.

When you select the contract you want and then log in, you will be required to provide your card details so that you can be charged for the contract.

Please note that cards are charged on the 25th of every month, and you get your full subscription value on the 1st of the next month.

However, if you sign up for a new contract before the 25th, your first payment is a pro-rated percentage of the full amount, based on the number of days remaining in that particular month. That means instead of you to pay R269 for the first month for a Pinnacle Contract (as you are supposed to) you would only pay a percentage of that amount, like R100 or R150, depending on the particular date on which you registered.

 However, if you happen to sign up for a new contract for the first time after the 25th of that month,  you will pay for the remaining days that month and next month’s full amount, so instead of R269 for the Pinnacle Contract, you would pay just a little more. But there is nothing to worry about, you would be charged the normal amount in the subsequent months, and the service speaks for itself.

 If you are a new customer, the best part is that the company will credit you back for the time it takes to deliver and activate your SIM.

When can you cancel a Cell C contract?

30 days’ notice to Cell C is required to cancel the Cell C contract.



Cell C has so many stores all over South Africa, and so you can just walk into any one of the stores and make further enquires about whatever you need. The contract cancellation process with this network is simple and straightforward, but it would be a big surprise to see people opting to cancel Cell C contracts and leave such a good service provider.

Cell C is one communications network company that is fast growing in popularity, especially among the younger generation. The company has many promotional offers and deals with which it is steadily growing in popularity. Cell C main contracts are the Smart Contracts, and the Pinnacle Contracts, for heavy data users, and balanced users respectively.  

As we mentioned in a previous article, Cell C does not attempt to lock in customers by forcing them to take long term subscriptions, which can be as high as 2 years in some networks. Instead, Cell C gives its customers a very good experience with quality service that helps customers choose to stay on the network.

That being said, customers who think they can get a better deal elsewhere, or who just wish to change experience are quite free to cancel their contracts at any time, without attracting any penalties. If you wish to cancel your Cell C contract then this is what you need to know.