Baling Machine Prices In South Africa (2023)

A baling machine is a very important agricultural tool that is utilized in making bales of hay among others. There are those tools that are also used for baling recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, and so on.

Baling machine prices in South Africa cost between R 100 000 and over R1 million, depending on the type you are going for. The major factor to consider before settling for a baling machine is what you want to use it for.

How Much Is A Baling Machine In South Africa?

You will get a ferrous baler between R 180 000 to R 1 000 000 depending on the type you want to get. They come in different models and are not in the same class, though they serve similar purposes.

On the other hand, if you are going to get a mainstream high-production baler, you should be ready to use between R 100 000 and R 750 000 depending on what you are going for. However, there are some mainstream high-production balers that are more expensive than these prices.

Basically, the type of baling machine you should settle for should be dependent upon what you want to use it for.

All You Should Know About Baling Machines In South Africa

1. A baling machine is a piece of very strong equipment that is used for pivotal purposes. It is a big steel chamber with a pressing plate that moves up and down to press the material inside.

Due to the configurations, the press makes thick bales that are then taken by waste collection organizations that then take them to recycling companies for different purposes.

There is a good use of baler in agriculture too (also known as hay baler). This is a piece of strong equipment that is utilized to compress a cut and raked crop into compact size bales. This can be cotton hay flax straw amongst others. The equipment makes bales that are easy to transport and use for various purposes.

2. There are horizontal balers that you can get in South Africa to suit certain purposes. These are industrial recycling tools that are used for compressing waste materials into mill-sized bales. To buy this, you will need at least R 20 000. Of course, there are certain tools that are much more costly than this, depending on what you want to get, which is based on your priority.

3. There are certain differences between a baler and a compactor, and you shouldn’t mix them up (both of them are strong machines for compressing the size of the materials getting processed).

However, while balers are majorly utilized when it comes to processing recyclables, compactors on the other hand will help you reduce trash volume.

You should think of balers as revolving around recycling (since these tools are used in the recycling process). While they are of different types, we should note that they all work in the same way.

You can use a baler for recyclable stuff such as paper products, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and so on.

4. Certain works require simply a square baler. You can get a good one from R 500 to R2 500. For instance, if a person has a small farm, they can easily get a square baler and use them with ease. You have different options and can buy the one that can flow with your needs.

The square baler can be used by an individual, as it can work on compressing the hay into a packed bale that is weighing around 38 or 40 pounds.

You don’t have to get a larger baler if you can simply make use of a small baler. There are various types of balers that you can buy and use in a small setting. You can buy some of the most dependable and productive balers out there and take advantage of their different features for your purposes.

If you want to be economically, you can buy some of the smallest hay balers around. There are the very small ones with only 59 inches (very narrow balers the compact square baler class).

5. It is important to know when to start baling after leaving hay to dry. Many times, you have to wait for like three days before your hay gets dried. It is easier when it is a period of good weather with good sun. Nevertheless, if otherwise, then you can mow just before or right after a rain.

6. There is a warehouse baler that can be beneficial to warehouses when it comes to compressing their loose waste or recyclable materials.

A lot of commercial centers use stuff like cardboard, paper, plastic, and so on. Rather than constituting a nuisance with them, you can always easily manage your waste handling process and get more done with balers.

7. There are plastic balers that work very well for compressing plastic waste into dense and compact bales. These things are recycling tools that make it very easy for organizations to store and dispose of unwanted plastic materials.

8. Vertical balers are beneficial when it comes to vertical waste. They operate in the vertical direction, due to their configuration. These machines can compress and process the waste material vertically the way you want it to be. If you want to work on the likes of cardboards, pet bottles, and so on, vertical balers are great for the job.

In Conclusion

Baling machine prices in South Africa cost between R 100 000 and over R1 million, depending on the type you are going for. The one you will get will be determined by the job you want to see done. You can get big ones that are very expensive, depending on what you want to use them for.

There are cheaper balers you can buy if you need something very small that can be used in a small space. These machines are used to recycle waste materials like corrugated cardboard, PET plastics, and so on.