FNB Easy Account Fees (2023)

Banking does not have to be difficult; and that is the idea behind the FNB easy account, coming from the oldest and most experienced bank in South Africa. 

What is the FNB Easy Account?

The FNB Easy Account is designed for young people above the age of 18. This is a cheque account and has very small monthly fees ranging from R0.00 to R65.00. This account is great for your daily transactions. 

FNB Easy Account Fees & Charges

FNB Easy Account Fees ranges from R0.00 to R65.00 

FNB Account Fees Type Smart Account Pay As You Earn Account
Monthly Account Fee R62.00 R4.95
ATM Withdrawal Fee R2.30 per every R100.00 R7.00 per every R1000.00
Till Withdrawal Fee
R0.00 R0.00
Withdrawals at other Bank R120 + R2.30 per R100.00 R120 + R2.30 per R100.00
Cash deposit at FNB ATMs fees R0.00 R1.30 per R100.00
Internal debit order fee R0.00 R0.00
External debit order fee Unlimited at no charge R3.50

Since your bank charges will depend on your spending, you just have to choose the bank account type that suits your spending habits. If you are a person who spends a lot then you should choose the pay as you earn account, while if you are concentrating on saving up, you could go for the Smart account. Furthermore, the Pay as you use account incurs low monthly added fees if you reduce spending.

If you would like benefits that can help you plan your financial future, and you want benefits that take care of your communication needs, you could choose the FNB Easy Account Smart option. 

Types Of FNB Easy account (Three Options)

FNB Pay As You Use

Pay As You Use Account from FNB is an Easy Account that is designed for day to day use with reduced cash and withdrawal fees. The FNB Pay As You Use Account charges a very small fee whenever the account is used. The monthly service charge for this type of account is just R4.95. This kind of account is suitable for those customers who do not use their accounts very often. With this account, you don’t get charged as much because you don’t use the account as much. 

FNB Zero Monthly Fee Account

The Zero Monthly Fee Account from FNB is a no-fee bank account. What that actually means is that the bank does not charge you a monthly fee. This account targets students and is designed to encourage them to save money in the long term. What is more; the interest rates are quite good. This account affords customers the opportunity to buy data and airtime for free on the FNB app.

FNB Easy Account smart

The Easy Account Smart from FNB is another account under the FNB Easy account name. This account gives you more benefits- it’s actually hard to believe that this is an entry-level account designed for beginners. Some of the benefits of this account include 24/7 medical advice, legal and financial coaching, and so on. You also get 10 free electronic transactions, Free savings account. This account will also help your communication needs: they give you a SIM, and then you get 80MB data, 30 voice minutes, and 30 SMS every month. The account comes with a monthly charge of R59.00. 


What type of account is FNB easy account?

It’s a cheque account and has very small monthly fees ranging from R0.00 to R65.00. This account is great for your daily transactions. This account is a first-tier account but targeted at the younger people in society, who perhaps earn between R1000 to R7000, giving you an easy check account for making day-to-day transactions, with only minimal fees ranging from R0.00 to R65.00.   

It is, therefore, no surprise that this has become one of the most popular bank accounts in the country at the moment, with so many enquiries and so many sign-ups per month. 

What does FNB Easy Account offer?

Fast Loans

With the FNB Easy Account you can get access to loans easily. The Easy Account loans are approved in minutes upon application.

As a matter of fact you can even apply for loans and get them approved using the FNB mobile app. More so, you don’t even need to pass through any hassles; you can apply for loans without any documentation. The app will actually display the amount you are qualified to receive, and then you can apply. These loans may not be huge sums, depending on your monthly savings and spends.

Funeral plan

This account also gives you the benefit of a funeral plan. The plan covers up to R400,000.00 and will cover both you and your spouse if married. Claims are processed as soon as the necessary documents are provided.

How Much does an FNB account Cost?

FNB Easy Accounts are free to open, and the procedure is very easy as well. The only expenses involved as regards FNB Easy Accounts are the charges that are incurred with operating them. Those charges have been outlined in the table above.

What do I need to open an this account?

FNB Easy Account Requirements

Of course, there are some requirements that must be met before you can get an FNB Easy account. Yes, these requirements are minimal, but they are strict because it is important for the bank to know exactly who they are dealing with. You will therefore need the following documentation. 

 Proof of identity: this could be a certified birth certificate, a drivers’ license, or equivalent documentation such as a national identity card.

 Proof of address: The bank will also require the prospective account opener to give a utility bill or any other valid proof of address. If the utility bill is not made out in your name, then the person in whose name the bill is made out should provide an affidavit stating that you indeed do reside in the residence.

Other requirements may be communicated to you at the branch.

The following are important things to note about FNB Easy Accounts:

 You will get to make free Transfers & Scheduled Transfers via the Online, FNB Banking App.

 You will be able to easily migrate to the gold account and thus get more benefits.

 You will not pay any charges on debit order stop when using the internet and mobile app banking.

You will be able to make free FNB Connect Airtime Purchases via Online or mobile channels. 

You can easily view your spend history, and see historical statements online.

 You will be able to use the Ewallet service without any monthly fee.

 You will be able to choose the exact account type that suits you due to your spending habits, and long-term goals. 

 You can choose the Easy Zero Account. 

Things you must be aware of regarding the FNB Easy Account: 

 Charges of R8. 50 are applicable per unsuccessful transaction.

 These accounts charge an amount for balance enquiry if assisted by an FNB consultant.

 These accounts charge for additional bank statements in a month.

 These accounts charge for linked accounts transfer if assisted by a consultant. 

For More Information, check fnb.co.za/savings-account/easy-account.html



These FNB Easy Accounts are great options for day to day management of money. Apart from managing money; you also get security and peace of mind. Furthermore, these are cheque accounts so you can make third-party payments. You can get a funeral plan, have access to instant loans and overdrafts, and have your bank take care of your communication needs.