SA Cell Phone Number Search – How To Trace A Cell Phone Number In South Africa

If you have been using a cell phone for some time now, then you should have encountered times when you receive a call or text message from an unfamiliar and strange number. Gone are the days when you have to remain in the dark about identifying who is behind the unknown number. Today, modern technology has made it possible and easy to track a cell phone number in South Africa.

I listed various methods you can use for SA cell phone number search. Almost anyone can utilize the methods we will talk about in this article. It is useful, whether it is for personal reasons or business-wise. Of course,  caution must be observed, as it is illegal to simply track and access a cell phone that does not belong to one. But then, one can freely track a relative while the person is away, or even trace a stolen smartphone belonging to you or someone else you know.

Unlike in the past, you don’t have to go to a government agency or a security agency before you can trace a cell phone number in South Africa or another location, as it can be easily done today even from your sitting room. Here are vital tools needed:

SA Cell Phone Number Search Tools Needed

– Internet connection

– A laptop (you can also make use of your smartphone) 

– The cell phone number you want to trace

Now, let’s look into the methods.

How To Trace A Cell Phone Number In South Africa

1. Use Reverse Lookup Search Engines

So, you are just chilling in your house or office, and you received a call from a number you don’t recognize. You can choose to ignore it if you want. But if you want to investigate further, you can simply use reverse phone lookup to get the location of the phone number. 

The simple way to go about this is to type that phone number into a search engine or a directory. When you do this, you will likely see listings linked to that particular number. You can search for any phone number online (you will need an internet connection though), either via search engines. It is very easy to use popular search engines like Google, Bing, and so on. Google for instance has a lot in its database, and you can always get as much information you need from it.

2. Use TrueCaller

This app can actually be of great help when it comes to tracing an unknown phone number. It is a very popular app, with millions of users in this part of the world. With TrueCaller, you can easily identify the names of a number that is not saved in your phonebook. In fact, you can have a face attached to a specific number. 

The app is actually compatible with various smartphones and brands. While it usually requires WI-FI or mobile data, you should have a pleasant experience with it.

With this app on your phone, just anytime you get a call from a phone number you don’t even know, Trucaller will go ahead to swiftly search through their database and then show you the name they get via a popup window on your phone. 

3. Trace A Phone Number Using Social Media 

There are a lot of people who link their social media accounts with their phone numbers. You then can get plenty of information about a person via their phone number. Facebook is a massive one. You can simply enter the unknown number that called you in the search bar, and any profile associated with it will be displayed in the search results. 

You will have the luxury to see a lot about the person. You will see their friends and interests, and generally know the type of person they are.

4. Trace A Cell Phone Location By Number

It is important to know how to trace a cell phone number’s current location today, as one’s phone can even get missing (or if it is stolen). You can also utilize this as it concerns your relatives and loved ones (your child, parents, etc). As stated earlier, these things can be easily done today by almost everyone who wants to. 

A simple way to get this done is to use Google and Google maps. By utilizing Google maps, one can successfully trace a phone number’s location. All you have to do is to open the Google browser and click on the search option. After that, you should input the phone number that is to be traced, and press enter. 

You should move a step further to click on the first listed search results, and then copy the address listed for that phone number. After this, simply paste it on the Google Map search box, and the map will give an exact location of the address. As you can see, this is simple. Well, seems these things were put in place because it is known that there are different reasons why a person would want to trace a cell phone number’s current location. Of course, as technology grows, more options come up too.

5. Making Use Of The mSpy App 

The mSpy App can do a good job when it comes to tracing a cell phone number and checking out another person’s whereabouts. If you have to locate your loved ones in real-time, you can easily opt for this service and don’t even have to worry yourself with having to first jailbreak an iPhone or root the Android device of the target.

As you get familiar with the app, you see that you don’t really have to track a cell number, as it gives you the platform to monitor their whole smartphone activity right from your own end. Of course, you must install the app on the person’s phone before you can benefit from its offers. Hence, we need to emphasize again that you should only do so with folks who are relatives, and for good reasons. It is a criminal act to track someone else’s phone for the wrong stuff.


In conclusion, ensure you are ethical in the way and method you use and approach these superb solutions, so you will be on the good side of the law and be cool.

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