Home Schooling Prices in South Africa (2023)

All over South Africa and the world in general people are becoming interested in Home Schooling. But what are the cost of homeschooling in South Africa? is homeschooling a more affordable option, or is it something that should just be left to the rich members of society? Well, there are many factors that will determine how much money (if at all) you will pay in order to provide your child with education right in the safety of your own home.

Because homeschooling means education from home, one may wonder why there should be money involved at all. After all, you pay school fees when the child goes to school. Since the child stays home, that should eliminate the expenses. Well, there are NPO’s in South Africa and abroad that specialize in providing resources such as books and curricula to parents who are homeschooling their kids. 

However, not all homeschooling resources are provided by NPOs; some are provided by private enterprises that specialize in providing tailor-made home education resources to help students study from home. Some of these online education franchises will even assign an online tutor to monitor your child’s progress, and development. No doubt this service is not free. For anyone who wishes to know how much homeschooling his child could cost in South Africa, here are some of the options. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.

Home Schooling Prices in South Africa

Virtual Schools charge from R3,500 to R27,000 per year

This is a homeschooling resource development company that offers resources for school children from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The company says they provide the resources using a blended schooling method. The company produces the resources according to a timeline in which the child can progress from lesson to lesson without much parental guidance. However, there is a tutor on standby who you can call (or who your child can call) if the need arises. They also offer group and recorded lessons which your child can watch using a computer. The company says many of the children using their services can complete a year’s work within six months.


Brainline Charge from R3,500 to R27,000 per year

Brainline is an educational institution that has been operating for more than 30 years, offering distance learning. Now they also offer online classes. According to Brainline, their services are used by thousands of people around the world; including South Africa. Brainline offers Grade R to Grade 12 using a mixture of recorded videos, webinars, and live classes. Parents are encouraged to buy textbooks for their children as this improves the children’s learning processes. Brainline conducts examinations for children after each term and sends reports to the parents. 

The fees charged by Brainline range between R3800 to R28,000.


Clonard Education Charge from R3500 to R22000 per year

Clonard Education is an organization that specializes in providing homeschooling assistance for parents who have opted for homeschooling as their means of educating their children. Interestingly, Clonard Education is registered in South Africa, and most of its clientele are South Africans, even though their service is not restricted to South Africans alone. Clonard Education says it services about 1000 learners; providing them with the education they need based on the CAPS curriculum.

Clonard Education charges between R3500 to R22000 per year for its services which are managed by qualified South African teachers and assessors.


Impaq charges between R3552 to R24000 per year

Impaq provides online education to learners from Grade R to Grade 12. The organization provides its education through a combination of live videos, recorded videos, all following the CAPS curriculum. They also recommend textbooks for children; which enhances the learning process. Impaq states that it provides these homeschooling services to over 18,000 people. You may even want to know that they have about 1200 experienced and qualified tutors on standby to provide assistance to your children.

Impaq is registered with Sacai, and children do the national senior examination exam. Impaq states that its modules are designed to be at par with regular schooling so that children can easily re-integrate back into regular school should they wish to do so.  


Think Digital College charges between R3750 to R14000 per year

This is a homeschooling digital platform that has been in existence since 2016. The organization states that its major aim is replicating the school environment, taking it online. Most of the learning is done through recorded videos and webinars. The platform sends a weekly activity report to the parents so they are well informed of their children’s academic progress.

Think Digital College has tutors that help the students optimize their learning experience. They have about 5000 students between Grade R to Grade 12. Think Digital College offers both the CAPS curriculum and the British schooling system.

Think Digital College charges between R3750 to R14000 per year, to help you educate your child from home.


Caribrilearn Fees range from R10,000 to R60,000

Carirbrilearn is an organization that facilitates homeschooling. They offer their services based on the British curriculum, a thing that makes them different from most other e-learning platforms on this list. the platform teaches students through recorded videos, online tutors, and live chats. 



As mentioned before, some organizations provide their homeschooling services for free, but these paid platforms offer the advantage of more personalized learning experience, thus to a large extent ensuring that the student gets an education that is at least at par with what he would get in a proper classroom. Whether we choose to call it the right name or not, the fact remains that most of the organizations highlighted here can be called online schools because they offer the same thing as most schools do; they provide prepared lessons to students, and then make exams to assess the learners’ development. They are even accredited with Saica to ensure that they meet the expectations.

However, please ensure that you have considered all the necessary factors before choosing to home school your children. While many South Africans are gravitating towards homeschooling for their children for fear of public health and safety issues, they should be aware of the fact homeschooling may deprive their children of socialization which is an important part of development.       

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