Jordan Prices In South Africa (2023)

There are different types of Jordan products that are being produced by the manufacturer (Nike). This exotic brand is well-known for its superb and quality products, and many South Africans love these things too since they easily stood out.

Jordan prices in south africa start from around R1,089.35 and can be much more depending on the type you are going to buy.

How Much Is Jordan In South Africa?

Jordan prices in south africa start from around R1,089.35 and can be much more depending on the type you are going to buy.

There are different types of Jordan products, of different classes and prices. Let’s start with the Jordan 1s. The high Air Jordan 1s goes for an equivalent of R2, 860.69. On the other hand, the Low and Mid go for around R1, 934.93 and R1, 514.29.

There is also the Jordan retro high.
A pair of Air Jordan high-cost Electro orange(OG) can be gotten with R 2 999 in South Africa. You can also purchase a Jordan 4. The Air Jordan 4 Retro White and Oreo can be purchased with R 3 499.

Popular Jordans Out There From The Brand

Here are they:

1. 1991 Air Jordan 1

This is an earlier version of the brand, which was released back then in 1991, and it became one of the most sought-after as it emerged with a class. While things have happened and years have passed, some collectors have paid a lot of money for original pairs. The shoes have been talked about in different ways and there are different things said about them. Indeed, despite being one of the earliest, it is still one of the most iconic of the brand.

2. 1992 Air Jordan 2

It was released in 1992, and there were several things being said about it too. Known fondly as the “Freeze” too by many, the shoes were even banned by the NBA (from being worn on the court) but they still soar and still became famous. A lot of collectors spent good money on these and even when re-issued in 2003, they sold out instantly.

3. 1993 Air Jordan 3

This is another nice one with an interesting history. While it had a funny path to success, so much so that the company was trying to release these shoes. Fortunately, they became so famous and it worked. The sneakers became known as one of the most highly sought-after Air Jordans among collectors.

4. 1996 Air Jordan 4

This came some years later, although it also brought about some talks from different angles when it was first released. The sneakers also became popular and even in 2003, were re-released. It was made known that some of these were sold for as much as R33,526.80.

5. 2001 Air Jordan 7

When this was released back then in that year, it was meant to be a one-time-only release by the manufacturers. It also has its own uniqueness, as it was made known that it was regarded by many collectors as one of the most valuable Air Jordans ever produced.

6. 2003 Air Jordan 11

This one also has the reputation for being one of the rarest sneakers the company ever made. It has been said that there are many collectors who felt only about 20 pairs were made. Well, let’s assume you reading this right now were able to get some of these types, you will be amazed at how much you will make.

7. 2003 Retro Air Jordan 12

There are certain things being said around this one too, which has also greatly helped the sales of the products. These shoes, like certain others, are greatly valuable too. It was made known that they are regularly sold for thousands of dollars on the resale market.

8. 2004 Retro Air Jordan 13

It is also interesting to note that this has become one of history’s most sought-after Air Jordans. It should be noted that these shoes used to be retailed for just $185. However, right now, there are collectors who must pay as much as R 335,209.00 to get a pair.

9. 2009 Retro Air Jordan 14

This came out in 2009, and it also had its interesting sides. These shoes have become so famous among collectors and are usually sold for thousands of dollars too.

Where To Get Air Jordan 1 In South Africa

If you want to buy any of these nice sneakers, you can do so in any of these places:

1. Nike Store

This is a shoe store located in Johannesburg, South Africa, In the Mall of Africa. You can shop in the store and pick up your stuff. This is an official store where you can be sure to get nothing but the original Jordan since you are buying it from Nike directly. If you are careful about not buying what is not real, then you can simply buy from this store straightaway.

2. Jordan Footwear

This is another popular shoe store that is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can shop for your sneakers here. It opens at 7 AM on Mondays. These stores usually have nice shoes in different sizes that you can choose from.

In Conclusion

Jordan prices in south africa start from around R1,089.35 and can be much more depending on the type you are going to buy. The more sophisticated it is, the more expensive the shoe will be, which means you should be ready to spend more money on it.

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