Top 10 Car Dealerships In Pinetown (2022)

There are several car dealerships in Pinetown that deals in different types of cars of different prices and makes. If you want to get a superb ride in Pinetown, you don’t have to look further beyond your area, because you have several options to choose from.

Top 10 Car Dealerships In Pinetown

These are some of the best car dealerships in Pinetown and its surroundings:

1. Key Pinetown

Located in Pinetown, this is one of the most prominent car dealerships you will find around here. You can buy Opel, Peugeot, and so on, and you have the liberty to either buy in their store or get it delivered to you. Key Pinetown services includes around financing, vehicle servicing, vehicle repairs, vehicle parts, and others.

2. MMA Cars

Do you want to get affordable vehicles in Pinetown? Then you can patronise these guys. If you want nice used cars in Durban, you can be sure of getting something superb at MMA Cars Pinetown. One of the reasons you can be sure of getting quality cars here is because of the structure already put in place.

Additionally, they have a system in place that helps ensure you make payment with great ease, irrespective of what you are paying. In all, it is interesting to note that MMA Cars Pinetown is committed to customer satisfaction. In fact, if you are not in Pinetown or Durban, you can still get your vehicle delivered to you irrespective of what part of South Africa you reside.

3. Avis Car Sales – Pinetown

This car dealership is also recommendable due to several nice reasons. The management is obviously serious about their job, and the impact of the works they do is that many customers are willing to share good reviews about the company after doing business with them.

Its staff is knowledgeable and professional, and they will offer you superb services that will get you awed. At Avis Car Sales, you can buy a great vehicle at a great price.

4. Thekwini Cars Pinetown

A lot of people have been satisfied by the services at Thekwini Cars, since they sell excellent vehicles in Pinetown too. Therefore, if you want to patronise a top car dealership here in Pinetown, you can come around here.

5. All Cars Pinetown

You can buy your car from this company, since it sells excellent vehicles too. You won’t just be getting nice cars here, but you will also get to enjoy after sale services (an impeccable after sale service which is very helpful).

You will be amazed at the extent of the knowledge they have with vehicles, which will prove very helpful for you, since it will assist you in making good and informed decisions before settling for a car. Therefore, we can obviously recommend a car dealership of this sort.

6. Motus Select Pinetown

Located in New Germany in Pinetown, Motus Select is another well known place to get different types of cars – new cars, used cars, and even demo cars. This impeccable car dealership prides itself as one that offers products and services from only top brand suppliers.

It is very important to add that Motus Select is not just a small car dealership that is just coming up and trying to find its feet in this business. Rather, the company is in several parts of South Africa already, and can even boast of having over 50 Motus Select dealerships in different parts of the country.

7. Alpine Motors

Also located in New Germany, Pinetown, you can get superb cars from Alpine Motors. It is always very important to buy your cars from a place where the management has put in place a system for serious business. In other words, if you want to experience smooth transactions, then you should purchase your vehicle only from a place where things are pretty organised, to avoid issues and headaches.

Alpine Motors may not be very perfect when it comes to all of these, but these guys are still reputable, and they will try to please you as a customer, so as to keep their reputation high. Hence, it is always important to patronise folks with a high reputation, who are always eager to keep their reputation as high as possible, since it is good for their business (since they earn more money), while you are being satisfied.

8. Hyundai Pinetown

You should already know what Hyundai stands for (a big leader when it comes to vehicles) and what it represented (in terms of good quality). And since the company has an official representation in Pinetown, then we can easily recommend them as one of the best car dealerships in Pinetown where you can get your next cars.

You can pick up both new and used vehicles here that are of great quality. It must be noted that even the used cars being sold at Hyundai Pinetown car dealership are in a superb class entirely. Interestingly, this is also a service centre filled with experts that are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to cars.

If you want to do business with these guys, you can simply contact their office and start a conversation before visiting.

9. Fury Mazda Pinetown

Despite being based around here, you can purchase a nice vehicle from these guys irrespective of what part of South Africa you are. There is always something for everyone at Fury Mazda, as you can choose to buy new or pre-owned vehicles. Just inform this dealership of what your budget is, and they will take it up from there.

Mazda is the product at Fury Mazda, and the company can also boast of a sophisticated Service Department that can help maintain your product.

10. Rally Motors (PTY) Ltd

Finally, you can also get superb cars from Rally Motors (PTY) Ltd, which is also located in New Germany in Pinetown.

In Conclusion

These are prominent car dealerships in Pinetown that sells nice and high quality vehicles. You can patronise any of them.