How To Get A No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval In South Africa

Sometimes, a loan can make all the difference in a terribly embarrassing situation. Life is unpredictable and throws challenges at us when we least expect it. Confident that the bad times will not last forever, we can quickly raise funds to deal with the situation, and then pay back as soon as we are on our feet.

When time is a factor to consider, and you cannot wait for the normal process of getting a loan from your bank, including credit checks and the likes, a quick loan becomes the only alternative. How can one fulfill financial commitments on time, and so avoid the backlog of problems that it can cause? How one can get a no credit check loan guaranteed approval in South Africa, Where can one get quick and easy loans without the hassle of a credit check?  

In this post, I outline opportunities through which one could get no credit check loan guaranteed approval in South Africa; from payday loans and short-term loans to personal and car finance. One thing being that is constant is the fact that the terms are usually short; after all, you just need this money to solve an issue urgently. Having taken care of it, you should be back on your feet. 

How To Get A No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval In South Africa

Quick loans from a local bank

Banks are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of money. Especially, among the working class, they may be the easiest sources of credit at times when commitments are many and one has exhausted his earnings. 

One benefit of borrowing from your bank is that you already have a financial history with them, and as such there will be no need to register or fill too many forms. Furthermore, you have already probably domiciled your earnings with the bank, and so when the issue clears up, or when next you get paid, the bank can simply take back the loaned amount from your account without you having to pass through any additional processes in order to return the funds. 

Yes, almost every bank has some kind of overdraft or lending facilities, but the problem is that most banks want to lend to some kind of customer. They generally prefer those with a high credit rating. Nevertheless, you can get easy loan facilities, without much hassle from the following banks:


Find out about the personal loans at the official webpage of the bank for that purpose:

Website: › home › personal-loans 

FNB Quick Loans

Find out more about the FNB personal loans at the bank website:


Sanlam – Personal Loans 

Find out more about Sanlam Personal Loans: 

Website: › personalloans › Pages

Old Mutual

Find out more about the Old Mutual loans:


Capitec Bank

Find out more about the Capitec global one term loan:

Website: › global-one › term-loan


Credit card Loans

If you have a credit card on hand, and you have a business account, it is also possible to overdraw your account directly at an ATM as well as make payments online or in-store.

Please contact your bank to find out if this service is available, and if it is open to your specific account type. 

Over Draw Your Account through Mobile App

It is possible to make an overdraft on your account in South Africa using your mobile app. The following banks allow you use this facility:

Standard Bank 

Phone: 01 270 9676


Phone: 009 27 11 371 3711 


Phone: 012 674 7242


Phone: 0860 444 000

Please note that this loan facility, while quick and easy does not usually allow large sums of money as loans and that the amount you are allowed to overdraw differ from person to person, depending on what the bank believes you can easily repay.

You can contact the banks with the information provided next to the bank names, but here is a brief explanation of how the process usually works.

Of course, you must already have an account with the bank, and you must have operated it for about 6 months at the minimum. This will allow you to have sufficient transaction history for the bank to determine your total monthly cash flow.

You will have to then download the bank app from the play store, or Apple Store, depending on what kind of mobile phone you use. After downloading, you must then install the app. 

Open the app, and then register a profile. Login with your details to see your dashboard. You can then see your accounts. When you click on your account you will see the balance. You can then apply for an overdraft. The system will tell you how much you are eligible to overdraw. 

There may be small differences from bank to bank, but that is generally how it works.

Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

A Home Equity loan or Home Equity line of credit essentially allows you to borrow against the value of your house. Even when you have not paid up the entire sum of your mortgage as agreed with your bank, you can still borrow against your paid capital.

However, this should only be a last resort, even if you are trying to make a down payment for another house. Please consider carefully the possible consequences of using your house as collateral for a loan- the enormity of this move should not be taken lightly.

Anyway, this option is not very popular; the percentage of South Africans who enter into mortgage agreements with banks is very small.

If this is an option you wish to consider then talk to your bank about it.

Quick Unsecured Third Party Loans

This type of loan is steadily becoming more and more popular in South Africa. They are basically given by loan companies who seek to fill the gap created by the banks’ lack of interest in providing quick unsecured loans. Because they generally do not collect any form of collateral many people flock to these lenders or quick loans.

Their mode of operation is quite similar; the first amount they give to a person is usually small, and the person is not allowed to borrow any more money until he has cleared up his initial debt. After paying the first loan the applicant is immediately able to borrow again; this time a higher amount of money.

Some lenders in this category are:

RCS Loans

Website: › loans

Loans Direct


EasyCash Loans


Capfin loans




Debt Loans


Please note that these kinds of quick loans usually charge a higher interest rate than banks overdrafts and loans with collateral. This is because there is no collateral involved, and so the risk to the lender is quite high.

Title loans

With title loans you can have the loan you want quite easily. Some lenders even say they can have the money deposited in your account within one hour, but you have to place an asset down as collateral. The asset is usually your car.

In some cases the car is not taken from you; its still yours to drive. But if you fail to repay the loan at the agreed time, then the vehicle is taken from you.

Please keep in mind that you will also pay an interest for this loan type as well. However, the interest might not be as high as those in the category highlighted above.

Some lenders in this category include:

Capital Pawn


Phone Contact: +27 11 440 7881



Phone Contact: +27 86 111 2866

Cash Quick Auto


Phone Contact: +27 79 740 4156

Gllob South Africa 






A person would only be looking for a no credit check loan guaranteed approval in South Africa if he has a bad credit history. While there are indeed options through which you can get finance, it is important to ensure that you borrow responsibly so as not to worsen your financial situation. This can very easily happen when one makes it a habit to borrow money on a whim, and make purchases of things he cannot afford or does not even need.

Wisdom requires that you consider your spending habits very carefully; the most common reason why people are broke is not that they are lazy or unproductive; it is usually because they spend more than they earn.

A good way of ensuring that you do not become financially ruined is to stop buying everything with the swipe of a card. Most impulse purchases made in malls and online end up being things that one does not need. Apart from being wasteful, such a spending habit can quickly become addictive, and lead to financial problems. Every month, endeavor to make a budget before you start spending. Always ensure you only spend money on things you really need.

Loans  can help one take advantage of opportunities as they come. However, heavy reliance on loans as a part of normal life can spell financial trouble if left unchecked.