Top 10 Richest Families In South Africa [2023]

South Africa is a wealthy country, at least when compared with several other African countries. Hence, by interfacing with the buoyant South African economy, a lot of people keep making a kill via their diverse investments in different companies operating in wide-ranging industries.

While various people are doing well for themselves, some wealthy families are ahead of the pack. The richest Families in South Africa include The Johann Rupert Family, The Nicky Oppenheimer Family, The Patrice Motsepe Family, The Bekker Family and the Douw Steyn Family amongst others.

Top 10 Richest Families In South Africa

1. The Johann Rupert Family

Johann Rupert is one of the richest people in South Africa, and his family is  the richest in South Africa, with companies that can boast of massive investments in different sectors – mining, watches, and financial services, and a net worth that is currently estimated to be $10.7 billion. They make a lot of money via Compagnie Financiere Richemont, which has a reputation for being the biggest luxury watchmaker in the world.

They also have Remgro, an investment firm with a focus on finance and mining that holds interests in over 30 companies. Johann Rupert is the family’s patriarch, and he is well known for what he does in the world of business (being born to a business-oriented family).

It should be noted that for many years, through a series of enterprises, Anton Rupert, his father, accumulated the family’s fortune. He commenced his journey with cigarette sales and eventually shifted to scarce imported cigars. Later, he expanded into imported luxury items. This diversification propelled Anton to become one of the most affluent individuals on the continent. Following his passing in 2006, his son Johann Rupert assumed control of the family’s business endeavors.

2. The Nicky Oppenheimer Family

Nicky Oppenheimer and his family are one of the richest families in South Africa, worth around $8.5 billion. This man is renowned as a South African business tycoon, gaining prominence as the former chairman of De Beers.

The company is a major diamond mining firm in the country that helped the Oppenheimer family stay consistently in the league of the most affluent families in the country for numerous years. For an impressive 85-year span, the Oppenheimer family has held a prominent position within the global diamond industry.

Born into wealth as an heir of the Oppenheimer family’s enterprises, Nicky’s lineage is deeply connected to businesses involving the mining and trade of industrial and cosmetic diamonds. In 2012, a significant portion of the family’s stake in De Beers was sold for a cash sum of $1.5 billion. In 2014, he established Fireblade Aviation in Johannesburg, specializing in chartered flights.

3. The Patrice Motsepe Family

With a net worth that is around $3.2 billion, the well-known Motsepe family is one of the richest in South Africa, with investments in financial services, sports, and mining, particularly via their company – African Rainbow Minerals.

Patrice Motsepe is the family’s trailblazer. He is a widely recognized billionaire entrepreneur that achieved acclaim through the establishment of African Rainbow Minerals. The corporation’s interests span the mining and processing of ferrous metals, gold, base metals, and platinum.

In addition to this, the man holds positions on the boards of numerous companies, including Harmony Gold, where he serves as the non-executive chairman. He also holds the role of deputy chairman at Sanlam. It should also be noted that the billionaire is passionate about football. Hence, in 2003, he acquired full ownership of Mamelodi Sundowns, a prominent football club in the country.

4. The Jacobus Bekker Family

Jacobus Bekker and his family are worth around $2.6 billion and are thus famous and wealthy in South Africa. They are also influential via their exploits in the media and publishing world, particularly via Naspers. Of course, aside from Jacobus Bekker’s massive investments in the media and publishing space, he also has holdings in diversified economic sectors.

Jacobus Bekker, who is regarded as one of the most powerful men in the country for his economic prowess, also has a stake in firms like Prosus and Tencent (part of the founding members of MultiChoice and M-Net). The Asian multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate is a massive global corporation that has been around for many years now.

5. The Douw Steyn Family

Douw Steyn is a prominent South African entrepreneur renowned for founding the Telesure Group, a leading insurance provider. His family is worth $2.48 billion and is associated with the BGL Group Industry, making a lot of money providing insurance and financial services.

Born in 1952, Steyn’s journey in the insurance industry began with a focus on innovative approaches. In 1985, he launched Auto & General Insurance, a company that would later evolve into the Telesure Group. Steyn’s vision and dedication played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s reach across multiple countries, including the United Kingdom.

Under his leadership, Telesure introduced various customer-centric innovations, leveraging technology to redefine the insurance landscape. Douw Steyn’s contributions have deeply reshaped the insurance sector. As a matter of fact, via expansions and all, the BGL Group now has the famous website Comparethemarket as one of its possessions.

6. The Allan Gray Family

Allan Gray himself is late quite all right, but he has worked hard and smart to ensure his family takes a spot on the list of the wealthiest families in the country with a net worth that is around $1.8 billion.

Allan William Buchanan Gray himself was born in 1938, and he would become a prominent businessman and founder of Allan Gray Ltd., an investment management company. He played a significant role in shaping the investment landscape in South Africa.

Allan is famous for his value-oriented approach. He emphasized long-term investing and identifying undervalued companies. His investment philosophy focused on patient capital and contrarian strategies. Over time, his company grew to become one of the largest and most respected investment firms in Africa. Allan Gray’s legacy continues to influence the investment industry, and his principles remain relevant to investors seeking sustainable, long-term growth.

7. The Michiel Le Roux Family

Another rich folk with a net worth that is around $1.2 billion, the family is associated with Capitec Bank and is thriving in the banking sector – an industry where Michiel accumulated most of his wealth.

Michiel Le Roux was born in 1949 and is best known for co-founding Capitec Bank in 2001, which has since become one of South Africa’s largest retail banks. Le Roux played a crucial role in the bank’s early development, focusing on its innovative and customer-centric approach to banking services. He currently possesses an 11% stake in the bank which trades in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Michiel is also a member of the bank’s board, and under his leadership, the bank expanded rapidly and gained recognition for its simple and affordable banking solutions.

8. The Stephen Bradley Saad Family

Here is another wealthy family in South Africa with a net worth that is around $1.2 billion. They are known with Aspen Pharmacare and are making a lot from the Pharmaceuticals. The company, which trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, is beyond a South African thing, as it is present in several countries around the world.

The major figure here is the man Stephen Bradley Saad. He is one of the richest men in the country, and his financial status seems to change with the success of Aspen Pharmacare (a company he founded many years ago and which he functions as its CEO). He is an award-winning entrepreneur that is also a proud owner of a private game reserve and Sharks.

9. The Christoffel Wiese Family

This family is one of the most influential families in the country, with a net worth of $1.1 billion. They are associated with well-known brands like Steinhoff International, Shoprite, and Brait. This family makes a lot of money via the retail industry, mining, and industrial products.

Christoffel Wiese is the family’s patriarch. He is a billionaire businessman who is one of the wealthiest around here. His ongoing dedication to the retail sector has significantly contributed to the growth of his fortune. With an 18% ownership in Shoprite, valued at $910 million, the Wiese holds a noteworthy position.

The billionaire also maintains interests in various enterprises, including Invicta Holdings, Brait, a prominent manufacturing conglomerate, a private equity firm, and Pallinghurst, which focuses on mining investments.

10. Jannie Mouton and family

Finally, South African billionaire Jannie Mouton and his family are one of the wealthiest families in the country, with a net worth of $1 billion. They are known for the lucrative company, PSG Group, and make a lot of money offering financial services.

Jannie Mouton himself has done a lot for himself, famous as the founder and chairman of the Group. The company has interests in financial services, banking, private equity, education, and agriculture. He works with some of his immediate family members to move the company forward.



The richest families in South Africa are very similar to the aristocratic families that have preserved their wealth for generations. They have one thing in common; they build large business empires in the family name and put their children in control.

If everybody could build a family business and devote their lives to its success, then maybe there would be no poverty in the world. Maybe we would all be prosperous and happy. Anyway, that is what the wealthiest families in South Africa teach us.