Top 10 Travel Agencies In Bloemfontein (2022)

If you have little to no idea how to make a travel plan, or this is your first time planning a travel across or outside Africa, a travel agency is all you need.

Travel agencies provide a variety of services, including information on the price of transportation, payment options, lodging options, how to make reservations (for hotels, tours, excursions, or cars), and general suggestions for your upcoming trip.

Read on as we uncover the top 10 travel agencies in Bloemfontein.

Top 10 Travel Agencies In Bloemfontein.

1. T-Travel Link

T-Travel Link is a booking and travel agency that has a dedicated team with more than 10 years of experience in the aviation and travel industry. The company has a close relationship with many companies within the industry, both in Bloemfontein (South Africa) and in neighboring countries.

They also build close relationships with customers to understand their needs and provide specific solutions.

The company’s major goal is to provide the best customer service possible so that their team can help you arrange your travel arrangements as they understand that today’s corporate world is busy. However, what the company is after is the goal to make your corporate travel easier and more efficient. T-TRAVEL LINK provides a positive customer experience by focusing on the needs of customers from different places and delivering exceptional service.

2. Getable Travel

Second on our list of the top 10 travel agencies in Bloemfontein is Getable Travel. The company provides consulting services for individuals and companies in different areas.

Getable Travel is an independent agency that also offers travel consulting services to individuals and businesses for business and leisure travel. They negotiate the best prices for each client, whether they are travelling locally or internationally.

3. Osayande Travel And Tours

Osayande Travel And Tours is a Primary Co-Operative Travel Company that was established in South Africa in May 2011. They have staffs that are experts in the travel industry.

Also, the company respects your wishes, needs, and aspirations, and promises to meet them as they strive to provide the best information and assistance possible while providing a quality service that is friendly, personal, and efficient.

4. Macs Travel

Macs Travel is a legitimate IATA-approved Travel Agency, specializing in the outgoing markets from South Africa to other parts of the globe. The company can customize any package, locally or internationally, and will match or beat any price offered by any other Travel Agency. Macs Travel is also expert in obtaining your VISA. This will save you time and inconvenience.

Mac’s Travel offers a complete-service travel agency that specializes in providing leisure and corporate travel services. The target market is corporate markets where they can put their professionalism and service to the test.

Since November 2005 when the company started, Mac’s Travel customer base has grown steadily and they take pride in customer service and fair pricing. Presently the company is proud to say that a large portion of its business comes from stable clients.

5. Artour Travel

Artour Travel is a multi-faceted company that specializes in travel and caters to a range of clients. They offer simple, informal trips around the local area for leisure markets as well as more involved and complex excursions for executives multi-nationals.

Arthur Pereira, who had previously worked for one of the largest agencies in the country, decided to start Artour Travel. He was inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit and moved into the CBD of Johannesburg. This area is known as “little Portugal”. Because they were located in the center of the large Portuguese community in South Africa some of their clients could easily access them.

Artour Travel has continued to grow and expand over the years, in all areas and functions of its business. In October 1991, Artour Travel was awarded the highly-coveted IATA license. Since then, Artour Travel has maintained a flawless reputation as the Bank Settlement Plan of South Africa (BSPSA) remittance agent.

6. Grayston Travel Pty Ltd

Grayston Travel is a stand-alone, independent travel agency that has been in corporate travel for 19 years.

Kim Scannell, the managing partner, is a hands-on person who responds to each client’s needs on a personal level. Kim Scannell is the decision maker; all clients have access to her 24 hours per day. This helps reduce the amount of bureaucracy and red tape that often wastes precious time.

7. Arrivee Africa Tours

Arrivee Africa was founded in 2004 as a result of the rapid economic and social development in Africa. This backdrop led them to concentrate exclusively on Africa’s accommodation for business travellers.

Today, the company has built a large network of travellers in the African continent. It continues to look at new countries for its portfolio and keeps everyone informed about the latest developments on the continent.

8. Travel Experience

Travel Experience is a leader in South Africa’s travel services, and provides all necessary travel services to aspirants, including an International Driver’s Permit (IDP), Cross-border documentation, and AA Membership.

Travel Experience offers other travel services such as leisure travel and corporate travel. These include domestic and international airfares, local accommodations, and international accommodations.

You can find amazing deals on their travel packages and offers, including family deals, value-adds, and all-inclusive travel options. Early booking discounts and self-catering holiday options are also available. Travel Experience offers a variety of retail options in South Africa. Make sure you check their website often for new and exciting travel offers.

9. Thompsons Travel

Thompsons’ Travel operates in four main segments: Tour Operating and Travel Agencies. Coach Charter & Touring is another. Marine and Leisure are also available.

The mother company, Cullinan Holdings, includes Thompsons Holidays as well as Thompsons Africa in the tourism and travel industry. These businesses have been providing high-quality and affordable tours for more than 30 years, and are recognized as leaders in their industry.

Thompson’s Travel stands out by focusing on the five P’s that make up their value system, Passion, Purpose, People, Pride, and Professionalism. Once you choose them, they will ensure that you don’t have to worry about organizing the perfect trip.

10. Nbk Travel Services

Collin Thomas, the sole owner and managing member of NBK Travel Services cc, founded NBK Travel Services cc in 1999 as a shuttle service. He started it with a VW Microbus and did Airport Transfers 24 hours a day.

Today, NBK Travel Services has a large fleet of vehicles, from sedans to luxury coaches. They also have 10 employees and many sub-contractors to ensure they can provide a professional, efficient, and cost-effective service to all their clients. NBK Travel Services offers various services and broker arrangements to customers in the corporate sector and Sporting organizations.



Wrapping Up

It can be risky to plan trips with limited time, especially if you are not familiar with the travel procedures or the safety state of your destination – hence, the need for a travel agency.

We believe that with this list, you should be able to get a good travel agency that will provide you with the best value for your money.