Top 10 Affordable Retirement Villages In Johannesburg (2022)

There are several reasons people will want to stay in a retirement village at certain points in their lives. And if you are in Johannesburg, you can afford to settle for any of the affordable ones around here, while still enjoying the quality of life.

These are some of the most affordable retirement villages you can opt for in Johannesburg:

Affordable Retirement Villages In Johannesburg

1. Johannesburg Sappers Retirement Village

This is a prominent retirement village that is located in Lombardy East, Gauteng. While it is not a perfect one (since the center also has unsatisfied customers), there are still a lot of great things in place. The place is a nice and well-organised environment, and many old folks will fall in love with the way it has been structured.

2. Inyoni Creek Retirement Village

This is more expensive than several others in its league quite alright, but you can be sure that you will enjoy a tranquil location that can help you disengage from the noise in society. Inyoni Creek Retirement Village is a superb and great venue that will accommodate you if you can fulfill its conditions.

3. Randjes Estate

This is another beautiful retirement Estate in Johannesburg with huge infrastructure and surroundings. Located in Highlands North, Johannesburg, Randjes Estate will take care of independent residents who wants the bliss of such environments.

The center has also being structured to provide adequate care to folks in need of such. They have Assisted Living Facility, Frail Care and Memory Care Facility. This retirement community in Johannesburg is one of the best around, since it has a lot of satisfied clients already.

4. Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is another comfortable retirement village in Johannesburg that is sophisticated and is worth the fees you pay. It was founded back then in 1964, and has been around for many years now. It came with flats and a very beautiful garden. It sits in Kensington, which is not too far from Eastgate Mall as well as some other nice places around here.

If you decide to settle here, you will enjoy several things that has been put in place by the management. Kensington Gardens can boast of things like 24 hour security, Library (for book lovers), Community Centre, Hairdresser (useful to women), Chapel (for religious activities), Health Care Clinic, and so on.

So, as you can see, Kensington Gardens is worth the fees, as there are several things that can be enjoyed irrespective of your interests.

5. Golden Acres

This is another superb retirement community that is located in Johannesburg (85 George Ave, Sandringham). The place has a superb and excellent security, and you can enjoy these things without breaking the bank.

Golden Acres is in an environment with very lovely gardens. If you also insist on a place with spacious apartments, then you can give Golden Acres priority.

It should also be added that this center has an impressive management (while not perfect too). They have put in place a good structure where their workers are committed to help you out when you need it. For instance, a satisfied client was impressed with the friendliness at the reception. So, aside having a helpful staff, the center is also a very clean place, and residents can benefit from a whole lot.

6. Eeufees Oord Old Age Home

If you are insisting on an affordable retirement community in Johannesburg, particularly for old people, you can give Eeufees Oord Old Age Home a try. This is a nice place for seniors to spend their senior years.

Eeufees Oord Old Age Home is in Monmouth Rd, Westdene. It was basically created is for retired persons, seniors over 60years of age. It should also be added that each resident here are given a basic unit that came with a bathroom, kitchen as well as a bedroom.

However, as a senior with a unit at Eeufees Oord Old Age Home, it must be noted that it doesn’t belongs to you, because it is really a government property. Therefore, the occupant will be set to carry out their own daily activities – like cooking, cleaning, and so on.

Additionally, they have to pay rent, electricity, as well as water. As a resident here, your loved ones can always come around to visit.

7. From Royal View by Auria Senior Living

This was carefully built by the Auria Senior Living Team to serve the seniors around here. With Royal View, they can really enjoy a lot of things without much issues as they age. This a beautiful community that will afford you a lot of comfort.

You want to reside in a luxury apartment independently, you can opt for it. If you want assistance, the Auria Senior Living team has made this possible with this project. You will enjoy good security, restaurant-style dining, 24hr nursing response and support, and a whole lot more. You can settle for one, two or three bedroom apartments – it depends on what you can afford. If you even need a superb penthouse unit, you can get it here.

8. June’s Haven

June’s Haven is located in Seymour Ave, Parktown. It is a beautiful retirement home in Johannesburg that can afford you a measure of comfort and pleasantness.

9. Pioneer House Care Centre

Pioneer House is also a superb place for folks that are in need of a nice retirement spot in Johannesburg. The center has a structure in place where senior citizens can enjoy 24-hour care.

Support is given at Pioneer House with daily living activities such as dressing, meals, bathing, laundry, etc.

10. Elphin Lodge

Elphin Lodge is also a superb retirement home around here, and there are pleasant reasons to take a spot in this beautiful center. Many of the workers here are really friendly and professionals indeed.

In Conclusion

While there are several other retirement homes around here that are offering nice services here and there, these ones are some of the best and most affordable retirement villages in Johannesburg with impressive reviews.