Where To Sell Mandela Coins In Pretoria (2023)

Collecting certain coins in South Africa is not just a hobby, but an investment that can yield beyond your expectations. Mandela coins are very valuable in Pretoria and prominent in SA, as they are rare and significant. What many folks are not aware of is where to sell their Mandela coins.

Yes, these are places in Pretoria where you can sell them for a pretty sum. Amazingly, selling your Mandela coins in this part of the world is not quite tough, as one can always take advantage of certain platforms to advertise one’s desire to sell them. We can always take advantage of technology to sell stuff to folks around our area and territory without having to go through strenuous stress.

Where To Sell Mandela Coins In Pretoria

1. OLX 

You can swiftly get buyers for your Mandela coins from Pretoria when you utilize the platform called OLX. There are folks around interested in buying the coins and are even waiting to find you. Since OLX is quite massive (the website is available in plenty of countries), you should easily find buyers in Pretoria.

OLX is a leader in the business of classified ads, with a presence in South African too. Anyone can utilize the platform to buy and sell different things, and your Mandela coins are not exempted.

The platform was established to allow anyone to post free ads of whatever they want to sell. It connects buyers and sellers, helping both achieve their intentions. You have a platform to sell your Mandela coins, as you can easily advertise them on the site. You will then attract interested folks from your vicinity via the ads.

You are to first create an account on OLX to get started, and then start selling. Using the “Sell your item” tab, you will be invited to a page where you can start creating your ads. You will choose a category and then add a title. You are to also add a detailed description of your Mandela coins and also complete seller information. 

As a seller on OLX, you should also upload clear photos of what you are offering and proceed to add your details. When people see your ad, they can easily contact you and get into the procedure to purchase the Mandela coins. Using the platform is free and easy. You can start enjoying its quick features as soon as possible.


2. Junk Mail

If you want to sell your Mandela coins in Pretoria, you can also do so by using Junk Mail. Here is a large platform as far as classified advertising is concerned, and anyone can easily add a free ad on it to sell their stuff (as far as it is acceptable and legal).

Selling your coins on Junk Mail is straightforward if you know what you are doing. You should only open the website and click on “Place a free ad”. You are to choose the appropriate section and category, as well as location. After you have done that, simply go ahead to upload the pictures of your Mandela coins. Interested buyers will be able to have a visual view of what they want to buy and they can be easily persuaded to contact you. That means, if you do everything properly while registering your ads, just wait for such people to start messaging you about the coins.

You might receive a quick offer or might just have to wait for a while before you will start getting notifications from those that wants the coins in Pretoria. 


3. Bidorbuy

You can also sell your coins to those in Pretoria on Bidorbuy. The famous platform is an online shopping site that allows anyone to sell items through both fixed prices and auctions. 

It is easy to list one’s items on Bidorbuy free of charge, although one has to pay a little commission as soon as the sale is complete. As long as your stuff is appropriate, you can list it on the platform and start selling.

The process too is simple and easy. Just open the site and click on “Sell an item”. You will have to create an account on the website and register as a seller before you can get going. Once you are good, you should then create a listing for what you are going to sell – in this case, your Mandela coins.

Ensure you are around and available to give replies to queries from potential customers, as they will start showing interest as they spot your listing. You should then wait to receive their orders. 

It should also be added that one of the nice things about using Bidorbuy to sell your coins is that payment is made directly to the platform. This means you won’t have to be bothered about dealing with unreliable buyers in your bid to sell your Mandela coins. You should however have in mind that you are to pay them a small commission. Wisdom then demands that when setting your price, you should consider the commission.


4. eBay 

This is an online marketplace where anyone can sell their stuff through auctions and customer-to-customer sales. The platform has been around for many years now, and you can still utilize it to sell your Mandela coins in Pretoria.

As a seller, you have to start the bid at a specific price, and those interested in buying will bid for them until the auction closes at the end of a particular number of days. Of course, the highest bidder goes home with the item. 

If you don’t want to go through that route, you can also use the “Buy it now” listing where a seller can set a fixed price. After doing this, you are to simply wait for a buyer to come along and get the business going.


In conclusion, there are actually several other places one can sell Mandela coins in Pretoria. However, you can always utilize any of these platforms anytime you want, as they are usually effective and efficient