Balenciaga Sneakers Prices In South Africa (2023)

Balenciaga is a global brand that many fashion lovers can easily identify with. These guys have a penchant for making sophisticated sneakers (amongst others) and have been around for many years now. While their products are usually pretty expensive, customers still give the brand priority over others.

Balenciaga sneakers prices in South Africa start from R 1 600 and the most expensive ones can be bought for R 6 500. There are different types of Balenciaga Sneakers, and they also come at different prices.

How Much Is Balenciaga Sneakers Price In South Africa?

The price of Balenciaga Sneakers starts from R 1 600, and you can get a more expensive one for R 6 500. There are different types of sneakers from this brand, and they are sold for different amounts too.

These are the popular Balenciaga shoes you can buy in South Africa, as well as how much they cost:

1. Balenciaga Speed Trainers

The Balenciaga Speed Trainers is the cheapest on the lane, as you can get it for just R1 600

2. Balenciaga Sneakers

You can get the original Balenciaga Sneakers in South Africa for just R2 000.

3. Speed Trainer Balenciaga Socks

If you can afford the Speed Trainer Balenciaga Socks, then you should be ready to pay R3,500 to own one.

4. Balenciaga neon green sneakers

Balenciaga neon green sneakers are even cooler. However, you should be set to pay R3 499 for this.

5. Designer Balenciaga Groovy Camo Sock Speed Trainers

If you can afford something that is even more stylish and cool, then go for the Designer Balenciaga Groovy Camo Sock Speed Trainers that costs R 3 699.

6. Balenciaga Triple S clear sole Daddy Sneaker

If you even need something that is very flashy, then you may want to buy the Balenciaga Triple S clear sole Daddy Sneaker. This will can be gotten with R 4 000.

7. Iconic Balenciaga heels with gems

If you are very sophisticated and you want to draw attention to your feet while walking, you may want to go for the Iconic Balenciaga heels with gems, which go for R6 500.

The bottom line is, the amount you pay for a balenciaga shoe is dependent on the type you want to get. Although, even the cheapest balenciaga shoe is still a lot for some people.

Avoiding Fake Balenciaga Shoes In South Africa

Top fashion brands have to deal with certain issues, particularly pertaining to folks making counterfeits of their products and selling them as the original. This is because not everyone can easily spot and identify the original one at a glance.

Therefore, popular models like the Balenciaga Triple S can be made by someone else and sold like the original. This of course won’t go well with the brand. And on the part of the buyers, they have to be on their watches in ensuring they are paying for the main thing and not a counterfeit.

How can you prevent yourself from buying a fake balenciaga shoe in South Africa? You must ensure you are careful when it comes to taking time to observe certain features when you want to buy your balenciaga shoe. With good observations, you can always easily differentiate between fake and real Balenciaga Sneakers.

First of all, take a look at the lace holes. There is something unique about the features of the original, as they are carefully and meticulously made by the company. Look at the logo embroidery carefully, and also consider the back of the shoes.

Before you pay for the balenciaga shoe you are buying, make sure you check the sole, the containing box, and the dust bag, amongst others. It is also helpful to take out time to check models of products you want to buy online for useful tips on how to know it is real.

And while we can keep giving different tips (and while you can even come across several tips online), the fact remains that some people are not always lucky or careful enough. Therefore, the best thing to do is to see if you can buy from official retailers of high-end products.

These authorized resellers have a reputation, as this is what they thrive on. Therefore, the only thing they sell here is quality. You won’t have to bother with buying a counterfeit balenciaga shoe at these stores.

One of the several advantages of buying from authorized retailers is that when you do so and something went wrong like in the case of getting the product in a bad shape, you can always return it will ease and they will either give you a better one, or you get your money back. Irrespective of where you are, they will get the product shipped to you.

Therefore, if you are not confident that you can identify a real Balenciaga shoe, then it is helpful to save yourself from disappointment by simply buying from an official retailer of Balenciaga products that is well known and authorized. One of such is the Balenciaga Boutique.

In Conclusion

Balenciaga sneakers prices in South Africa start from R 1 600 and the most expensive one can be bought for R 6 500. Also known as tennis shoes or trainers, one thing is sure – quality. This is because, the brand is one with a global reputation, and it has been thriving on the strength of class.

So, if you are buying a balenciaga product, you should know you will be paying for class, and it won’t come too cheap. Don’t forget that it is a luxury-brand name in the class of the likes of Versace and Gucci. The brand has its own set of customers who loves what it stands for.

Finally, from the comfort of your home, you can order a genuine balenciaga shoe online and get it delivered to you with ease. Authorized retailers have online stores where you can simply select any Balenciaga product you desire.