Bonitas Medical Aid Plans 2023, Prices And Contact Number

Bonitas is a Medical Aid Company serving South Africa. This company has been steadily growing in terms of customer base, market presence, and turnover. Bonitas has diverse demographics and serves a wide range of customers all over the country.  

The company has broken down its medical aid products into Traditional, Savings, Hospital, and Edge plans, all offering you more value and rich benefits. The prices are also competitive: From just R1 452 per month, there is an option to suit everyone, depending on his individual circumstances.

The following are the various medical aid products offered by the company, the unique features they have, and the prices.

Bonitas Medical Aid Plans

1. Edge Plans

This is a new category from the company. It is an advancement; this new category includes packages that are driven by the needs of modern people today where everything revolves around technology, convenience, intelligence, and precision.

Under the Edge category we have:


This option is designed for working singles, living in the larger metros, with a drive to succeed. With this medical aid plan, the company hopes to help you save more while taking care of your health management needs. The Bonstart Plan is affordable; Starting from R 1 452, and gives you access to day-to-day benefits such as unlimited GP consultations, plenty of virtual care, dental and optical consultations, and the ability to choose from a network of private hospitals. 

2. Traditional

These are plans that give you set limits for specific benefits. With these options, you know what you give, and you are sure of what you get. You get all the regular benefits; General Practitioner benefits, optical benefits, and dental benefits. However, once the limit is reached, such benefits are exhausted.

Under this category we have:


This Traditional Option Offers Simple Day-To-Day Benefits And Hospital Cover. It is a basic plan that ensures the maintenance of health, and good quality of life for customers. Starting from R 2,537, you get to choose from a network of associated hospitals, and you also receive day-to-day benefits to cover expenses during hospitalization.

Primary Select

The Primary Select is a traditional medical aid plan is that offers less expense. This option is approximately 15% cheaper when you use a hospital from the associated network. You get day-to-day benefits, hospital cover, and much more. This option is also affordable; Starting from R 2,180. 


Standard is a traditional option that offers rich day-to-day benefits and comprehensive hospital cover. For just a modest contribution starting from R 3 589, you get health management at approximately 15% cheaper, when you use a hospital from the company’s network. With this traditional option, you also get rich day-to-day benefits and hospital cover.

3. Savings

The Savings Plans are designed for the younger, healthier generation. These plans are designed to expose you to health management while helping you retain most of your contributions for later use. These plans give you a set amount to use for out-of-hospital expenses such as General Practitioner visits, as well as other forms of health care including optometry and dentistry. You also get in-hospital cover and additional maternity, as well as wellness and preventive care benefits with these plans. 

Under the Savings Plans we have:

BonFit Select

Bonfit Select is a Health Management Plan that receives regular contributions for you with the aim of saving it for your future healthcare needs. The package is affordable; starting from R 2,152, and gives you approximately 15% less expense when you choose a hospital from the company’s network of associated providers. This savings plan also gives you basic cover for day-to-day medical needs, aside from the essential hospital cover.


Bonsave is a savings option that offers sufficient savings to use as you choose for medical expenses and extensive hospital cover. The option is affordable; starting from R 2,847, you get to choose from an extensive network of hospitals associated with the company.  


The Boncomplete option is another savings option that offers generous savings, an above threshold benefit and rich hospital cover. With this option, you can either choose from the company’s network of associated healthcare providers, or select your own option outside the network. For just a modest contribution starting from R,4 291 you get essential hospital care, day-to-day cover for your expenses while hospitalized, and other benefits.


BonClassic is a savings option that helps you put money aside for future health management needs. This option also offers a wide range of medical benefits such as hospitalization, day-to-day cover for when in and out of the hospital, and so on. Starting from R 5 330, you get to enjoy these benefits and more.


BonComprehensive is targeted at the more accomplished members of society who have put in years of active service, and now wish to look after their bodies. This first-class savings plan offers ample savings, extensive hospital cover, as well as generous benefits when you reach a certain threshold. This option starts at just R7,715.

4. Hospital

This category contains plans that guarantee generous cover you if you have to visit the hospital for an emergency, and also when you have advanced planned procedures. You also get access to some additional benefits that promote wellness and preventative care.

Hospital Standard

This hospital plan gives you extensive hospital benefits with some value-added benefits such as day-to-day cover for your expenses while hospitalized, and so on. This option is affordable; it starts at R 2,434. 


The BonEssential Medical Plan is a hospital plan that offers comprehensive hospital benefits with some value-added benefits. This plan is affordable; it starts at just R 1,962. 

BonEssential Select

The BonEssential Select is an improved version of the option highlighted above. With this option, you get approximately 15% less expense when you select a hospital from the company’s network of associated providers. This option starts from just R 1, 675, and is targeted at middle-aged or younger workers who still have their active years ahead of them.


Boncap is also an entry-level medical plan that offers you cover when you visit the hospital to consult with a doctor, or when you have to stay at a hospital. You get approximately 15% cheaper fees when you choose a hospital from the company’s network. You also get day-to-day cover for your expenses when you are hospitalized, and so much more. This option is affordable; it starts at just R 1,212.

Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Number

Phone number: 0860 002 108

Email Address:

Make use of the two contact information above to reach Bonitas through phone number and their email address.



Bonitas offers more options than most other Health Insurance or Health Management Organizations. This company does not only provide options based on the earning capacity of the customers; but also on the long-term goals and health status of the customers. This company has built a reputation as one of the fastest-growing in the industry, which indicates acceptance from the general public. 

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