Where To Sell Mandela Coins In Johannesburg (2023)

Owning a coin is more than a hobby in South Africa. It is an investment that can grow into something mind-blowing after a while. And it is general knowledge in the country that Mandela coins are part of the most valuable and prominent coins around. Some people have some of these coins but don’t know where or how to sell them.

In this article, I listed where to sell Mandela coins in Johannesburg and needed information. Incredibly, as you will get to see, it is very easy to take advantage of technology to sell your Mandela coins to folks around your area and territory.

Where To Sell Mandela Coins In Johannesburg

1. Ananzi

This is a prominent online classifieds platform in South Africa that you can utilize to sell your Mandela coins to folks in Johannesburg, and even beyond your immediate territory. They offer ad services to sellers that are interested in selling to advertise online, and they have been around for some time now.

Ananzi is a platform that even provides consultancy on ad placement for those that want to take a step further. Anything reasonable can be sold on the platform – and we all know how reasonable Mandela coins are. Of course, since it was established, many people have successfully sell their stuff via the platform. 

So, if you have some Mandela coins to sell, simply go-ahead to the platform to get started. On the website, you will see the place to initiate the process of making an ad. After clicking on it, you will see a form that you have to fill. Sure, not everything can be allowed on the platform, as they won’t allow the advertisement of dangerous things. Nevertheless, Mandela coins are legal, and selling is also legal. Hence, you shouldn’t have problems wanting to sell your Mandela coins to anyone in Johannesburg on Ananzi.

Eventually, you will be contacted by an Ananzi agent with further instructions on the next steps to take. Since the platform is a big one, it shouldn’t take a very long time before you will start receiving notifications from interested buyers that can purchase your Mandela coins from you.

2. OLX

When it comes to the business of classified ads, OLX is one of the leading brands out there. The platforms have been around for some time now and are widely available in several countries. The platform has a strong presence in South Africa and you can easily utilize it to sell your Mandela coins to folks in Johannesburg.

OLX allows you to post free ads of items you desire to sell and you will be connected to buyers on the platform. Of course, what should be advertised on the website must be legal, and something that can be sold legally. Mandela coins can be advertised on OLX and you will easily see buyers from Johannesburg.

Rather than simply worrying about where to sell off your collection, you can always go to the platform, open an account on the website and then start selling. It is very simple to do. As soon as you open the website, you will come across the “Sell your item” tab. Click on it to move on to the next stage.

You should choose a category and input a title (ensure you make it known that you are trying to sell Mandela coins). After this, you should add a detailed description and then complete seller information. After this, add clear photos as well as your details, and wait to be contacted by folks in Johannesburg who are interested in buying your Mandela coins. If you do the right things, you might start getting offers from interested buyers almost immediately, and you will be surprised at how many people saw your ad in just a very little time.

3. Gumtree  

You can also take advantage of this platform to sell your Mandela coins in Johannesburg. It is a website where almost anyone can advertise and sell all manner of things (including services they offer).

Proceed to create an account on Gumtree by signing up to get started. When you have done this, you can proceed to post an ad by clicking the “Post an ad,” tab before opting for a good category for the Mandela coins you are trying to sell. Afterward, upload photos and add a detailed description. You will then add the price and also input your contact information. 

Gumtree is a very popular website with tons of users. Hence, you shouldn’t take too much time before you will start receiving notifications from folks interested in buying your Mandela coins. But if your listings aren’t getting better visibility on search, you can consider paying for listings on Gumtree. Sure, you have to be strategic and be sure you will be making a profit before going ahead with this. 

4. Junk Mail 

You can also Junk Mail to sell your Mandela coins in Johannesburg. The platform is another huge one as far as classified advertising is concerned. Anyone can place a free ad there to sell whatever it is they want to sell (as far as it is legal).

The procedure is simple. Visit the website and click “Place a free ad”. Then, opt for the right section and category and fill in other necessary information. Choose your location and also add pictures of your coins. Once you have completed the process, you can then wait for buyers to view the ad and then contact you. There are times you have to be really patient before you will start getting notifications from folks who are interested in purchasing your coins. But if all things are being equal, you should get interested people that will buy what you are selling.


In conclusion, while there are several other ways where to sell your Mandela coins in Johannesburg, you can take advantage of any of the platforms listed above. They are simple and free, and you can actually start getting patronizers almost immediately after you finished putting up your ad. 

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