How to Get FNB Confirmation Letter Online

Many FNB business account holders find themselves in need of Confirmation Letters, maybe to prove to creditors that they have a sound financial history, and are very capable of paying back any credit facilities, or may to prove to foreign embassies that they have good financial backgrounds and that they are embarking on journeys for business reasons. 

This communication is essentially a letter from your bank, vouching for you. Interestingly enough, FNB does not require you to pass through a lengthy process of applications, and reapplications in order to get a letter of confirmation from the bank. Yes, you can get a letter of confirmation on your own; when you log in to the bank’s online platforms through your computer and smartphone.  

Below are the steps to take in order to generate an FNB account confirmation letter online.

How to Get FNB Confirmation Letter Online

  • Go to the FNB online banking portal –, and log in with your profile details.
  • Click on “My bank accounts.”
  • Find the particular account for which you need the FNB Bank confirmation letter
  • Click on “Account to verify”
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on Bank letters
  • Click on “Account confirmation letter”


In details

Go to the FNB online banking portal, and log in with your profile details.

When you have successfully logged into the online banking platform, and you can see your dashboard, you then click on “My bank accounts.” If you have multiple accounts just scroll through, and find the particular account for which you need the FNB Bank confirmation letter. The accounts will be shown by the account numbers; please click on the correct account number you require an account confirmation letter for.

Then you will click on “Account to verify”

After that, you then click on “Settings”

Then you proceed to click on Bank letters, and then click on “Account confirmation letter”

What to do next:

Just like that, you have successfully generated an account confirmation letter from FNB. You may have it forwarded to your email, or more commonly, you may have it printed out. If you are using a public computer you may request help from the attendant to get the document printed out. Please remember that this is a very sensitive document; ensure that no copies remain with the attendant, as it can be used for fraudulent activities which could have terrible consequences for you.

Please ensure that you log out of the online banking portal completely, as staying online posses a security risk for your account, and for your money.

Who can get Confirmation Letter

All account holders can potentially get letters of confirmation, however, most applicants for confirmation letters are customers who use business accounts and some other higher-end products. Naturally, that is because they need credit facilities from external lenders, and have to prove their financial history. Others who apply for confirmation letters may be doing so as part of their VISA Applications. 



Getting an FNB account confirmation letter from FNB is very easy. Just follow the simple steps as provided above. Please be sure to take all the precautions and warnings seriously so as to ensure your safety and the integrity of your bank account.

Furthermore, please note that the information provided in this post is true as of the time of publication. Neither the author nor publishers of this post are liable for any damages as a result of your use of this information. We are not affiliated with FNB. 

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