Top 10 Construction Companies In Sandton (2022)

Construction companies are very essential for various reasons, as they are experts when it comes to building various types of crucial structures. In Sandton, there are several construction companies that have built several remarkable structures within this area and beyond.

These are some of the top construction companies in Sandton.

Top 10 Construction Companies In Sandton

1. Murray & Dickson Construction (Pty) LTD

Murray & Dickson Construction (Pty) LTD is located in Bryanston in Sandton. This company has been around for many years now and have a whole lot of clients already. These guys have a reputation for being a prominent Civil, Mechanical and Pipeline Infrastructure Contractor in South Africa.

When it comes to stuff like Bulk Water, Mining, Marine, etc Murray & Dickson Construction (Pty) LTD can be contacted. This building construction company also have expertise in road construction, 3d Visualisations, pipe fabrication, pipe laying, turnkey construction, and so on.

2. Tiber Construction

This is one of the top construction companies in Sandton that has been operating for many years now. In fact, being founded back then in 1951, the Tiber Construction group is one of the oldest in the country.

Its exploits in this industry has made the company a highly reputable and respected leader. This private and management-owned construction company is given to great service, and brings about the very best to the table to keep retaining its clients.

TiBER Construction has an experienced management team and staff. It doesn’t matter what you want to see erected, you can always go to these guys.

3. Motheo Construction Group

With a lot of experiences in between its belt, this brand is another amazing construction company in the country. It offers building construction services, civil engineering consulting, commercial machinery rental, concrete construction, construction site excavation, home building, and so on.

If you need new building construction, you can always talk to Motheo Construction Group. The company also indulge in repairs and maintenance, road construction, directional drilling, engineering solutions, enterprise development, green building, infrastructure development, maintenance contract, mechanical services, program planning, property development, and so on.

4. WBHO 92 Rivonia Road Construction Site

WBHO 92 Rivonia Road Construction Site is another famous construction firm in Sandton with several impressive reviews (though not without its own imperfections).

The company offers services revolving around civil engineering consulting, road construction, civil engineering, health services, road projects, etc. There is a team in place already that is filled with experts in this industry.

5. TEMI Construction

TEMI Construction is a big one that has worked on several huge projects in different parts of South Africa before now. Here is a famous full-service construction, building and civil engineering firm that is filled with experts and professionals.

The company has worked with several organisations in different parts of the country to provide construction services of different types. The team at TEMI Construction works with their clients to achieve their organisational goals.

6. Tri-Star Construction (Pty) Ltd

Tri-Star Construction (Pty) Ltd deserves to be listed here too. This construction company is a successful one with an impressive record in the industry. It is a multi-disciplinary firm filled with versatile professionals that are knowledgeable in different things.

Tri-Star Construction (Pty) Ltd offers services revolving around Commercial, Retail, High-Rise Residential, and so on. The company has the required expertise to build structures like Data Centres, Hospitals, etc. You can confidently contact its management when it comes to home building, design and build, housing project, painting and renovations, property investment, training & skills development, and so on.

7. Johannesburg Roads Agency

Johannesburg Roads Agency is a prominent road construction company with a lot of resources to keep carrying out the required job at all points. When it comes to project planning, road & highway repair, design, as well as Road Asset Management Systems, Johannesburg Roads Agency is impressive.

While there have been complaints about some of the roads constructed by this company and its team (as well as how they waste a lot of time when called upon for repairs), folks working here still reviewed the organisation as a superb place to work.

8. Fobo Building Maintenance And Construction

Fobo Building Maintenance And Construction is located in Sandown in Sandton, and is one of the well-known construction companies in the area (although it is not as popular as certain other ones).

Fobo Building Maintenance And Construction can be called upon for stuff revolving around building construction, civil engineering consulting, drywall installation, home building, home renovations, plumbing fixture installation, repairs and maintenance, tile work installation, Air Conditioning System, ceiling contractor, consulting services, Dry Walling, electrical appliances, electrical contractor, Mechanical Construction, Office Design, Office Renovations, Plumbing Contractor, and so on.

9. 5 Star Group Construction

Actually, 5 Star Group Construction is not as big as certain others around here. However, the company is still a standard one with a team of experts who can be trusted with the job. These guys are professionals that are knowledgeable about their work, and has been adequately training to do the things they do.

The company has been servicing and maintaining the commercial and residential construction market in the country for many years now. The company prides itself as one that is a reputable supplier and Installer of residential and commercial maintenance and construction.

The company offers services like: bathroom remodelling, building construction, commercial machinery rental, deck construction, drywall repair, exterior painting, gutter cleaning, home building, floor fitting, kitchen remodelling, plumbing fixture installation, refurbishment, remodelling, flooring repair, water fixture repair, roof repair, tile work installation, building structures, carpet cleaning, commercial maintenance, decking, electrical, flood damage restoration, home roofing, kitchen renovating, and so on.

10. DDL Design and Decor Lab (PTY) LTD

DDL Design and Decor Lab (PTY) LTD has been in business for over 10 years now, and is another professional company in Sandton that has been doing impressive stuff in the industry with its great team.

In Conclusion 

These are some of the top construction companies in Sandton that can be recommended when it comes to construction and similar services.