Diesel Jeans Prices In South Africa (2023)

Diesel is in the business of making nice products like clothing, jeans, and accessories. This global brand has been around for many years now and has proven to be an innovative company that is doing well in the global market.

With a good presence in South Africa, South Africans can buy diesel jeans with ease, even online from the comfort of their homes. Diesel jeans prices in South Africa are from anything between R 2120 to R 8399.

How Much Is Diesel Jeans In South Africa?

Diesel jeans prices in South Africa is from anything between R 2120 to R 8399 on average. The amount you pay for particular diesel jeans is dependent on the type and model.

Here are popular diesel jeans as well as their prices:

1. BLUE Straight Jeans – 1995 – R 5999
2. BLUE Bootcut and Flare Jeans – 1969 D-EBBEY – R 3419
3. GREY Tapered Jeans – 2005 D-FINING – R 4399
4. WHITE Bootcut and Flare Jeans – 1969 D-EBBEY – R 2399
5. GREY Bootcut and Flare Jeans – 1978 – R 3079
6. BLUE Skinny Jeans – 1979 SLEENKER – R 4,199

It should be noted that irrespective of the type of diesel jeans you are getting, you can always be assured of quality. The brand doesn’t just slap huge prices on jeans just for the sake of it. As far as it is a diesel jean, you won’t bother with the quality.

You can always browse through its wide range of jeans, enjoying the diesel experience too in South Africa. It is a nice thing to note that the brand has experienced great growth in recent times and has been able to emerge as a prominent pioneer in denim in the market of premium casual wear in different parts of the world.

Diesel as a brand is not merely all about luxury and reputation, but you can also expect high-quality products that are classy too.

Why Are Diesel Jeans Expensive In South Africa

Diesel jeans are not only expensive just in South Africa, but also in different parts of the world. The brand is a premium one and is known for selling products in a different class. The company targets certain fashion lovers, giving them the option to embrace class and quality.

If you are passionate about fashion in South Africa, and you can afford these things, you can consider buying them. However, there are several other brands selling cheaper jeans that are also of good quality in South Africa. You can patronize any of them and you will still like the product.

More Facts About Diesel In South Africa

These are more facts you should know about diesel as a brand.

1. The diesel brand has been around for so many years now, created by Renzo Rosso. He has the ambition to see to it that his brand would stand for passion as well as self-expression. He aimed at bringing a revolution to what is available then, and it is interesting to know that the aim of the brand is yet to change.

2. The brand makes thousands of items every season, flourishing on change. It gives great attention to innovation and allows everyone to see its creative freedom.

3. The brand believes it is not just all about denim, but a lifestyle. There is the well-known Diesel, then Diesel Black Gold, as well as Diesel Kid. The brand partners with other prominent companies to make different types of accessories too.

4. Diesel is in partnership with Fossil to produce watches and jewelry, and a lot has been made too, being sold in different markets and loved by numerous people in different parts of the world.

5. Diesel works with Marcolin to make eyewear which is in a good class in itself. These are superb items, and many have been sold.

6. Diesel also works with the likes of L’Oréal to make nice fragrances that smell very nice. It is in partnership with AGV to make helmets, which many will feel comfortable buying since they are dealing with a brand that has a famous reputation.

7. Diesel works with Monster to make headphones, as well as with other prominent companies like Pinarello (to make bikes), Bugaboo (to make strollers), and many more.

8. The founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso, has expanded his reach, and now chairs the famous OTB group. Only For the Brave is the parent company that presides over Diesel, as well as other brands like Maison Margiela.

9. The Italian entrepreneur has proven himself to be good at what he does in business. The brands under OTB are very famous, selling their stuff in different markets around the world. Diesel is not the only brand under OTB that is given to innovation and excellence. Others are also unique and strong with ambitions. The products they make usually impact the manner their consumers see themselves

In Conclusion

Diesel jeans prices in South Africa is from anything between R 3999 to R 6999 on average. There are different types of jeans that are produced by the company. The type you desire to buy will determine the price you will pay. While some are costlier than others, you can be sure of buying nothing but quality products as far as it is from diesel.

The company is directed by folks who are passionate about fashion and are visionaries with skills. They are expanding the scope of lifestyle, providing different things to different people from different places in the world.

The company has a presence in South Africa too and is being patronized by folks who have an interest in fashion. While not everyone is interested in paying huge money for diesel jeans, those who can afford them are easily buying.