What Is The Cheapest FNB Account?

Entry-level bank accounts offered by FNB are quite many. The bank seems to have effectively captured the young people sector of the market. Because FNB has reduced the fees and charges to the barest minimum on some of its entry-level accounts, the products I listed are not just the cheapest FNB accounts but also among the cheapest in the country.

One of these accounts is specially designed for students, another one is designed for small savers and low-income earners, while there are also products for entrepreneurs and businessmen. There are also bank accounts designed for executives and members of the upper classes of society, but we will concentrate on the cheaper accounts offered by FNB bank. 

Cheapest FNB Accounts

1. FNB Student Account

The FNB Student account is an account designed for students who are presently studying for their diplomas and degrees. The account is designed to help students between the ages of 18 and 30 years to learn saving culture and also to help them manage their expenses effectively. 

As mentioned above the ideal age for account holders for this account is 18 to 30. 

This account has the following benefits:

Low deposit fees:

Cheque Deposits at the Branch attract a fee of R30.00.

Cheque Deposits at the ATM attracts just R30.00

Cash Deposits at the Branch attracts a fee of R1.65 per R100.00 and the minimum is R50.00.

Cash Deposits at the ATM attract a fee of R0.70 per R100.00, and the minimum is R5.50. 

Low Charges for Withdrawals:

Withdrawals at the Branch counter attract a fee of R50.00 + R1.65 per R100.00.

Withdrawals at own bank ATM new customers get 4 withdrawals Free, and then R3.95 + R1.30 per R100.00. 

Withdrawals at other Bank ATMs attract a fee of R10.45 + R1.30 per R100.00.

Withdrawals at POS attract a fee of R3.95 + R1.30 per R100.00.

No monthly fees for this account.


2. FNB Easy Zero

The FNB Zero account is an entry-level account that charges Zero Monthly Fees. This account targets students, and those who are fresh graduates. The account is designed to help savers pay bills and manage their expenses. With this account, you get the opportunity to buy data and airtime for free on the FNB app.

Benefits of this account: 

Withdrawals at the bank’s ATMs cost R7.00 for every R1000. 

Withdrawals at other bank’s ATM machines cost R15.00 per R1000.

Deposits at ATMs attract a fee of R1.20 per R100 deposited.

Monthly Charges: This account charges Zero monthly fees. 


3. FNB Easy Accounts PAYU

FNB Pay As You Use Account from FNB is an entry-level account designed for small savers with rapid spending needs. This account is designed for those whose primary focus is not saving but disbursing cash whether for paying people, covering bills, or other similar expenses. A major feature of this account is the reduced cash and withdrawal fees. 

Withdrawals at the bank’s ATMs attract a fee of R8.00 per R1000. 

Withdrawals made on other bank’s ATMs attract a fee of R15.00 per R1000.

Withdrawals at POS machines attract ZERO charges. 

Internal debit orders attract a fee of just R1.

External debit orders attract a fee of just 3,50.

Monthly fees: this account attracts a monthly maintenance fee of R4.95.


4. FNB Easy Account Smart

The Easy Account Smart from First National Bank is another entry-level account under the FNB Easy account name. This account is more of a transitional account because even though it is an entry-level account it is designed for those who are ready to start enjoy a balanced and steady lifestyle; those who are growing their careers, and who are earning steady money.

 Some of the benefits of this account:

 24/7 medical advice, as well as legal and financial coaching.

 10 free electronic transactions.

They take care of your communications needs.

You get a free SIM, and also 80MB data, 30 voice minutes, and 30 SMS every month. 

The account attracts a monthly charge of R59.00. 


5. First Business Zero Account

This is not an entry-level account, but an account designed for businessmen who are still growing their businesses, and who have to disburse money easily for the smooth running of their businesses. With this account, the priority is to ensure that the money is available when needed. This account gives you all payment notifications for free and gives you the option of empowering your staff with limited use ATM cards that they can use to make payments in your absence.

This account also gives you the ability to request overdrafts and loan facilities which will be paid instantly. This can help you take advantage of opportunities. This account is for those whose businesses have a turnover 0-5 million South African Rands per year.

Benefits of this account:

Instant overdraft and loans.

Free notifications.

Easy access to foreign exchange.

Multiple ATM cards for this account.



When looking for the Cheapest FNB account, this ranking is a good place to start. The bank’s options for entry-level banking have set the standards in recent times, and have been well recommended by many users; hence their popularity. When making a choice of the cheapest entry-level accounts from this bank, it is always a good idea to consider your particular circumstances.

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