Justin Watches Prices In South Africa (2022)

Justin watches are superb and can be recommended too. Remember, it is fashionable to wear a very lovely watch in many settings, and a watch like this ticks a lot of great boxes too.

Justin watches prices in South Africa is around R 290 to R 300 depending on the type you desire to buy.

Justin Watches Prices In South Africa

Depending on the type you want, Justin watches prices in south africa is around R 290 to R 300.

Here are some popular Justin watches you can get:

1. Justin 5521G Men’s Quartz watch – white –
R 298
2. Justin 5523G Men’s Quartzwatch – R 300
3. Justin 5905G Men’s Quartz Watch – R 290

Some Reviews On Justin Watches

One of the ways to determine the effectiveness of a product is by checking the reviews and opinions stated by others who have used the products before now. So, let’s go through some popular reviews written by some folks who have patronized Justin watches before now:

Review 1:

“Great quality watch. I bought it for a friend and he totally loved it. Also it was easy to adjust to fit his wrist. I would totally recommend someone to get this watch for their friend, brother,boyfriend and husband.”

Comment: Obviously, this buyer got the watch for someone close to them, and the person loved the gift. With this response, you may want to consider getting a nice Justin watch as a gift to someone you know.

Review 2

“The watch came in a plastic package. It is scratched like nobody‚Äôs business. The analogs are fidgety even after adjusting the wheel”

Comment: Now, this is a proof that not everyone sees things the same way. Obviously, some people will love a product, while some won’t (due to whatever reasons). This buyer encountered some issues with their watch and has written a bad review in that regard to express themselves.

Review 3

“Bought this as a gift, and I didn’t expect it to look this awesome! It is definitely worth the buy. Decent quality and the style is on fleek!”

Comment: Another reviewer seems to love the watch. According to this person, it has a decent quality and the style is notable. These things could guide your choices in purchasing Justin watches too.

Review 4

“Too damn beautiful, I love it, what a quality, it feels so expensive on my wrist, the best watch I’ve ever had since I bought wrist watches. I get compliments everywhere”

Comment: Here is another buyer of Justin watch that is in love with the product. As you can see, those that seem to like the watch are more than those that seem to have an issue with it.

Benefits Of Wearing A Wristwatch

In a world where many people now own smartphones that can do a whole lot of things (including checking the time from time to time), then we should ask ourselves why it is necessary buying a watch again. However, if you are interested in buying and owning a Justin watch in South Africa, here are some good benefits you should be aware of:

1. Accountability

It doesn’t matter how much you are splashing on a wristwatch, the fact remains that the main purpose of a watch is to tell the time. There are certain professionals that can’t do without putting on watches while at their job – talk about pilots, Stock Brokers, Airline Stewardesses, and several more. Basically, those that are aware that time is an important function of their life should ensure they always put on a wristwatch.

2. Convenience

One of the benefits of wearing a wrist watch also revolves around the convenience that comes with it, particularly when it comes to telling the time. So, let’s say someone approached you to tell them what the time is currently, you can simply look at your wrist and inform them what it is. This can be easier than having to fetch your smartphone.

3. Less Distractions

The average normal watch is simply for telling the time and nothing more. Hence, if you are looking at your wristwatch, you will simply see the time and won’t be distracted unto other things. On the other hand however, if you are going to be relying simply on your smartphone to know what the time is, then you should be prepared to be distracted at times.

This is because, there are times when you want to check the time on your smartphone and you end up checking other things – like Facebook, playing games, and so on. The bottom line is that it is easy to become really distracted since there are a whole lot of things to do with the smartphone. But the wristwatch only has the function of telling you what the time is.

4. Confidence

A good and sleek wristwatch can help you when it comes to the area of confidence too. It is easy for someone to notice that you are wearing a nice wristwatch, and they may simply make good comments about it. These things can really help you feel confident and build one’s confidence appropriately too.

5. Style And Build

Justin watches comes with a sort of uniqueness that found expression on the platform of the manufacturer’s creativity. Don’t forget that there is a lot of craftsmanship that goes into making a good watch everywhere. The wristwatch is a wonderful invention and you should agree with that.

These are some of the reasons you should consider buying a watch like Justin watches in South Africa too.

In Conclusion

Justin watches prices in South Africa is around R 290 to R 300 based on the type you want to buy.