Top 10 Dentists In Sandton (2022)

Dentists are professionals that are offering services that are not only pivotal for our well-being, but which also can’t be easily offered via any other. These professionals are trained for stuff that concerns tooth care, and there are several of them doing business in Sandton. However, we will explore some of the best around this region.

Top 10 Dentists In Sandton

These are some of the best dentists in Sandton:

1. Dr Riaz Wadvalla

Located in Sandton, this dental center can boast of expertise when it comes to things like teeth whitening, dentures, veneers implants, and so on. If you need a Paediatric Dentist, Endodontist, you can come over to Dr Riaz Wadvalla. In fact, Dr Riaz Wadvalla is a child friendly dentist that has deep interest in root canal treatment.

2. Sandton Dental Studio-Dr Wynand van der Merwe

Here is another famous dental clinic in Sandton with lots of satisfied clients as things stand now. These guys are very serious in this business, utilizing cutting-edge modern technology to carry out their responsibilities (and it has given them a good edge above several other dental centers in the area).

The clinic is an abode to general and cosmetic Dentists that are greatly trained in this field, granting you the prefect smile you crave for. If you need services revolving around Ceramic Crown, Veneers, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening as well as Oral Hygiene, get across to these guys today.

3. Dr Jack Shih

Located in Suite 114 Medical Mews Sandton City Mall, Sandton, here is another superb dental center in Sandton that can be recommended to anyone in need of dental care around here. Actually, this dentist has proven to be one of the best in Johannesburg because of the numerous satisfied clients it can boast of.

Dr Jack Shih has a superb staff that carries an atmosphere of warmth and pleasantness. They have what it takes to properly handle clients. The main dentist (the owner of the center) is skilled in his job, and will make you feel at ease while he carries out the job.

4. Family Dental Care

Also located in Sandton, Family Dental Care is one of the most prominent around here. This dental center has been doing fine since a while now, providing premium dentistry at affordable rates to their clients.

Established in 2010, this is a superb group of dental practices nationwide that can boast of a state of the art facility that has the latest dental technology (some of the very best you will find in the country). Incredibly, there are many clients that have been satisfied by the superb services offered at the Family Dental Care Group.

If you can visit the office for a world-class experience, as these guys offers high quality specialised and general treatments without requiring you to break the bank.

5. Dr Peter H Timcke

Dr. Peter H. Timcke is located in Sandown in Sandton, and it is another impressive clinic that can be recommended in this part of Johannesburg. This is a family dental practice that has a great staff which has been providing high-quality dental care for many years now.

6. Dr Andrew Sidelsky

Dr Andrew Sidelsky is experienced when it comes to providing sophisticated dental care services in Sandton. It is filled with professionals who are also diligent and compassionate in what they do. These highly experienced dental and oral health experts will help you out when you approach their center to get your stuff settled.

These dentists have been working for many years now, providing a full range of dental works, from general and cosmetic dentistry, to specialised stuff like Cerec porcelain milling. It is easy due to the level of technology at their disposal.

7. Dr Zunaid Solomon

Dr Zunaid Solomon is one of the most widely used dental care centers in the whole of Sandton, with tons of satisfied clients already. Interestingly, the founder of this firm is an expert who was greatly trained in this business, and can boast of over twenty years of experience in this.

Dr Zunaid Solomon is not only an expert in this field, but is very passionate about dentistry, attending lovingly to both old and young. If you want a place where your dentist is passionate about establishing a good long lasting relationship with you, then you can opt here.

8. Aplus Dentistry

Aplus Dentistry is also located in Sandton, with several satisfied clients all around. This Dental Practice in Sandton has expertise in Family, Cosmetic and General Dentistry. These guys are not just experts in dentistry, but are also compassionate, bent on offering ease to folks with dental phobia. Hence, the environment is a soothing one, and you should like the calmness.

The firm provides Quality and Professional dental care to ensure their clients will be able to reach and maintain a healthy smile.

9. Dr Albert Van Der Walt & Dr Tynan McArthur

This is another professional dental care firm that is operating from a reasonable height of professionalism. If you need Cosmetic, Family & Generalised dentists in Sandton, you can settle for these guys. The firm has created a system and structure that will ensure you enjoy your stay in the office.

These guys are pretty good with what they do, so much so that they can ensure painless treatments and do all it takes to help you. If you want a pleasant smile, Dr Albert Van Der Walt & Dr Tynan McArthur can be of help. They have what it takes to help you maintain your teeth irrespective of your age.

10. Fundamental Dental

This is also one of the best dentists in Sandton that can be recommended to anyone seeking a great dentist in this area. They have a lot of satisfied clients already, and you can give these professionals a try. Aside offering you a smooth and comfortable process, they also take the time to check on your healing.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top dentists in Sandton, although there are several other experienced professionals in this sector around here.