Top 10 Dentists In Pinetown (2022)

There are several dentists in Pinetown right now. However, the fact remains that various dental centers are operating on different levels of expertise. Indeed, the fact remains that some dentists in Pinetown are well ahead of others in this field, and they can be easily recommended to folks in need of good dental care.

Top 10 Dentists In Pinetown

These are some of the most prominent dentists you can find around Pinetown:

1. Golden Dental

Golden Dental is one of the very best dentists in Pinetown, offering high quality dental services at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter what age group you are, there is something for all at Golden Dental.

If you need stuff like fillings, implants, cleanings, braces, extractions, crowns and bridges, etc you can patronise Golden Dental. These guys have a good ranking via a standard reputation in the field.

2. Dr Mandla Qoboshiyane

Dr Mandla Qoboshiyane is located at Pinetown Arcade 23/31 Hill Street Pinetown, and is one of the prominent dentists in this part of Durban (at least, considering how it has been satisfying its customers for a while now).

The competence of these guys can be easily felt as you go through the reviews and testimonies of those who have patronised their services before now. One of the areas where their competence seems to largely reside is how anyone can get their tooth extracted without feeling pain. If this sounds interesting, then you should pay a visit.

3. DR Karmini Naidoo Dental Surgery

Also situated in Pinetown, this dental care centre is the go-to place for all kinds of Dental treatments as well as Emergencies. The dentists here are experts when it comes t specialised treatments too.

It doesn’t matter what you want to have done – Orthodontics, tooth whitening, fillings, scaling and polishing, bridges, root canals, crowns, and so on, DR Karmini Naidoo Dental Surgery will help you out.

4. Family Dental Care

Also available in Pinetown, the Family Dental Care Group has been operating for a while now in the country, and is reputable for being a well-to-do group of dental practices in South Africa. If you need a place where you can get superb dental care (quality specialised and general treatment) without breaking the bank, the you should look towards Family Dental Care.

5. Dr Maxinne Moses Smile Studio

This dental care centre is also around this area, and it is a place you can confidently patronise whenever you are in need of dental treatment. The firm offers non-invasive and aesthetically pleasing dentistry to its clients.

The dentists are not simply experts in the business of dentistry, but are also passion about the wellbeing of folks coming around. So, if you have some phobia for a dentist, you will be compassionately attended to at Dr Maxinne Moses Smile Studio, so it becomes easy to come around any other time the need arises.

If you are looking towards teeth whitening, clear aligners/active aligners, veneers, etc you should patronise these guys. Don’t look down at your teeth, because it can still produce beautiful smiles.

6. Aesthetic Dental Institute

Aesthetic Dental Institute is also an impressive place you can give a try. These guys also provides specialised and individual treatments to folks in need of their services. Aesthetic Dental Institute is the go-to place for stuff like smile design, dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and so on.

This coy is passionate about bringing beauty and confidence back to those who seems to have lost their flavour due to their dental issues. It serves via its holistic approach to dentistry.

7. Dr C Reddy- Netcross Dental

You can patronise these guys too if you are around Pinetown, and even make the dentist your family dentist. They have great Interest in children. While it is known that kids are usually wary of painful things as these, you can easily get them turned towards Dr C Reddy- Netcross Dental.

Its premise is a safe and beautiful one that can be easily located. If you want to pay with cash, you can do so here.

8. Summerfield Family Dental Care

Summerfield Family Dental Care is one of the best around here, due to certain impressive reasons. When you have an appointment with the dentist, you can be sure of enjoying professionalism. The firm operates within a policy of openness.

If you are always looking towards a place with a culture of honesty, Summerfield Family Dental Care should be your calling point. These guys usually make do with good quality modern materials and strategies, and you can be sure that they will spend quality time with you, giving you appropriate care for reasonable fee.

Summerfield Family Dental Care supports continuing staff training and development, which means its staff keeps getting better at the job, and you keep enjoying what they offer. However, if you want to enjoy nothing but the best services here, then see to it that you attend appointments on time. Also, if there is a need for cancellation, but see to it that it comes as early as possible too.

9. Rogers V. Lokadasen

Rogers V. Lokadasen is yet another nice dental center in this area with impressive reviews from past and satisfied clients. If you want to use a family dentist that operates on an impressive frequency of professionalism, then you can make do with Rogers V. Lokadasen. Very informative about the field, patients will benefit from a body of knowledge that gets them informed about the things they ought to know.

10. Dental Wellness Studio

Dental Wellness Studio has a well relaxed environment where dentistry can be undertaken with great ease. Hence, it is a child friendly place. And what this means is that even if you or your child have phobia for dental stuff, you will be passionately attended to. You can always patronise here for your scale and polishing, extractions, restorations, and so on.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top dentists in Pinetown that can be recommended to anyone in need of the services of a good dentist here.