Top 10 Cheapest Medical Aids In South Africa (2024)

As the world progresses, health insurance and Medical aid are becoming more of a necessity for the modern person. Being that it has become a necessity for everyone, the first thing most people do is look for the most affordable options, so that they get the benefits without spending as much money.

Yes, we want cheap Medical Aid, but making such a list would be difficult because there is not just one category, but several classes of products that appeal to different classes of customers according to their needs, and earning potential. If a customer has a chronic ailment and pays R4000 a month for Medical Aid cover, Day-to-Day Cover, as well as other benefits, that deal may be said to be cheap for his condition.

Taking into consideration our different circumstances, as well as the gap between our earning potentials, it is necessary to make an inclusive list; one that includes all categories of people, and their needs. What is cheap to one person may not be cheap to another.

These are the most affordable Medical Aids in South Africa cutting across different categories:

Top 10 Cheapest Medical Aids In South Africa

1. Compcare Networx ED

Not everybody is making money, or economically active at this very moment in time. Yet, people should not be deprived of Medical Care just because they are not earning enough. Compcare understands this, and that is why the company has come up with NetworX. The NetworX option from CompCare has been specifically designed for students, to give them medical care for as low as R501 per month. This option offers essential cover, and that cover is given within a contracted provider network for in-and-out of hospital services. This is perhaps the cheapest Medical Aid in South Africa.

2. Resolution Health – Foundation

Resolution Health (Foundation plan) is one of the cheapest medical aid in South Africa, in the very low earners category, we have the Foundation option from Resolution Health which starts from R961. The Foundation option is a great healthcare plan for simple daily cover and in-health center stay for emergencies, and also for scheduled hospital visits. This option is designed for low to medium earners and offers in-hospital plans that cover, day-to-day cover, for your daily expenses during hospitalization, and other specific benefits such as optometry, dental and Unlimited in-hospital HIV benefits. Furthermore, this option caters to your child or dependent below the age of 21.

3. Medhelp Necesse

Another very good option for a single young person is the Necesse Option from Medhelp which starts from R401. This comprehensive product provides gives you cover for medical expenses incurred in and out of the hospital, as well as day-to-day cover for expenses during hospitalization, and while in recovery at home. This Medhelp Necesse affordable medical aid in South Africa option only works through an extensive network of private hospitals and healthcare providers. This has been a favorite with students because of the special student rate it offers. 

4. Momentum Health – Ingwe Option

 The Ingwe plan is one of the cheapest medical aid plans in South Africa, it has a fixed annual limit per family. With this option, you can also choose from any of the hospitals within the network of health providers associated with the company. For the lowest monthly contribution, you can use state hospitals. 

With the Student Option of this service (Ingwe student plan), you can get comprehensive Medical Insurance for as low as R407 per month. This plan has become very popular among students who have no income but need a Visa and health insurance. Apart from the benefit of legal documentation, you also get unlimited doctor visits, eye care, dentistry, and specialist visits. This option also gives you a free chest x-ray for your visa requirements. 

5. Discovery Health – KeyCare

Still in the low earners category, we have the Discovery Healthcare Keycare Start option which starts from just R914 per month. This option provides in-hospital cover for emergencies, and also for scheduled hospital visits. You also get day-to-day cover and other benefits. Please note that this plan works with a network of associated healthcare providers and state-owned facilities only. This plan is a cheap, entry-level option for low-income earners, and gives you benefits like unlimited hospital aid for medically appropriate GP consultants, X-rays, blood tests, basic dentistry, eye care, and so on. You also get extensive prenatal and postnatal care.

6. Medium Earners

Medium Earners with young families also need Medical Aid. The options above would not be sufficient for them because their needs are greater, and even the day-to-day expenses during hospitalization would have increased exponentially. For this set of people, the following Medical Aid schemes are more appropriate.

7. Bestmed Pulse 1

The Pulse1 option from Bestmed is designed for economically active people who have put in over 10 years of work into their careers, and have gained reasonably attractive earnings. These ones should ideally have families and be responsible. The Pulse 1 option starts from R5 501 and offers members a list of healthcare providers within the company’s network. The Pulse 1 option offers in-hospital cover, out-of-hospital cover, and day-to-day cover to meet your expenses during hospitalization, and recovery.

8. Bonitas BonCap 

Boncap is designed for workers who earn reasonably modest salaries, and who have families to take care of. This option starts from R 1,212. This option can be described as an entry-level medical plan that offers you cover when you visit the hospital to consult with a doctor, when you have an emergency, or when you have to stay at a hospital. The company has an impressive list of associated medical providers, and you get approximately 15% cheaper fees when you choose from that list. You also get day-to-day cover and other benefits. 

The following options are for those who earn high amounts and live the lifestyle that comes with it. These options are more robust; they offer more freedom to choose your healthcare providers and offer more benefits. The keyword is cheap; these options offer fewer costs than the benefits they provide. 

9. Fedhealth – Maxima Exec 

The Maxima Exec another option from Fedhealth, and one of the cheapest medical aid plans in South Africa, it’s one of the more comprehensive options from this company. The maxima EXEC is targeted at the wealthy, more mature members, of society who are comfortable and have kids perhaps almost ready to start out in life on their own.

Apart from in-hospital care, you also get cover for chronic medicine, screening, and additional benefits such as out-hospital care. With this option, you also get day-to-day cover for the period of your hospitalization, as well as recovery at home. The option costs R 6 816 per month.

10. Discovery Executive 

The Executive Plan is targeted at the more wealthy and comfortable members of society who are looking for some of the most affordable medical aid plans in South Africa.  This plan is quite cheap for all the benefits it provides; it costs just from R7,257 per month. With this option, you get the most extensive cover for in-hospital, out-hospital, and day-to-day benefits with extended chronic medicine cover. You get to choose what hospital you get your treatment, and the option also provides cover even if you have any preexisting medical condition or chronic ailment. The plan also gives you cover for your day-to-day expenses during the period of your hospitalization. 

Momentum -Summit Option

This option is targeted at the big earners of society. For R10,642 per month, you get unlimited private hospital cover from Any hospital or healthcare provider of your choice. This option is not only good for emergencies, but also for scheduled hospital visits, and medical treatment for preexisting conditions or chronic ailments. There are 36 conditions covered by this option, be sure to communicate with an agent before signing up. This option also offers day-to-day benefits.



The cheapest Medical Aid for Students is not the same as the cheapest Medical Aid for Medium Earners with families, and the most affordable Medical Aid for Older People with larger families is also a completely different thing. Regardless of your marital status, earning potential, and age, there is a Medical Aid scheme just right for your pocket.