Top 10 Biggest Zoos & Aquarium In Johannesburg (2023)

There are several superb things to do and enjoy in Johannesburg. One of the most adventurous things to do is to visit a zoo and explore the animals of the wild. One can decide to go as an individual or even visit as a family. Obviously, the kids will be delighted by the delights of the zoos and aquariums in Johannesburg.

Top 10 Biggest Zoos & Aquarium In Johannesburg

In no particular order, here are some of the biggest and most prominent zoos and aquariums in Johannesburg:

1. Johannesburg Zoo

The famous Johannesburg Zoo must come first for influential reasons. Established as far back as 1904, it sits on some whopping 54.7 hectares of land, and is currently a prominent local and tourist attractions located in the northern suburb of Johannesburg.

2. Montecasino Bird Gardens

Montecasino Bird Gardens comes next. Visitors are thrilled with several views of birds that are delightful to watch – there are more than 60 species of birds you will see at Montecasino Bird Gardens, including those you dont probably know exists.

Interestingly, while Montecasino Bird Gardens is more about birds, it is not only all about birds. In fact, you will come across small mammals and reptiles here too, making it a worthwhile place to be for animals sightings.

 3. Aquarium Centre

Here, you will be thrilled with several tanks which are filled with new and exotic species. Interestingly, the management running this place is quite serious with its business, as they usually make attempts to regularly get the tanks updated with newer catches. Therefore, you will come across species that are not even indigenous to South Africa here – some are imported from as far South America.

4. Lory Park Zoo

Located in the heart of Midrand, visitors are entertained with superb and endangered animals. You will see wild beasts like Lions and Tigers here, as well as beautiful birds. Lory Park Zoo is open to the public.

5. Monkey and Bird Park

Located in Benoni, you can always explore Monkey and Bird Park anyday and anytime from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. You can visit this place either as a person or with your family. Obviously, the average kid will like it here, as there are different types of animals for their viewing pleasure.

Tourists can also get cold drinks and light meals around if they so desire. Additionally, there is a space for birthday parties.

6. Snake City

If you want to explore snakes, you can visit this place. There is a guide who will lead you can take time to explain a lot about these animals. With around R30, you will have access to Snake City – the money is worth it. Of course, while it is not yet the most perfect one, the experience is delightful, particularly if you are fascinated by snakes.

7. Lion & Safari Park

This is not in Johannesburg, but it is simply a 40-minute drive from Johannesburg. Interestingly, it is easy to get here since there is shuttle service available from Johannesburg. Lion & Safari Park offers the adventure of getting up close with wildlife, as you will physically witness how and what it feels to be in their habitats – lions, cheetahs, etc.

This definitely will be thriving for those who have been seeing these animals only on Television. You will see these carnivorous predators with your own eyes doing their things. The park is always in business, including on public holidays. It is also serves as a place protects and rears African animals.

8. Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park

It is what it is here – crocodiles. Visitors will always have the opportunity to observe crocodiles at a close range, and you will learn different things about these interesting predators. There are guide tours that are given in English and Afrikaans.

Aside viewing these reptiles, there are other interesting things to do here. For instance, you can visit the tea garden and enjoy pleasant refreshments. There is also the curio shop that sells different types of souvenirs. In fact, if you want to get vacuum packed crocodile meat, you can purchase it from here.

9. The Bunny Hop Haven

This is a home for rescued and surrendered exotic pets and small farm animals. It is operated as a non profit company in animal rescue as well as an educational centre that receives various visitors. At Bunny Hop Haven, you will meet different types of animals that you can have fun with – tortoises, pigs, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, goats, and so on.

This place operates with kids in mind. Hence, it can be utilized as kids party venue too. We should however add that if you want to get this place as a birthday party venue, you should ensure not more than 40 people will be at the party.

Additionally, staff of Bunny Hop Haven can also bring some of their animals to parties thrown at your home or any other place around.

10. Happy Trail Horses

Located in Randvaal Johannesburg, South Johannesburg, this lies in a safe equestrian estate, and it’s simply about horses. It costs around R350 for 2½ hour ride, and one of the requirements is that you must be an experienced rider who has nothing less than a year’s riding experience.

Additional, you will only be allowed to ride the horses if you are from 12 years and older (as far as your weight doesn’t exceed 75kg). You will explore superb and strong horses at this place, and it is important you make bookings beforehand.

In Conclusion

These are some of the biggest and best zoos and aquariums you will find in Johannesburg and its environs. You will be thrilled exploring different animals (including those you never knew existed), and have the fun of your life doing so.

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