Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa (2023)

I clear up speculation and draw up a list of the richest musicians in South Africa. We want to highlight the music performers who are cashing out big cheques for their natural talent, and also find out how they made it to the list. Without further ado, we give you the wealthiest musicians in South Africa.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa

  • 1. Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr is a multi-talented South African musician. He also doubles as an actor, TV presenter, speaker, and brand ambassador. Steve Hofmeyr can sometimes also be quite a controversial figure; he has suffered some bad publicity lately. Nevertheless, he has continued to make huge harvests from selling his numerous talents. He is said to worth about R273 million and currently the richest musician in South Africa. 

  • 2. AKA

AKA is south Africa’s most controversial rapper or musician; the talented rapper who has quite a huge following has sadly chosen the unpopular side; it seems that he has to be taught a few lessons on the benefits of a united Pan-African state. Since he released his debut album titled Alter Ego he has not looked back. He certainly has the potential to become a Megastar.

 He is said to be worth around R155.6 Million.

  • 3. Rebecca Malope 

Rebecca Malope has made a name and fortune for herself singing mostly gospel songs, as well as songs that inspire the listeners, teach good morals, and generally encourage the better side of human nature. She has been doing this work for about thirty years, and so it is no surprise that she has earned a sizeable fortune for her effort. Rebecca Malope is one of the biggest selling artists in South Africa with 10 million albums sold in the country.

She has also featured on many talent hunts shows where she sits as a judge. She is said to be worth around R 68.25 Million.  

  • 4. Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a rap duo that has proven to be talented as well as financially successful. The duo is made up of Ninja and Yolandi Visser. They are passionate, charismatic, and energetic. Die Antwoord is not just a South African sensation; they have headlined a bunch of international tours in Europe and other parts of the World. They have featured with several high-profile musicians in many countries. They are estimated to be worth 10 million dollars each.  

  • 5. DJ Euphonik

DJ Euphonik who is known for playing House Music, is one of the most popular DJs in South Africa. He is in fact an iconic DJ in South Africa, somebody that the younger generation dreams of being like. DJ Euphonik has traveled all over the world to showcase his talents. 

 DJ Euphonik has also hosted several shows and concerts and even featured on several tracks with musicians. Apart from the music fortune, Euphonix is also an entrepreneur; he collaborated with an Italian Shoe Company called Superga and produced a limited black and gold Euphonik Sneaker. 

  • 6. Dj Sbu 

DJ Sbu whose real name is Sibusiso Leope is a successful DJ and Kwaito artist in South Africa. He owns a  Porsche. He too has travelled far and wide performing and showing his DJ skills. He has performed in shows all over the place and featured in songs with several artists.

He is a record label owner, and he even makes an energy drink.

  • 7. Black Coffee 

Black Coffee is fast becoming the face of South African music. He is a singer, record producer, and DJ, and has over 25 years in the music industry under his belt. His record label is called Soulistic Music and is based in Johannesburg, but he is practically based in America.

He frequently does music with American music heavyweights such as Usher, Alicia Keys, Drake, and even P Diddy. When Americans think of South African music Black coffee must come to mind. 

  • 8. Oskido

Oskido, whose real name is Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa is a South African musician, record producer, and record label owner. Not only does he have a high net-worth, but he also has quite a music enterprise going. His record label has accommodated and produced artists like Professor, DBN Nyts, Mafikizolo, Alask, Brothers of Peace, and others. 

He is said to be worth somewhere around R27.3 Million.

  • 9. Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest is one of the highest-profile artists in South Africa. He is the face of rap music in South Africa, having done hit after hit with the consistency of a machine over the past 10 years. 

Casper Nyovest is now a big boss with his own music label called Family Tree. He now produces young, fresh talented musicians. Beyond that, he has endorsement deals with the network provider, MTN. he even produces his own brand of liquor called AG Vodka.

 He is said to be worth somewhere between R10 to 20 Million.

  • 10. Juanita Du Plessis 

Juanita Du Plessis is the representative of the womenfolk on this list as one of the richest female musicians in South Africa. she has built an admirable career in music for herself; she has a hold on the music industry that is very rare to see. She has about thirty (30) albums to her name; with a total sale of 1.35 million albums. 

She has toured the world and is well connected with the biggest music production houses that you will find anywhere. 



All across the world, the story is the same; the most talented and skillful musicians earn massive amounts of money, fame, and influence. This is well earned of course; if they were not so talented, and their voices did not draw large crowds then they would not be so rich.

In South Africa, the story is no different; the most talented musicians have the largest audiences, and so they sell the highest number of CDs and tickets to their concerts. South African musicians have broken firmly into the international scene; they have become money-spinning acts in most of the English speaking part of the continent.

As we have frequently mentioned on this site; it is very difficult to get a true estimation of musicians’ wealth this is because of the lavish lifestyles that most of them live. We have also repeated that the most talented musicians are not necessarily the richest musicians in South Africa; sometimes these people make a lot of money only to throw it away.