Top 10 Gyms In Pretoria (2022)

There are many very good reasons to sign up at a gym, revolving around good healthy living and wellness. If you are in Pretoria, you should know that there are plenty gyms operating in different parts of your area. However, it is not enough to simply sign up in a gym, but you should ensure you sign up at a very good one.

Therefore, go through the offices of some of the best and top gyms in Pretoria and settle for the one you are convinced will help you achieve your goals.

Top 10 Gyms In Pretoria

These are some of the prominent gyms in Pretoria with good reviews from past users. Hence, these can be recommended and regarded as being in a superb league:

1. CrossFit Pretoria

Located in Rietfontein, Pretoria, CrossFit Pretoria is a superb gym centre, one of the best in the country. It has been operating for many years now and can boast of premium services to anyone interested in getting enrolled at a formidable gym centre at Pretoria.

This center has experienced coaches that are some of the most trained you will find in the whole of South Africa. You can sign up for personal training, youth classes, Group Training, and so on.

2. Virgin Active Gym Loftus

Virgin Active Gym Loftus is located in Kirkness St, Pretoria, and is a well organised gym centre that can be recommended to folks interested in getting their lives enriched via activeness. This world-class gym is committed to helping you get better in health and fitness.

One the major things that should be noted about Virgin Active Gym Loftus is that, despite being very huge, it is still reasonably affordable. Additionally, these guys are pretty innovative in their field, granting beautiful live online workouts and tutorials on its social media platforms.

3. Julius Gym

Julius Gym in Pretoria is also a wonderful gym centre that should be on this list due to several nice reasons. First, Julius Gym is a prominent and well organised gym centre with a superb management that has been running the place for a while now.

Secondly, Julius Gym has good reviews (plenty of them), a proof that the center has been fantastic, and user friendly. The people in this center are superb also, and it can also boast of good staff. You will see proper equipments too that serves your goals.

4. FitFirst Training

FitFirst Training is located in Hazelwood in Pretoria. It doesn’t matter what your gender is (either a man or a woman), you can sign up at its studio and enjoy quality services as you help your fitness.

5. Viva Gym Montana

Viva Gym Montana is one of the top gyms in Pretoria that has been operating for over five years now in Montana. You can come over for stuff like aerobics, cycling, kickboxing, personal training, zumba, and so on. While this place is not as big as some others, it is a nice one that can be recommended.

6. ShapeUp Family Gym

ShapeUp Family Gym is located in Wonderboom, Pretoria, with a reputation for being the very first gym in this area. This means, Shape Up Family Health Club has been on ground for more than two decades now, and the management has put in place a good structure for excellent customer support.

ShapeUp Family Gym can boast of different branches in different parts of the country, with outstanding gyms and variety of equipments. Hence, you don’t need to wait for a long time before you can start using their equipments.

7. Absolute Fitness Gym

Absolute Fitness Gym is in Gezina, Pretoria. Although it is not yet a big one when compared with certain others around this place, Absolute Fitness Gym still has a vibe, coupled with nice equipments. This center can also boast of a friendly staff and you will enjoy the warmth and atmosphere.

While not yet a perfect place, this gym centre has been able to satisfy many gym users, with several nice reviews. Obviously, the management and staff are doing something nice.

8. Zone Fitness

Zone Fitness is a beautiful gym facility in Pretoria, and we can recommend this place to anyone in need of a superb center. It has a nice fees structure that is reasonable, at least when compared to some others in its level.

Zone Fitness has all gym equipments for all kinds of exercises that you desire engaging. This is a great one because it means you don’t have to limit yourself unnecessarily, and you can always be versatile too. These guys also offer great aerobics exercise session, and you can sign up for personal training, resistance training as well as strength training. Of course, before signing up, you should try to look around and get what folks are saying before anything else.

9. Planet Fitness Waterkloof

Planet Fitness Waterkloof is located in Hazelwood, Pretoria, and has also been around for some time now. A lot of people have been making use of this gym centre, and several have taken time to write pleasant reviews as touching their experiences. At Pleasant Fitness, you can sign up for stuff like cycling, personal training, Zumba, and the rest.

Planet Fitness Waterkloof is a spectacular one that offers gym lovers something modern and clean. The management has done a lot to put in place a structure where the staff will welcome you right to make you comfortable. Its facilities and equipment areas are large, and there is proper order. You can have a good time getting your body in proper shape.

10. Moove Motion Fitness Club

Moove Motion Fitness Club is located in Silverton, Pretoria, and you can patronise them for their state of the art Fitness and Sports Centre. Moove Motion Fitness Club has TV lounges, Juice bar, Basketball Court, Table Tennis, Cardio studio, Indoor Soccer, Spinning, Trampolines, Dance studio, Indoor Swimming Pool, Boxing studio, Arcades, Free WIFI and Internet access, Weights studio, and so on.

In Conclusion

You can try out any of these top gyms in Pretoria for your fitness needs.