How to Convert Airtime to Data on Telkom (2023)

Telkom is the largest mobile network operator in South Africa. The company which is registered as Telkom SA SOC Ltd was a state-owned wire-line telephone monopoly company but has transformed into South Africa’s leading (by subscriber base) provider of voice and data wireless communications solutions.

The company is semi-privatized and is expanding every day. Aside from being a mega telecommunications company in South Africa, Telkom is also a Multinational telecommunications company with a business presence in over 38 countries across Africa. 

Telkom has succeeded because it has focused on providing cheap and affordable products and services to its teeming subscribers.

Many Telkom subscribers continue to ask how they can convert airtime (calling minutes) to data, after all, everything we do nowadays is done via internet services, and so data is becoming even more important than airtime. The following paragraphs detail how to convert airtime to data on Telkom the step-by-step procedure.

How to Convert Telkom Airtime to Data

Step 1 – Dial *180#

Step 2 Click 1 Bundle Purchase from the options

Step 3 Click 1 from the options (data bundles)

Step 4 Click (1 to 7 ) from the list (choose the amount)

Step 5 Click 1 to Confirm

Converting Airtime to data is the oldest trick in the book, the oldest method to purchase airtime, and arguably the most convenient method of doing so. To do this you first have to have airtime on your phone. For the benefit of first-time users, let us describe that process first before going on to pour core subject.

The most popular way of getting airtime is to buy from vendors scattered across the country. You pay them cash and they give you the value of money in airtime. Vendors may give you a voucher with a PIN (a set of numbers on it) you then dial *188*PIN# and then press send. The value of the voucher card will then display on your screen.

Alternatively, the vendor may just receive the cash from you and then take your phone number. He will then do an electronic top-up for you, in which case the value of the cash will be automatically put into your phone.

Please make the vendor understands that you are buying airtime for a Telkom line; most vendors sell vouchers for several mobile networks.

Now that You have Airtime

After getting airtime, the next thing is to use that airtime to purchase data. To do this you just have to dial 180* and press send. Then a number of options will appear on your screen for you to choose from. From the available options, you should then select buy data, the expiry time, and the value. Please remember not to select an option that is above the value of airtime that you have on your phone.

When you select the option, you should then receive an SMS alerting you of the data purchase, and also giving you further details such as the expiry time, and type of data plan (speed, and usage time {morning or night}) 

 That is how you convert airtime to data on the Telkom network. But there are other means via which you may get data on your phone. Some of them are really quite easy. We discuss them below.

Buy from the Website

Another easy way to purchase data is to get it directly from the Telkom interactive website. The website is built to solve any issues that you may encounter while using their service. Buying data is an important issue.

The first thing you do at the website is to register. The registration process is very easy and convenient. 

Once you have registered on the website, and have your username and password, you are enabled to perform basic customer service tasks such as buying data, managing subscriptions, and redeeming vouchers.

When you log in to the Telkom website, you see a multitude of options from which you can choose. You should then select the option to purchase a Data Plan. You will then see different data plans to choose from; they are often differentiated by the expiration times, period of use (morning or night), and the value of the data in question (2GB, 4GB, 10GB, and so on).

After selecting the data you want, you will then be taken to the payment page where you will be prompted to make payment for the data you have just bought.

Buy from the Telkom App

The Telkom App is another convenient way to make purchases on your Telkom line. The app is like a compact version of the website, compatible with your android, windows, and IOS phones, easy to carry about, and pleasant to use.

The first step of course is to download the app on the play store. After downloading, you then install and register on the app. After registering, you may then log in with the registration details you have provided.

When you open the app you are met with different options including purchase airtime and purchase data. 

Since you want to purchase data, that is the option that you should select. Thereafter, you should see several options that show you different data bundles available. They are differentiated by the expiry times, and size of the data bundles.

You will then be required to choose a method of payment. You may select the option to pay from the airtime you have available on your phone or to pay from your bank. After you select the option you want, you are required to confirm the payment. As long as you have sufficient money in your airtime or account balance then you should receive a notification of the data purchase.

What Else can you do with the App?

With the Telkom Mobile App, you can also perform other functions such as buying airtime, sending airtime to family and friends, gifting data to other Telkom users, changing voice plans, and so on. The app is user-friendly, and the prompts to perform most of the functions are similar to one another. For example, if you wanted to send airtime to a friend you just log in to the app, then select the option buy airtime, then buy airtime for a friend.

From there you will be directed to input the person’s Telkom number. If you wanted to buy data for a friend all you would have to do is select the option to buy data, and then a familiar set of prompts would appear, such as you would see when performing the first action.



As the largest Telecommunications provider in South Africa, Telkom is always working to improve customer experience; by pioneering new ways for customers to interact with the network, and perform simple tasks.

Telkom is also known for putting the affordability of products and services at the forefront, therefore ensuring that it continues to be one of the largest communications companies on the continent.