Top 5 Funding For Daycare Centers In South Africa (2023)

The childcare sector is brimming with dedicated professionals striving to establish robust businesses to cater to children and families with utmost dedication. To initiate a childcare or daycare venture around the world, numerous providers seek external financing, and it is just the same here in South Africa.

Some funding for daycare centres in South Africa includes Full Tummy Fund, GROW Fund, NLB Funding, The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Funding and Loan from Banks.

5 Funding For Daycare Centers In South Africa

1. The Full Tummy Fund

This is an initiative of The Spur Foundation, which is focused on developing children (via education and nutrition) on the first 2 000 days of their lives. The funding is one of the funding for Daycare centres in South Africa. Hence, they can partner with you when it comes to resources if your daycare centre is focused on children from birth to 6 years of age.

The Foundation has an aim of improving Early Childhood Development (ECD). They don’t only put their money in educational programmes alone, but look towards the direction of seeing to it that vulnerable children in society are properly nourished and safe

So, if your daycare centre is a proper Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre and you want an upgrade to what you do, you can work with these guys. If you have programmes that encourage and include the parents of these kids in the development of their wards, it is better.

The Spur Foundation is passionate about initiatives that support daily nutritional interventions for Early Childhood Centres serving kids (they are more concerned with kids from 0 to 6 years). This indeed is reasonable, since a hungry child can’t be taught with ease.

So, reach out to these guys and take a bite of the Fund to help ensure that the essential building blocks for brain and body development of the kids in this category at your daycare centre, are properly laid.

2. GROW Fund

They are a non-profit social enterprise in the country in the business of equipping and connecting ECD businesses with the necessary things they need to thrive.

The Fund will most likely be beneficial to daycare centres in low-income areas of the country. This is so because, it is a general knowledge that many times, such don’t have adequate and safe facilities to help the kids. These guys are always of the opinion that every kid in the country deserves 5-Star quality early education, as it will get them empowered to break away from inequality.

So, if your daycare centre doesn’t have the right equipment and resources to ensure quality learning, you should reach out to GROW. If you are lacking proper ECD programs or skilled teachers in your Daycare centre, they should be helpful too.

They are vehemently concerned about ensuring that children from small areas get the best education in their most crucial years. They have been partnering with numerous preschools and daycares in different parts of South Africa, and you will be happy to come on board too as a partner. The agency has a great system in place that permits donors from different parts of the world to donate their resources for a good cause, and they in return make sure the money gets to the right people.

It is okay if you charge low fees at your daycare centre and you aren’t expanding as you ought to because of this. The fact remains that you can receive the kind of help that will amount to a massive investment in your Daycare centre. GROW can connect you with resources from their donors, with a belief that good education can be sustained as ECD centre owners and teachers are paid well enough.

3. NLB Funding

Another funding for daycare centres in South Africa can come from the National Lotteries Commission. As you should know already, it is the only National Regulator for lotteries and sports pools in the country, regulating the National Lottery Operator, Society lotteries, and anything else.

Well, it may appear that the agency is not only interested in seeing to it that the interest of all participants in lotteries is protected, but they also provide funding to certain quarters – including ECD centres in rural and unpopular places that require resources to offer kids in their communities with the necessary things they need.

According to its officials, if you have a solid centre, if your application should be successful, you stand a chance to get a maximum of R3.8-million for project management of new infrastructure (and this is even meant to be for 2 years).

So, while the agency’s primary functions revolve around seeing to it that all lotteries in the country are conducted with due propriety and policing any other lottery-type schemes here, they are also a Grant Funder, providing registered Non-Profit Organisations with funding to establish projects that improve the lives of the people.

They are not only monitoring and regulating the running of various lottery competitions in the country but also have grant funding concentrated majorly in areas that require enough help to be able to bring growth and change within impoverished communities in the country.

4. The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Funding

Here is an international funding opportunity for daycare centres in South Africa as well as certain other parts of the world. These guys are bent on improving the lives of people. They see to it that they engage in innovative strategies to actualize the general vision, including working with social entrepreneurs with dynamic ideas. Hence, as a daycare centre in South Africa, you can take advantage of what this funding has to offer.

It is however beneficial to familiarise yourself with what the Foundation stands for, so you can increase your chances of being selected. The Foundation focuses on the capabilities of the founder/leader, as well as the scalability of the model they are employing. Hence, you have to be a person of strong character and prospects before jumping into this and see to it that you are set to scale your daycare centre too when selected. Additionally, you must be sure that your centre is impacting people.

The good thing here is that they have an open application process and accept applications year-round. If taken, your daycare centre will receive 3 years of unrestricted capital. That is not the only thing. They also have officials who will provide support if you are ready to allow them to join your board of directors for the 3 years.

5. Loans From Banks

While there are not too many grants for daycare centres in South Africa right now, daycare centres can take the bull by the horn and take their destiny into their own hands by sourcing resources from other alternatives, including applying for loans at the banks.

This is a popular way to get extra funding for one’s daycare business or childcare centre. Taking a loan is also one of the most accessible options that are available, and you can always walk into a bank around you to start the process.



We are all aware that occasionally, funding is required for enhancing and updating childcare facilities. Here are great channels to get funding for daycare centres in South Africa that you can take advantage of.