Top 10 Hiring Companies In Sandton (2022)

There are many hiring companies around here that have been around for many years now, but some are simply operating on a fantastic level entirely. These are some of the top hiring companies in Sandton that have put in place a remarkable structure.

Top 10 Hiring Companies In Sandton

1. UDM International

Offering Business-to-Business service, UDM International is superb when it comes to marketing campaigns as well as appropriate training programmes. Interestingly, the office setting is a neat place with friendly workers too.

One of the major reasons you should give attention to UDM International is because of its team of employees. There are folks really good with what they do, and are thriving in a fantastic place to work.

2. Hi-Tech Recruitment (Pty) Ltd

Hi-Tech Recruitment (Pty) Ltd is another prominent recruiter in Johannesburg and is located in Sandton. The company has been around for some time now, and is always eager to develop long-term relationships with leading organisations across the country and abroad.

Hi-Tech Recruitment (Pty) Ltd has a level of reputation and can be really helpful in dispatching its core functions and expertise.

3. MSA Outsourcing Solutions Pty Ltd

MSA Outsourcing Solutions Pty Ltd is one of the top hiring companies in Sandton with a reputation for being a superb well equipped call center and business outsourcing facility.

MSA Outsourcing Solutions Pty Ltd have been serving a lot of clients for some time now, with clients beyond its immediate environment. The company has a good structure in place and is offering a world-class services facility. Clients are guaranteed of a fantastic measure of customer interaction and engagement.

4. Michael Page South Africa – Recruitment Agency

An outstanding professional recruitment consultancy, Michael Page South Africa is a profound organisation. Its expertise revolves around the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions across this place.

This company works with several top employers even beyond South Africa. An influential recruiter that is an outstanding employment agency, offering global recruitment services as well as market surveys.

The team at Michael Page have been exceptional, always trying to find the right candidates for the right role. These are professionals who are pretty engaging and responsive too, known for excellent service.

 5. Emporium Human Capital

Emporium Human Capital is an employment agency in Johannesburg, located in Rosebank, Sandton. Established in 1999, these guys have in place a nice structure that has proven to be helpful to many.

Emporium Human Capital can be regarded as one of the top hiring companies in Sandton, although it is not yet as big as certain others around here.

6. GAP Consulting

GAP Consulting is located in Maude Street in Sandton, working as a bona-fide employment agency in the country. Interestingly, their expertise revolves around recruitment in the Motor Industry, Transport & Logistics. The company has some of the best workers around here. They are trained and are familiar with the dictates of what they do.

However, GAP Consulting does more, since it also operates in the Mining & Agriculture and Engineering fields. Generally, here is a superb job centre that offers services like: Automotive Recruitment, Contract Job, Credit Checking, Engineering Recruitment, Finance & Insurance Recruitment, Job Placements, Personnel Recruitment, Private Employment, Recruitment Consultants, Workmen’s Compensation, and so on.

7. Lulaway Holdings

Lulaway Holdings is another prominent employment center in Sandton with a reasonable reputation. There are different impressive things about these guys, and you should know some of them. Focused on being an outstanding youth employment engine in South Africa, Lulaway has a good team that is working hard every now and then to achieve its broad goals.

This company plans and implements high-impact job creation solutions that has been helpful to numerous. In fact, its innovative solutions have provided jobs for a whole lot of folks in different parts of the country.

It is impressive to note that over 500,000 job seekers have been registered on its database. With several job centres across South Africa, Lulaway is no doubt a very serious organisation.

8. Tower Group

Tower Group is very ahead in this industry, and have been running for so many years now. The company has several branches in different parts of South Africa, and can boast of a great deal of experience when it comes to staffing services.

While Tower Group is not a perfect brand, the company has been offering great services that is pleasing to many folks, helping them get good jobs. In fact, there are people who have been converted from contract workers to permanent staff via the expertise of the Tower Group.

Therefore, when we consider the number of people pleased with the works being carried out here, we can easily agree that the Tower Group is one of the very best we will always see around this area.

9. Embark Recruitment

Embark Recruitment has been operating in Sandton for a while now, and has been able to gather a lot of good reviews too. This is an executive search agency that is always committed to helping people to get ahead in what they do.

Embark Recruitment has a team that helps enforce its philosophies accordingly. These guys are working well to deliver personalised high end service.

The company is more committed to senior management in leadership roles, with expertise across Marketing, Finance, Sales, HR as well as Operations. Though not yet perfect, there are tons of positive reviews attached to its operations.

10. Pnet (Pty) Ltd

Pnet has helped many folks since it started operating many years ago. This superb online recruitment platform is an innovative one that has created adequate structures to help connect recruiters and jobseekers.

There is an effective system in place, via a splendid technology that helps in bringing them together. Recruiters who are seeking to fill vacancies are able to get quality talent and jobseekers with great ease.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top hiring companies in Sandton that have been able to prove themselves as being effective since inception.